N so they quip.....

Ma little niece all of 5 yrs tells ma mom tht she gotta relocate to kerala - N why not blore asks the poor unsuspecting me!!! The brat quips "Ammama.... This one will wake up at 9 in morn n come over to kitchen with Paper in hand N say - 2 teas please"!!! Man! She is all of 5 n visits me like what - 2-3 weeks in a year!!!!!! Sheesh! These Kids I say are gonna be ma bane!

N well when I talk of smart one-liners can ma hubbs be far off!!

This is his new profile pic in FB...  Whats this u wondered... So did I n a few others too!

N ma dono-what-modesty-means quips "Hiding my face lest the world fall in love :P"!!!! I should hv by now learnt not to open ma mouth in public........

The year that was....

Well as I look back ~~ I hardly hv any concrete achievements to write on... But but there are so many daily-life moments that made this year so very meaningful n a happy-to-look-back one... Unlike last year where there were quite a few of concrete ones(New House, New Job......) but a feeling of restlessness n unrest had crept in which fizzled it all off!

N the first half or rather more than that was so marked by the same feeling... A BIG unrest! Well nothing specific that I can put ma finger on ~~ But a general discontent, on-n-off kich-kich with ma hubbs (ha! tht fella has patience in abundance)...... But as they say every dark cloud has a silver lining!

N it was this silver lining that was the landmark of the year :)...... I donno the word to describe her... a friend, a sister, a guide, a mentor... well each of it is true but each word falls short... she is all of it n much more for me! N I so very owe all my simple happy pleasures of life that I appreciate today jus to her... from ma home to reinventing the relationship with ma sis n hubbs...... Thank U! U r really spl to me ......** Anti jinx**

This year saw me making an attempt to make ma house into a home .... n a home that today am truly happy to go back to n am happy to host you (c'mon take this as an invitation n drop in)! Ha thts saying something... Cause till a few months back I would cringe as soon as I hear the word 'Guests'... Thots of endless mopping, cleaning, cooking would give me nightmares! But today??? Ha am waiting to welcome each of u home :). I hv surprised myself! ** Anti jinx**

Hubbs dearest - The relationship saw the biggest low(Mr. Hubbs - did u atleast know this?) followed by the biggest high! Well blame it on the same unrest ~~ But today well I sigh in peace n happiness :).... Muah! I love u!! ** Anti jinx**

N the biggest surprise of the year ... N possibly the happiest of all tooo was this! Ha!! Miracles of Life is what I call them :). N yeah am taking of the same guardian angel I refereed above n who is made on-off appearance in ma space... Ha this year is been so entwined with her..... Well Lucky me :) ** Anti jinx**

N well can I complete the space without handing out the due thank-You notes to all ma blog Friends...... To the sweetest of all Swaram ~~ U are a true inspiration sweetheart ~~ The way u take pleasure in simple moments of life is truly worth learning! N Color Decor....... Wow! Is the word to desc u n the blog... Showed me how an simple effort to decorate a home can bring in loads of cheer n joy... N if somebody as utilitarian as me can be inspired... Well tht in itself speaks volumes :) N ofcourse to all of u who read ma blog (Plzzz comment on it tooo :-D)

Frnds at work (U make those days bearable!) n ma sweetest neighbor... Sabi(yea yea u can keep getting me more gifts n casseroles... :D). Ha n well if I don make a customary reference to ma sis she is gonna scream mad at me :-P. So here is to you sweetie pie.... Here is to a year which saw u passing off ur masters degree from THE college with flying colors... U made me proud(abt time I say :-D)... Now go get married fast !!!

BTW shouldnt a thank u note be sent to FB tooo which manages to get all the family n frnds closer n plays a major role in spicing up daily life :-D

The only meek concrete achievement that dares to raise its head is - We booked our new car(So wht if its not delivered? SO wht if its booked with borrowed money :-P. I know am hopeless) BTW does a new role in job count (Wink)

So tht was the year in summation ~~ 'Settled' I guess is the word to describe it N yea I jus hv one person to thank for all this!

The Fables of Life!

Hmmm I donno what better title would suit this post - read on n u can possibly suggest a betta one!

If u had read this space on-n-off u would hv realized that homemaking-cooking are not terms I associate much with(Now Now few of u outaa there - I Know am not supposed to be proud of it!) ~~ But it jus stuck me a few days back that theres been a slow but a steady change thats been happening ~~ Cleaning up home now takes up a good significant part of ma time n horrors-of-horrors I seem to not to mind it ......N Mind u this is not the pushing-under-the-bed kinda cleaning (just as guests are about to knock in) that I used to specialize in!!!

Phew! U said... Now now don swoon but but but for last weeks I hv been dedicatedly packing lunch for ma huubs n self... SWOON! Man! I dont believe this as I type it out...... Ok, Ok! a Big thnx to hubs is I know called for (Atleast for the unwavering compliments I get for the 'hatke' food that I manage to pack in every other day ... Anybody for Cabbage fry with tamarind juice added to it!!!)

Na na its not the end of it...... Other thing thts taken a beating is our 'Eating Out' ritual(Now now once a fortnight or even a week is still a big thumbs down for somebody like me! No u cant snicker lady!!) Now now the major reason for it is the 'dole'.... God!! I dono how thi damn thing always manages to sneak off without ma knowledge.... grrrrrrrr!!!!!!! So the last few months is been the regular next-door eateries... Doesnt coast-coast, kubays come under that ... N no FANCY stuff!

So well imagine am surprise when I went out dining at a so-called-fancy place(well the bill that came along was FANCY indeed) n came out feeling suffocated!! Omigosh is it me talking!!! Now now B4 I panic , I should posibly give another of these places a shot ...... I am gona call this a one-off case n blame it on the restaurant (Khansama - UB City if u r interested to Know ~~ People -people everywhere, No ambiance to speak of ) ..... Else am gonna call SOS!!!

So what do I term this transformation that am going thru.... Sob sob sob! Settling down somebody called it... Yikes!!!!

What is Your word?

From ma fav-book-of-the-moment- (Eat, Pray, Love)! 

Ha what this basically means is every city, every family, every person has a word that describes it! Doesnt Make sense? Lemme give u a few examples straight from the book - The word for New York is "Achieve", Vatican is "Power" (Did ya think its Prayer?), Rome is "Sex"(I Loved that! :-D)

Isnt that an interesting concept??? N as u may hv guessed - it caught ma fancy like nothing else did :). So a good part of ma recent conv be wit with hubbs or friends revolved in finding THE WORD!

