January the 15th!

It was this day, I lost my daddy seven Years go. Come January, I dread as the day approaches - the happiest of the memories bring a lump to the throat while a lot of memories that never weer would see me breaking into sobs.The same fears tormented me as this year approached.......

That's when we were greeted with the news of my sister's c-sec delivery being schdulded on the same day. I have been rooting for a niece from the time I knew of her pregnancy . But honestly, since the time I knew it was a boy who is popping out, my excitement was lukewarm.

On the eve of D-Day, the reigning feeling was that of surrealism. Maybe cause I haven't witnessed a child birth at that close quarters before - the knowledge that in less than twelve hours, there will be a new addition to the family - somebody whose face we couldn't begin to imagine!

The trepidation prevailed even as she was rolled into OT. What what I hadn't accounted though, was falling heads over heels in luv with my little munchkin as soon as I saw him... such a cutie he is ;).

Peeps, say hello to my litt Nephew :-D

Linking this to the picture prompt on WT...  Aint our Cory ever so thoughtful! Precious feet indeed...

Stranger In The Night

Kajal in eyes, Mallige-poo in her hair and elegantly draped in the Pink Sari that anna had gifted her last Diwali, Roja was pleased with her reflection in the mirror. Unlike the early days, she now looked forward to an evening in the city - The promise of a ride in the taxi, her favorite biryani for dinner kept her spirits high. Roja was hoping, anna would be generous with her "pocket-money" this time...

As Roja approached the bus-stop, her eyes looked out for anna - yet  another "Stranger In The Night" whose bed she warmed to make a living!

This fictitious post is in response to Write Tribe's 100 words on Saturday for the Prompt “Stranger In The Night".


**anna - respectful address to an older male, affectionate mode of addressing a man

Book Review: Sirens Spell Danger

I received a copy of "Sirens Spell Danger" for review via Write Tribe. The book (ebook really) is a collection of three short stories - one each by a prolific blogger. This was the first books by fellow bloggers and it was with a lot of excitement I picked it up.

‘Femme Fatale’ is the first of the three stories in the book. It's story of a unsuspecting young chap who goes lusting after a "siren" he meets over a drink in the pub and gets embroiled in a plot to bomb the city! From there, the book describes in detail the 'action' (read fighting, shooting, bombing) the chap gets into! And there exactly lies my grouse - the author could have focused on developing the character instead of jumping head-first into action and stunts! A very weak plot and a story you can give a miss.

‘Bella Donna’ is the second story in the series and the best of the lot! A chain of murders of high-profile unrelated business tycoons  confound the city police. The murder mystery, unraveled with the help of science, makes a gripping and interesting read -  though the author could have made do with fewer scientific terms. The author Radha Sawan is definitely somebody to look out for!

The third story, 'Bellary',  starts off as the story of a intelligence agent being posted to investigate the ISI activities in Bellary but the storyline soon moves into the legend of 'Bellary'. While overall a good plot, it could have done with some editing to make it more gripping.

Overall, I was disappointed with the book and will rate it  2.5/5.

Book Review: "Aisle Be Damned" by Rishi Piparaiya

This is a book review that's been pending for a long time now! I received a review copy of "Aisle Be Damned" by Rishi Piparaiya about a month back and while I had read it then, I never got around to reviewing it - my bad!

The book is full of light-hearted, sarcastic, hilarious take on everything associated with air-travel from check-in formalities to choosing aisle vs window seat to  flight safety to making the most of your travel companions clouts.If you are a frequent flyer who has been vexed with the protocols that are part of it then this is the book for you!

This book will be the perfect anecdote for you when you are fuming after a pretty harrowing check-in experience and I bet you will be laughing out loud within minutes!

Have you read this book? Do tell me how you liked it... Just for records, this is my first non-fiction book :)

A Gift To Treasure.....

First post of the year - we shall definitely start it on a high note! One of the most exhilarating news last year was when one of the posts of yours truly got published as a part of an anthology that Writetribe released.

Most of you would definitely know that for last few