Ofcourse I could attribute a word easily enuf to every person I know........Ma friends Ranged from 'Full of Life' to 'warm' to 'Morose'! H n even for cities ....From 'Culture' for Hyderabad  to 'Mindless Joy' to Goa to 'Orthodox' for 'Chennai'! Ha did I tell you that all of them agreed that the word for ma hubbs is 'Happy-Go-Lucky' ('Joie De Vivre' as he himself describes it... Somebody teach him modest plz!)

Now now comes the diff word.... A word for me!!!!!  Why aint I not surprised that I couldnt come up with ine!.... So off I went on a quest to find the word!

Na na don let any images of 'finding-yourself' cloud up ur imagination... Thts so not me :-D! I did the simplest thingy... asked the hubbs n people who I think know me betta! N am was I surprised with the answer ....... The words ranged from 'Spontaneious' to 'hyper' to 'Cheeky'... Phew!

So whats your word?

Eat, Pray, Love!

Did u read this one??


Ha truthfully - the first few pages I thot it was just another of those over-hypes books... but slowly as I turned the pages I fell in love with it.... N then savored each line, each page .... YUM is the word for the book :)

Just one of the many passages that leaves u thinking......

Have u always wanted wondered "How to Live in this worldand enjoy its delight, but also devote yourself to God". The answer lies in an  androgynous human figure, standing up, hands clasped in parayer. But this figure had 4 legs and no head.  Wherethe head should have been, there was only  a foliage of ferns and flowers. There was a small smiling face drawn over the heart"! Ha think its some meaningless blabber! Read on

"To find the balance you want this is what you must become. You must keep your feet grounded so firmly on the earth that it's like you have four legs, instead of two. This way, you can stay in the world. But you must stop looking at the world through your head. You must look through your heart, instead. That way you will know God."

As I said jus one of the many passages that kinda makes u sit back n think .... No heavy preaching here but lightreading that still has its load of gyaan... A nice refreshing read... I loved it :)

Weekend Wrap up!

Now Now how many of u even realized tht I was away from this space :(

Yeaaaaaaaaaaa I was away on a HOLIDAY :-D!

Now to write abt it in a single post will do no justice to it... So as i threaten to encompass this space with posts n posts on ma holiday... This one is just a 'hello there' post to say mee back :-D

Heres a quick glance of one of the many pics that marked this hol!

From Mountains to............

Beaches to......

Forests to.....  
River Rafting!
Ma Fav Nook!
Did I wet ur appetite :-D Ha the main course will follow sooon...... LOL!

So the reason for this hide-n-seek post?? Well other than the Hi-Hello routine - This week is the the last weekend wrapup of the year - Ha this one seems to be soon turning out to be ma favourtest feature in blog world (grin grin)... So I cant afford to miss it, Can I??

Heres wishing all u ColorDeckor readers a v happy Merry X-Mas n a gr8 year Ahead!

Similie Time!

Ha this was a 'to-be-mulled-on' chats had with a friend during Office hours :). Ha chatting @ work has a taste of its own! Now to be further mulled on were a few of these interesting similes he came up with..... to-be-chewed-on kinds.,.... Read n tell me if u enjoyed it:

While describing a mutual friend, he compared her to a "Lamp" ~~ Now the first thot that comes to mind is somebody who is 'lamp-of-the-life' ~~ A person who is trouble-shooter, a saviour kinda person. But well there was more to it.... "she will burn herself out to light ur life but u will burn ur finger if u touch" were the exact words he used to explain ... Good one isnt it??? N tht describes the person to a 'T' cause while everybody's problems are hers, u try going a millimeter near n intruding into her personal space n u won know wht hit u :-D

Another pearl of wisdom which again in his own words "when u learning to ride a bicycle..... when sombody holds the cycle for you, you get comfortable n start cycling, without noticing that u are on ur own, the moment u pause to look back n find nobody is holding u fail n fail " ~~ This was in context of when I was talking of a friend who suddenly seemed clingy when we were moving to diff office locations..... N if it still dint make sense to you here is what he was saying......we at times sub-consciously rely on Friends n when faced with a prospect of their moving out react v adversely......

A good set of similes????

Heart Wrenching.........


Exactly how u feel when u go make a hue n cry, call people names n hurl everything short of abuses at them for well u thot u arent imp enuf to them only to be proven wrong!! Man that hurts... N I don even for a sec waana imaine how it would hv been to be in other persons shoes......

For once thou it was exhilarating to know that am given much more imp than I asked for... It also left me with this cringy feeling of having done something wrong!

I am sorry. N yea I know I hv this habbit of saying sorry without meaning a word of it... But well I truly mean it this time n it leaves me with big huge void kinda feeling in ma heart ... Yea I know u must hv felt worst.......

Soory :(

Retail Therapy!

Retail Therapy anybody :-D

Yea tht is all I did this weekend...... yippie yippie yip yipyip! Shopped at Fab India....N  if u a Fab India enthusiast like me but wriggle ur noses at their rates, heres a tip... Yea U can go ahead n thank me for it! Try their teenage section... L N XL fit me quite welll (So should fit most of u easily... atleast the not-yet-mother kinds) ... N its much lighter on pocket tooo! Imagine I picked 2 tops for 5oo bucks (Evil Smirk on face) :-D. Come come hv a look.....

Ha! Nothing spl u said abt the top? I have this cotton Bandhini Ghagra  bought  a few years back... But as luck would hv it, the top got v conveniently torn! So imagine ma happiness whn I found this... exactly wht I was looking for esp when I had given up on finding something this well co-ordinated!

Now whts this?? The white n green in the background is another top courtesy Fab India  n the reebok perfume is what Hubbs picked for me ...Yea yea! I was zappeed tooo!!!! (Possibly Nagging does help).... N if any of u thinking of some unsavory comment on the perfume brand... Grrrrr at u!

N look what else I found!! This cuttte Key-chain :-D...... Coutersy Chumbak @ Crossword (Forgive the less-than-favourable photo quality)

Imagine this quota of happy-shopping clubbed with yum food! Kappa-Meen curry N Puttu-kadala was on the menu (All keral delicaies... do a quick google serach n u'll know what am talking of).... Both of whhich far from authentic... But well at time sthe joy lies in conjuring up the dish than savouring it(Man ~~ I cant believe what I just wrote)!

Yummm of a weekend.... wouldnt u agreee :)

Ha now truth the reason for it is more yummm than the weekend...... Its just for this yummmm of a blog's Weekend  Wrap Up!

Frnds N Blogs!

Now Now am the persons who takes more than the warranted time to warm up to a person - there is a 'measuring-Up' of the person churning inside ma mind... Once processed its easier for me to comprtmentalize them n decided the treatment they get... varying from 'warm' to 'Ice Cold'! But well when data processing is happening am this diplomatic artificial-smile-plastered uncomfortable dame!

Haa But surprsie of surprises - Other day I was at a wedding(Ho! another of ma fav topics) when I meet this copule for the first time in ma life - Now I hv heard enuf of them - they are more of ma in-laws family friends daughter n hubbs (all the more reason for the artificial smile plastering :-D). But well well in the very first line of intro the couple tell me tht they are regular readers of ma blog :-D..... Ha there was this happy-warm feeling n all of a sudden am in ma comfort zone! No more hand wringing n more smile-till-u-ache ......... what followed is a nice warm conv like I hv always known them....... For somebody whos been thru ma blogs know me for wht I am so why bother to paint a false pic :) Wow how much is this blogging got integrated into the kinda person I am... Am loving it!

Moni-suresh if u read this..... It was a pleasure to meet u! U guys are one hell of a couple... God Bless! N ofcourse thank U fo reading ma blog..... Here is wishing u v happy life ahead with ur litt angel :)


Haa..... Life! Well the usual busy story aside.... This is the time for annual holidays... The one week of pure indulgence  to bring a year to an end! Post last years Goa Trip... I decided that we going abroad this time... well a holiday abroad sounded soooo Fab :-P

But well somebody up there decided am already too much of a show-off n so poof went the plan ~~ Last min Hubbs dearest decides his passport is abt to expire (N me being the nice faithful wifey cant dump him can I)! Ha biggie u say ~~ India is got too many betta options ~~ Well I wouldnt agree with u more! But well what do I tell ya - My abroad visit was to the nearest island country which would turned out to be much cheaper than even to the nearest hill station in India (Wink wink)! U c the operating word here is 'Money'....

'Money'... Hmm deserves a blog in itself! I always wonder how this damn thing manages to leak off ma wallet with no traces at alll....... Well last 2-3 years we been earning almost the same money - add or take a few K's - but sill every month v faithfully we end up swiping the credit card(cause debit card has Big zero in it) - Biggie u say again! But consider this - A few months b4 v dint hv any home loan - Now a few decent K's go into it But well ma balance is still toiling at that minus figure by end of the month! God save us!!

Ha so back to the actual topic  ~~ Ma vacation plan!  Now now my hubbs is the kind who religiously believes in  "Journey is betta than the destination" (I know I dint get the proverb fully rt) n so decides that its gonna be road trip again into a hill station (Roll ma eyes) ~~ So well it was decided to be a kodai - Vaalparai option... But somebody up there seems to hv other plans... Guess wht our FIL jus informed(hats off) .....Madhurai is kinda flooded(!) n so that plan is ruled out tooo,......... grrrr!!

So here am with a  weeks holiday starting next sat n am clueless... Any options are welcome!

Yet ANother Weekend!

Ha looks like this space is v soon becoming a 'weekend-only-posts' space... didnt I tell ya addiction is a bad thing :-D

Ha this weekend saw me n hubbs driving down to chennai... well not a fun trip ... Ma father-in-law wasnt well (or rather isnt) n so the visit! Now truly speaking I had butterflies in ma stomach ...Cause I was as-usual dreading the much favoured 'Good-News' topic! But ha I grant it to them... Not once was the topic bought up..... I sooo much respect them for giving us this space(Now will somebody teach ma mom this :-D)

Well Now I was abt to write the relationship I share with them... But well the words arent just coming out n my eyyes are almost drooping... SO I'll suffice to say that - Touchwood! Am Lucky :)

The one thing that I love the most at home there is the collection of figurines from across the world - from Africa to Thailand to China to Japan to Kerala to Andhra........now if I were to try n put up the entire collection here welll I wouldnt do justice at alll!! So for now I will let u drool over the impressive collections at home straight from Africa!

Anything Defines Africa Betta?

The Water-Bearers

On the River Nile (????)

N I know they read this space... So here its straight from horse mouth~~ Probably the first time am accepting it so publicly..... Yea, I so much await the good news as each of you are :) (Thou I still donno if am awaiting it for ma self or for all of u?)... So plzzz wish me luck!

N ofcours ethe reason for the hurried post ... ha the same addiction I spoke of in LiNe 1 :)

Work Hard n Party Harder!

If theres been a title thts misleading its this!

No No dont snicker...  I swear former (WORK WORK WORK)  is all I been doing..... Soooooooob! N I swear theres no ma usual exxageration involved... My weekdays hv been a pain thnx to trying to shuffle too many roles at one go... Ooph!! Ha need prrof?? Look at the amount of time I been away from this place...

But thankfully the weekends hv been a breather...... One saw me making a quick detour to a sleepy town on outskirts of Blore while the other had ma little sis dropping in... Ha! Bliss!!!

My status on FB post weekend1 read "Stretches of Land ~~ Untouched by 'Development', Discarded Mines, Ruins of homes, Mountains with tiny villages n streams tucked in, Non-Descript temples on Hillocks ~~ What More can u ask to make a day?? Well How abt adding a dose of good Times with Gr8 friends, Yummm home cooked food, Meeting up simple folks who make ...u re-think priorities of Life ~~ Ha! A perfect sunday after ages :)" . Lemme do the pics do more talking here...

I love zipping on these expressway!

Do I need to say More??
Sleepiness is the landmark here! The Lone Homes...

The Non-Descript Temples
The Open Fields...
The Hillocks....

Even The Sky......

Ha tht was one amazing trip!!! A power-break from the daily grind! Loved every bit of it!!!!

N the status post last weekend said "When somebodys definition of a gr8 time is well.... spending hours n hours with u... nothing more - nothing less.... Then well u know to thank ur lucky stars :)."... Ha how the distance makes heart go fonder :)

N the reason I did this post even as the clock ticked past weekend is ~~ I so wanted to make it to the Weekend WrapUp's... I am hooked to it!!

Happy Marriages...

A invite I was flipping thru had these lines....

"It all started when i was just 6 yrs old :D ,yeahhh..... i proposed my angel when we were in 2nd class :) Getting my love and my first ever crush as my life partner is indeed a great achievement :) and i am happy, ecstatic , overjoyed for getting such a sweet heart and the best girl for my 25 year old eyes and heart has ever seen...... as my fiancee. Soon we are getting married and share the beautiful moments of our lives together."

Aaaaw isnt it! Pouring ur hear out for the entire world to see... Some may call it immature but I will say its being 'Blindly In Love'! 

Well thou I would hv liked to say nice-n-rosy things abt the couple... Well the truth is they arent any of ma best friends or come to think of it even a so-called-friend! She was my Friends's Sis.......

So why this invite here u say? Lemme confess I happened to chance on the invite during one of those lurking sessions on FB! bUT  Well this refreshing n straight-from-heart tugged ma silly heartstrings(God to know that they in place) so much that even thou its ages I hv read this, they kept looping in ma mind n soI decided this is a post that has to be recorded under 'Life-Is-Good' section!

So here is to happy marriages n happier couples :)

There's Giving someone space......

There's Giving someone space and then there's giVing them so much space they end up thinking u dont care....

A line so v true in each of our lives isnt it... Well I for one know its true in mine... Mr.Hubbs U listening :) How many of us in an attempt to not to breath-down have ended up doing the latter? Or possibly the problem is with our own definitions of what classifies under 'Care' N 'Dont-Care'.... A tricky question in itself!

Now Now b4 u start applauding ma words of wisdom... Lemme be ma modest self(Yea Rt!) and give credit where its due........ This line is a lift from ma most recent read .... 'The HornBeam Tree' by Susam lewis.... Now this one is no booker prize winner or a great literary read! But well it does justice to ma fav topic ~~ 'People N Relationships' ~~ So much like the original owner of this book :-D

Happies The Diwalis!!!

.... So would hv read a typical diwali greeting from ma hubbs :)

Here is a pictorial walk thru of mine... N just in case u dint know its ma space.. so u r supposed to be only oooh n aahing!  N C'mon its ma first attempt at something like this... so be a sport :)

Ma Drawing Room
Couldnt Decide which pic is betta :)
Supposed to be B&W version of above
Ma Fav Table!
May God SPread Light in your life in all directions!
Ma shoe Case :-D
Like Like?
Ma or rather ma-cousin-ma Niece Joint effort at our first ever hands-On Rangoli!

Liked it? Plz say yes :-D N am so looking fwd to seeing ur pretty pics.. Makes ma day like nothing else does!

Tagging this to getting-v.Addictive Color Deckor's Weekend Wrap up.... N thank U ... Ur blog is surely an inspiration to make ma home beautiful :)

The week thts Been!

Hmm been quite a week - atleast at the work front (translate to no personal time ~~ Hmpf!)

The gr8 news first ~~ Yeaa!! I cleared my examination!!!! Yippie Yippie Yip Yip!

The New facet Of Life News - Well if u remember the post, I went with the sexy mistress option :-P (Well shouldnt it read sexy mister ~~ Me straight U c .. Lol!) Well the option was kinda made simple for me bursting ma bubble..... The upper realm decide me no good for Option A... Yea I know its staid-n-Boring(Case of sour grapes... He He He)!

So here I am kick starting the new facet... Well a few hrs I hv spent there has already left me wondering what am I upto here! Me shit scared....  Yeah yeah sexy mister take a bow! Plzz wish me luck!!! I havent yet bid good-bye to ma wonderful team (v soon to be ex-team)... While it means a few more days of happy-faces (The new place seem to be full of serious morons!) it also translates to 10 hrs of work everyday for a month (Howl!)

N yeaaaa I hv ma little niece (hopefully ma sis too) visting me for the long weekend! Yippppeeee... Now I gotta get ma manager approve ma leave for tommo!

So incase I dont catch u guys b4 weekend here is wishing u a happy, colorful, Joyful Diwali!

PotLuck AaHo!

Does the pic look straight out from a Foodie blog! N no no no dont swoon I didnt cook up all of this!

This a part-collage from the pot luck we had @ work the other day.... Yummmmm isnt it! N this as I said is part of the big picture ~~ The best part ~~ The dessert I mean is missing! From pulao to Mattar-panner to Poori-Aloo to chicken to parthas to kuzhi paniyaram to rasgulla-jamun-payasam it was an amazing spread :)

Trust me nothing bonds people as much as food (N Booze :-P)!

Do I hear u saying whats my contribution here... right most pic in top row! N b4 u ask the question tht I know will know ~~ Yea the cooking story did follow the usual routine!

Hmpf! As I write this I realize if things go as planned on the career front I may v soon hv to bid good bye to this wonderful team... Well lemme not jump the gun n park the good bye post for now :)

N this is ma entry for Color Deckor's Weekend WrapUp!

When Routine sounds Yum!

Now Now how many of u would believe me when I say that post a weeks vacation at home(bliss), I actually looked fwd to coming back to work?

How many would believe that I embraced a brain whacking training-Exam Last week!

Naa ! I hear u say n I see myself almost gawking at the the lines n wondering "Omigosh! How can it be true!"

Well each of the above line is indeed true....But  Of course there is more to the story :-D

N the simple truth is this...... When U hv a prospect of a thing u literally abhor your routine sounds yum! Who in their right senses wouldn't waana trade a visit to a gynec or a dentist to an extra day at work!!!! Who wouldnt put themselves thru the  grind of exam-training when the alternative prospect is a facing a person-situation u literally abhor!!! Doesnt thr routine sounds so enticing on those days.... Well well grass is always greener on the other side :)

N BTW the brain whacking training-Exam Last week is what kept me away from the scene last week! N plz wish me luck... the result is gonna be out soon!

The Magic of words!

This a post thts been in ma mind for sometime ..... A 'Post-it' from the meaningless nora roberts noevl :). I gotta admit for all their honey-coated, foolish romance these book at times leave u with lessons for life as this one did.....

The lesson is 'The magic of words'... Now now think it over.... Lets say the man-in-your-life offers you money-jewellery-fanciest of holidays- Basically all the fancy works ..... Now now lemme be little more indulgent n add onto it a 'Dose of Love' tooo... The perfect combo u say! But lemme take a moment n explain the variety this 'Dose of Love' is... Its the silent, unspoken, Non-demonstrative kinds!  Now now dont brush this off saying its the stupid romantic in me speaking... after all who has the time to sing eons of love in between the monotony of daily life! But tell me which women doesnt like to told she beautiful n sexy n is loved........Is it the possible reason why the courting days are so fun? When the boy-girl have all time in world to write those e-mails, catch up on IMs n not-to-forget the Good-Morning N Goo-nIGHT n I-Luv-U SMS??

Ha only-if, only-if all men learnt it(dear hubs u reading this :-D) .......... A declaration of 'I-Love-you' or 'You-Looking-Pretty'(to be told b4 u start fishing for compliments) can make ur day like nothing else.....

Now I would be foolish to say tht the silent kinds is not enuf... Well as somebody taught me thts the way some people are n u just gotta accept that!!! Possibly as one matures(!!!!) with age this truth does dawn but when one is young n Frivolous its this 'Magic of words' that one craves for..... as I said  only if Men learn this truth!

Edited To Add: Thou had published the post yest, there was just abt something tht I thot was missing in the post..... A feeling tht I could not put thru what I really wanted to say! Lemme try N use the story base in the book to drive the point home.....

The book is set in fairy land tale of Ireland... with its mountains, rivers, flowers n life is well just 'romatic'! The hero is a much-travelled, most-eligible n the local pub owner while the heroine is a divorced, physcologist, a aspiring writer n basically doesnt believe in any fairy-tale romances!

N as u guessed they fall head-over-heels in love - Now for the hero this is a given fact - No dilly dallying for him n he jumps the gun n proposes marriage! Hmmm sensible u say? Now lets for a sec look at it from the heroines perspective... shall we? She is burnt-her-fingers once n is more than dazed when he pops the word of 'Marriage'... is it lust or is it just a matter of convenience (I waana marry n now who is the most eligible girl around) ?? So now will u blame her for beating around the bush b4 agreeing? Well as this is just a 'Romatic Book' our hero sees sense soon n realizes the 'Magic Of Words'.... The power of words that satisfies his soon-rto-be-bride that his intentions are true n love is indeed the binding factor!

Hmmm Now did I put me point thru??

Now as I write this, I realize that arent all our arranged marriages just a matter of 'Conveience'??

The Dhaba story!

Me back from home  :(!

Now to write abt the trip, ma home, Mom n ma sis dearest (N ofcourse her friends... Yea! While I hate to agree I know they make life easier esp her lot) would be a exercise with no head n tail..... Me not even attempting it!

Instead lemme show off the 'Dhaba' Pics  - But ofcourse My fav part of the Road trips :-D U can Hop here for the complete Dhaba Story......

Dont miss the colorful flag tht dot the enytrance... A dash of color bang on highway for sure draws attention of the weary traveller!

Family Room :-D

Seen this colorful water container?

The safest N yummiest of the options on the highways - Punjabi Dhabas!

My Fav seating arrangment of all!

Some Dish called 'sev Bhaaji'.... First time I got to sample it!

Is there really a place called "Timbuktu"?

This Q hit me first a few years back back when I was the v v v excited just-engaged n soon-to-bride! N as with any other girl, the thot creating havoc in ma life was ma Honey-Moon destination :-P! Jaipur is hot, Kerala is home town n so no fun ..... u get the flow rt???

So the exasperated hubbs comes up with what I then thot was a very Exotic Place "Timbaktu"... Yea Yea U can do a ROFL at ma knowledge of English! Well the bubble burst the very next day  two wen a well-meaning cousin decided to enlighten me.... N grrrrrrrrr I went with ma Then-Fiance Now Hubs Only to have him laugh it off in full glory!

But But as they say "Every Dog Has its Day" n so over the weekend as we were driving down from blore to hyd.... Guess the name of a tiny village tht we hit upon almost on andhra -Karnataka Border! Ye Yes U guessed it - "Timbaktu"! Dont believe me? Hop on here or still better look at these Pics

The signboard to Timbaktu!

The collective spoken of in the link above

Ha! One occasion where I had the last laugh :-D

N am Home :)

Yeeeeeaaaahhhhh I am @ ma  Home :)

Now now b4 u scratch n wonder which vacation did I creep out for(N if u from ma yesteryear's work place... n wondering if I went onsite) n still seem excited to be back home then sorry lovies u got it all wrong :-D.... Me back at ma good old mothers home(LOL at the word ... 'Mothers Home'... Sounds straight from  a traditional bahus mouth some decades ago)!

Haaaa the memories n solace home brings..... Just stepping in here n u so automatically rewind to the girl-lady u were 3 years back... Back to the luxury of 'bed Tea' (Blisss!!!), of not bothering what to cook(dont u dare snicker) but still have yum dishes just b4 ur stomach starts to grumble , of raiding your sisters wardrobe (How I wish madam puts on some weight - Then I could so conveniently flicky away half the stuff; Until then gotta do with the chunnis n her 'loose' kurthis... grrrrrrrrrrrrr) n not to miss the contrast of the 'Fight-like-Dogs' to 'Dripping-sweet sisters' that we seem to skip between so effortlessly (Or should be honest n give her the full credit for the latter part) ! The fun of shopping @ all small nooks of the city that you know like the back of ur hand(Ha!) ~~ Anybody for Genral Bazar, AMeerpet, Charminar??

N after 3 years of packing for holidays I can vouch for this... Its easiest to pack for coming home! Open ur wardrobe - randomly pick up a few clothes n stuff it all in your bag... No worries on accessorizing, styling or 'dress-up-for-occasions'... after all u r home n if u dont put up ur feet here where else will u!

How can I end up the post b4 talking of the drive down here ... yea yea we did a road from B'lore - hyd! N well it was a mixed cup.... Thnx to a punctured n ripped tyre we got delayed for a good 3 hrs... But minus the hitch it was a nice drive.Try picturing this.... On a smooth highway zipping away at 100 KMPH With cool breeze blowing on your face(Thnx to AC) N   u flip the pages from latest Nora Roberts :-D But But theres a catch there... The novel so very revolves around a daddy-daughter relationship n what worst time for the book to go mull over it than just when we hit the Hyd border... Hmpf!

As a parting shot,  FB status of ma hubbs post our pit-stop at a dhaba for lunch said "U know u have reached Andhra when u c the salad..red chilly powder on onions and tomatoes!"

The giant with a golden heart!

Now how how many of you have ever heard of somebody feeding rat... ok no rat - what abt a mouse?? U wringing ur nose at me n giving me a "what nonsense" look! Well well  dont blame me... I didnt do the honors!

But but just for a moment imagine this scene - A man - well a six-pack six-footer man, bending down n almost squeezing his head into the dutbin holding out a teeny-weeny biscuit patiently as a small mouse nibbles at it... Isnt it a awwwww moment :) N it doesnt stop there.... When I with all my loud-mouth almost shreik at the scene scaring the (poor!!!!!) mouse off our hero here decides to stuff all the nooks n corner of my desk(yea yea this scene is happening at ma workplace) with the biscuit so that the poor mouse doesnt starve!!!!!!!! (Now now am I to be blamed for not being able to work for a moment post that)!

Ha! But as I recollect it now hours later I cant help smiling,,,,, ever heard of a giant with a golden heart :)

Highway On My Plate!

is what I was watching on "NDTV Good Times".

Ha realized that the foodie I am N the regularity with which I hit the highways (The Credit goes to the driving freaks of a hubbs that I hv!) its a surprise this space hardly featured any of these yum yum food centers that dot our highways.......

From the kutti tea stalls bang in the middle of nowhere.... Sipping tea from those glasses even as the rain is pouring down has a v distinctive charm of its own!

Ever sampled a 'Omlette', 'dosa-Chutney', 'Mutta-dosai' n washed it all down with a cup of hot coffee on a way side shack! I did on ma way back to B'lore from Kerala... N trust me they can give darshinis run for money anytime of the day!

N the fav of all... The dhabas! Yum yum dhababs :). Yum yum to the eyes tooo... seen those bright colors tht they always decked up in! From the ones modelled after your regular darshinis to the 'Garden Dhabas' where in each group is assigned a separate 'hut' (you get the kind am talking of?) to my fav ones - where in for the seating you hv the 'Katiyas' (C the pic)!

N ma food recommendation :-D. The You-will-never-go-wrong 'Dal-Roti' n possibly a tandoori chicken n wash it down with a lassi.... Thou I would suggest that the driver skips the 'Lassi' part .... well we dont want the driver to doze off on the road... do we? But having said that I had tasted the best ever 'Prawn' dry roast in a dhaba on the outskirts of goa... yum it was!!

So until the next time I hit a highway ... If all goes well it should be next week...A road trip from B'lore to hyd... yipppeeeee!!! Well my dear Mgr, plz approve ma leave :)

PS: Dint hv the paience... so all pics are courtesy google!

What is the curve in the mouth that sets things straight?

Ok now if you know the answer to the above question, you can cal me dumb ~~~ I graciously take a bow! N if u dont ~~ dont fret ~~ the answer is "Smile" ! Damn! simple isnt it!!

But well me ~~ am the dumber~~ N what better place to declare it to the world than on FB! Yea yea thts exactly wht I do ~~ Comment For the world to c on ma hubbs FB Status msg.... somebody kill me! N the smart bugger that he is, makes me google n find the answer....grrrrr! But me the poor modest self still liked his status msg....

I tried to sell my troubles away
And have a peaceful day
But then I realized troubles, however few
teaches you life's virtue
Finally when you are out of the gate
...You have a curve in your mouth that sets everything straight !! :-) 

Well written isnt it... I been telling him that he should get back to writing, but hmpf!                                       

A new Facet of Life!

Hmmmm am at a junction of ma career! A junction where I hv the option to choose....

Option A is the tried n tested that comes with the security blanket of 'Comfort Zone', the flexibility to work-from-home, to work amidst people I know(But well nobody tht I care for!)! But the only grouse? The working hours... well thou at times I think thts more a blessing in disguise! But again these luring factors makes it a non-exciting feature!

Option B is a complete cup of new tea which is what makes it exciting! I know its a start to a 'drem-role'.. a role tht i eyed from the very start of my career! But it doesnt hv any of the above mentioned 'comfort-zone' factors... No people i know of, will hv to work my ass off! N yea I hv been told that this is gonna boost up ma learning-curve, is a challenging role n give me 'exposure' (yea! yea! Try selling tht to somebody else not me) Yeah the working hours are the conventional 9 -6 but that means no office-cab pick up n drop N considering my driving disability it means I gotta fall back on public transport(shudders!)!

N considering the laid back kinda person I am, I would hv bet my ass that I will blindly chose option A considering a few other personal obligations too!!! But why why why am I so inclined(Truth be told... I hv already decided) to take up option B? Why is the sane, down-to-earth sensible me opting for the glittery mistress as compared to the sensible house wife back home (Heeeeeee..... I liked the comparision)!

Plz do wish me luck  N pray that the glittery mistress doesnt end up burning ma fingers! Hugs to mee! N grrrrrrrr why am I given options to choose from.... ooph!

PS: I am going thru this mind games as I hv almost taken this decision without really getting the 'green-signal' from the person who knows me better n would hv been the best judge at weighing the pros-n-corns for me! Sigh! How I miss it!!!

Book Review: The Last Lecture

A recco by ma hubbs dear! Again not usually ma cup of tea thnx to his inclination towards non-fiction, philosophy which usually flies way above ma head! So picked this up with mixed feelings n the cover page story didnt seem v encouraging too..... A last lecture by a man on his dead bed! But as I gradually flipped the pages this is what was unraveled.....

The story wasnt just about a man on his dead bed... it was about a man in his forties, a acclaimed academician but more importantly a much loved husband- son, a father of 3 (all under 5) for whom cancer is come calling and is on verge of his death! This book is a chronicle of the 'last lecture' he delivers to his students but most importantly a memoir for his children when they grow up. Sounds heart wrenching... doesnt it?

But here I guess is the clear-cut difference between a female n male species! If a similar book were to be written by a lady (I hope no one ever has to) am sure it would be dripping with emotions having all the readers wet each page with tears rolling down! But but not the dear male species... The prospect of 'death' looms in the book... but its treated almost as yet another facet of life(except in last few pages)... nothing more nothing less..... Instead what we are treated to is a crisp, concise 'lessons learnt' from authors life driven down nicely into our mind n heart!

Here are a few 'pearls of wisdom' tht I thot I would record here for posterity sakes:

  • When you see yourself doing something badly and nobody's bothering to tell you anymore, that's a bad place to be. You may not want to hear it, but your critics are often the ones telling you they still love you and care about you, and want to make you better. So  v true isnt it?
  • The words he tells his wife when they first hear that he just has few more months to live and are awaiting a dreadful scan result -  "I just want you to know that it feels gr8 to be alive and to be here today, alive with you. So today right now, well this is a wonderful day. And I want you to know how much I'm enjoying it"
  • Remember the phase in your life when you thot you were THE ONE! When you thot the world revolved around you - well ask the people around you and you'd be surprised that the terms used to describe you would range from "Arrogant", "Proud", "Jerk", "Egoistic"!
  • The art of saying "Thank You", "Sorry"
  • Parents! How many of were bought up in homes where they thot that clothes, TV were things a child could do without while growing up(my mom did!) n books(my daddy) n dreams are much more important investments! Yea yea Even I did grudge them for it... But well the book made me re-think... they were possibly not that very wrong either!
Trust me when I say that I know I hv done a v bad job at reviewing this book... plz pick this up f u get a chance... trust me its not a sad 'Gyan-giving' kinda one!

N b4 I end ma review, here is a heartfelt hug to the writer's wife n children!

B4 signing offf... Plz plz plz plz wish me luck... I need loads of it both at personal n work front! Pleeeaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :(

Me too went to Hard Rock Cafe!

Wht u said to the title...... 'big deal'! Not done I say... Its a big deal atleast to hubbs dear it is!

So wht did I like abt the place.. well as usual the 'ambience'... I loved the building which hosts it... huge, grand stone structure... has a royal feel abt it! N the interiors is definitely a first for me(atleast in this part of the world)..... Move over all interios.... we hv the original stuff here! Lemme give u a decko of what me trying to say... The walls are almost covered end to end with collectibles... N what collectibles man! We talking of original stuff here... The actual jackets, guitars, pipes, drums used by the musicians in the world..... A sight to catch!

Now U got wht I said?

A closer look at the wall - I

A closer look at the wall - II

Now Now have u ever read a book tht makes u waana curl up with a beer :-D (yeah yeah thts a first... signs of bevidiness?)... well am reading one which so very makes me waana just do tht.... Yea yea a book in ma current series of no-brains romantic novels...... but this one I say takes the cake... Hills, mountains, lakes, flowers, magic, fairies, Ireland, pubs, beers is wht the book is centered on....... N as against ma usual break-neck speed of reaching the last page this is one am savouring at a sloowww pace... one page at a time :)

"Jewels Of sun" by Nora Roberts

An Guest Post......

N Guess who is the guest writer... My 6 year old niece :-D! This is a story straight from horse's mouth (The typos are courtesy her mom :-P)

Title: The Younger Sister

Once up on a time little girl lived in Hyderabad.Her name is Meenu and Meena.Her house name is Happy Home Appartments.Her sister is Manju,mother name is Nalini and father's name is Chandrasekhar.Meena is working IBM.her husband name is Pravin.He is working in IBM.They live in Banglore .Pravin's father is Venugopal and mother Anuprabha.Meena's elder sister's name is Beena and daughter is APARNA.She is studying in class 1 A Roll number 13.Her school is St Francis School.Meena's manju's and Beena's brother name is Ramdas and his wife is Jayanthi.Aparna's grandfather is K.Ramachandran and grandmother is M.Indira.Aparna's grandfather is President and grandmother is housewife.

A review of the post: Well than a story this is ma family tree.....  N points to be noted - My home is still ma house in hyd... my current home in bangalore is just a plce where I love n ma home is till hyd (At least as per her!). Not to miss the Mr.President in post her grandfather... yeah rt :-D! Anybody there who could link up the title n story... ma guess is I am her mom's sister n so the tile?? Lemme ask her highness tommo......

Edited To Add: This story is the second of the series of stories tht her highness is decided to publish... the first was abt herself... Havent yet caught hold of tht! The second is me..... Not bad he... lemme take a bow for the credits :-D

Love u sweetheart!

A woman doesnt want to be told she looks nice...

.... She wants to be told she's beautiful, sexy. That she looks outrageous.

It deosnt Matter if its not true. Because for the moment , when the words are said and the words are heard, it's the perfect truth.

Arent the above lines pearls of wisdom... Possibly should fwd it too all men! N b4 u hug me for these words of Wise, lemme be modest n pass the credit to the current book me browsing!

But loved the lines n had to store them away for eternity!

The fortnight of September....

A quick checklist of the month September is been until now..... A month to remember for ages :)

Good times started here..... N this has been the highlight of possibly not just this fortnight but also of the month, of the year n possibly a 'Turning Point' of life ~~ a 'landmark' I will never ever forget :) The prospect of a given-up-hope getting a new leash of life can be indeed life-changing... Thank U :) Hmm the same cryptic tones... well plz bear till I get the 'green' signal n then I swear am gonna paint the town or err the blog red :-D

Lots of reading or rarther An overdose of 'romantic' novels ~~ of Nora Roberts, Danielle Steel! They do make u fell giddy-with-Love!

A new-found relationship with ma hubbs... Well actually nothing new neither was anything wrong till now... But for whatever reasons the relationship had reached a stage of 'monotony'... a slow but sure 'staleness' was creeping in.. n then as if by magic(is it magic of what happened in point 1 that unleashed it? or is it the love infused in point 2??) the good-old times are back :-D N me loving it!! N u dirty brains me not talking of anything 'physical' here! Lemm not jinx it by going blah-blah-blah here...... wish me luck!

Hmm well everything cant be bright n beautiful can it be... there gotta be a element of 'confusion', 'frustration', 'sorrow' too involved.......

Have kinda reached a point of 'comfort Zone' in ma current role @ work or rather more truthfully the person who could make ma lazy ass work has moved on, n also the project is moving over... so it means I gotta move over too! Now this calls for a change n while am a person who embraces it with fairly good amount of sanity.... There is this stage of confusion b4 the decision is made...... Am I moving over in the correct direction? Will there be a personal vs work space challenge here? WIll I compromise on ma personal time? N the biggest of all...... I donno for good or bad I hv learnt the the "My motivation to work is never the 'Work'....Its the person for whom I do the work! " ..... frightening ! Wish me luck n hope that I end up making the right decision.....

N the 'frustrating' element... Ooph! A big one... suffice to say I neeed loads of ur prayers to get over this one!

The Modak Story....

So come chaturthi this time, I or rather we were all geared up to dish out modaks! .Was reading up a few blogs here n there looking up for recipes(I know mommy is a call away... n well tht is what I would still end up doing but me a blogger na... so gotta do some justice to it too)......n the general feedback on kozkattai making seemed to be 'Tricky', 'can-go-wrong'.........Was surp when I read tht cause hv seen ma mommy making it with no fuss..... But well guess tht is why they are mommies hey!!

So with gr8 enthusiasm all raw materials were gathered n within no time do i get filling ready(Ok ok coconut scrapped by hubbs dear himself) n the outer covering too but tht ended up a little sticky (Blame it on ma hubbs thou not me).... n then with ubber confidence tried spreading it out n well there ends ma story... too soggy, wouldn't spread out, sticky... blah blah blah.....

N there comes ma saviour... ma hubbs dearest.....  N with all his airs manages to dish out the purrrrfect kozkattai... they were yum I swear! Lemme take a little more credit here... The steaming part... getting the idli cooker ready, loading it up all me did.... But again the green signal to take them out was given by him!!!

Now this ma friends is the story of each cooking episode at home... until its some roti-n-dal... welll hv been making it for soooo many times now tht it atleast is edible if not mouthwatering .... for everything else the story is the same.... me does the donkey work but the subtle difference in taste would need ma hubbs involvement... I tell ya this man's true calling in life must be cooking! Runs in his family I think.... the dishes ma MIL N her mother dishes out are truly yum yum :)! Yea Yea I know I am smart in choosing ma life partner.... oooooo!!!

All happy-dory? Now I hv a q? Does this mean tht my child(to be read as singular, masculine n future-tense) will clamour for 'papa-ka-haatha-ka-kaana' instead of 'maa-ki-haath-ka-kaana'... na na me not complaining... was just wondering aloud :-D

Chanda Hai Tu.......

Na na me no old music lover... actually I hv no ear for music at all ~~ It may be just post marriage that I hv even been listening to a regular dosage of songs!
Thou am ashamed to admit the truth is, the firts time I heard this song was just a few weeks back on FM while on the way back to office after picking up a farewell gift... The time was around 7:00 or 7:30 in the eve.... A cool breeze was flowing in(Thnx to AC :-D) N I hear this song... N even a brick-eared person like me fell in love with it.... Possibly more for the lyrics...

N I was magically transferred to a hill station(dont ask me why a hilly station ~~ Imagination isnt governed by rules u c) n there is this beautiful image (atleast in am mind) of a young, innocent mother singing this lullably n feeding her little infant ......

The image bought a smile to ma face n a longing in ma heart(yikes!).... I know wholeaheartedly am v happy being this working - city bred lady... But but in the bargain will I out on these simple pleasures of life... I hope not!

Ha this blog marks the first time ever a 'song' appears on ma blog... tht in itslef calls for a round of appalause :-D

The story of the Grandfather Clock...

Yea Yea I know I promised it in the last post n here I am publishing it so soon... so unlike me! Now now after reading the story... dont u dare whimper n say its no story at allll!!!!

Now me no antique collector nor do I pride myself to be a person with taste in home-decor n all(Yea rt!).... But but ont thing I realized over 3 years (well its only post marriage tht I realized of even the very existence of 'furniture'\'home-decor' so to say... Until then they were just not my botheration) tht I do hv a definite favouritism for solid wood! Possibly ....v v v possible tht its linked to the lazy person I am.... wood generally is low maintenance u c as compared to glass n stuff!

So onto our clock story.....  A love affair with the clocks started on a vist to ma sis-in-law's place where I saw her  Cuckoo clock bought right from the black forests on her visit to Germany.... its exclusivity n origin kinda stuck a chord somewhere! But well a 'cuckoo' is an expensive affair so decided to settle down for a old pendulum clock... Have good old memories associated with it! Memories of summer vacations spent in ma grandma's place in Gvr.... where the tick-tick-tick of the pendulam was a a part - n - parcel of daily live... a sound I thus still associate with ma goood old home in kerala!

So tried doing some watch-hunting but well it went no-where... so just whimpered n settled down for a run-of-the-mill clock! But well the whim never died down.... so somewhere in aug when TOI published a article on a shop dealing with these we were more than excited n decided to get one rt for our anniversary!

But we being we dint save the paper nor did we remember the shops name... except tht its comm street! Ha but thank god for friends... Sab as usual turned out to be our saviour n b4 we knew both of u landed at the shop n man did I fall in love... Clocks of all sizes, shapes n most importantly ages.... from anniversary clock, cukoo clock, pendulam clocks made from good old Inida to Germany to UK... .......Love at first sight! Ofcourse these loves come with a  big cost to the pocket!!!

But wht the heck... anniv was round the corner n when u hv a hubbs who as usual is ready to be your partner-in-crime ~~ U splurge N here is what we ended up with ...... A good 75 year old German Made Grandpa-Clock :)

N now it proudly adorns the wall in living room... man do I love it! I love its looks n  the tack-tack-tack ring every 30 mins!

Edited To Add: Here is hoping n wishing tht this clock is a testimony to our life ahead! A life (long on hopefully!) .....one tht never stops ticking... one tht still keeps ticking after every ebb...... One tht is regal n royal(yea yea me a dreamer) like this One :-P

Cozy corners @ Ma home

Now Now all tht ma house has is 'Cosy' corners.... we tooo lazy to make the effort n buy proper co-ordinated furniture... N this just suits us fine :-P after all in variety lies spice of life.....

So below is the space tht sees us lazy mongers spending most of the time... na na not most but atleast our morn cup of tea is invariably had here .... So while this is a decent tidy pic,  in reality on most days tht nice table there is peppered with half empty tea cups, coasters n ofcourse laptops... its a sight I tell ya! No no no... no shaking ur head!

But I like the way this cute 'baitak' came over...  One fine eve we were expecting a few guests n then at nth moment we realize all tht we hv is a diwan in which 3 or say 4 can squeeze in... n then the rest??? So the 'smart' hubbs(yea! yea!) of mine decided to fold up a 'queen' size bed , spread a 'Fab India' sheet over it ,transfer the bolsters from diwan to here n zappp came the baitak!! Now now this is common sense u say! Hmpf!!

Hmmm now tht u dont seem to be finding this so v interesting Can I try n lure u with a few interesting accessories in this room.........

Right on top of baitak like a 'domiscius sword' hangs ma fav grandfather - clock.... isnt it regal :) Promise to publish its story sooon!

N on the two corners of the roof hangs the typically kerala thook vilakku...dont hv a decent pic now.... so adjust maadi with this! N yea beside it is a Udaipur - Keep sake from sabs-bins!

N right below it sits our shoe case...stuffed n stuffed with ma hubbs shoes :-D Na na am not treating u to tht sight.... here is instead wht sits on top of it! The odd shaped looking thingy there is actually a eagle-shaped sword.... Remember I said my Peter Pan is mad abt swords... this was his bday gift from his mommy!

Well well some treat to eyes... cmon be nice n agree :) Right below is possibly the most fav piece of furniture @ home where we are plonked the max time.... a futon right in our TV room... the first piece of furniture which ma hubbs bought even b4 marriage which thou his father thinks is the most useless piece of furniture ever made..... well truth is once u sink into it gets so cushiony n comfy tht dragging urself out can be a task :-P

So how did u like this corner of ma home? This is my entry for Cozy corners @ Color Deckor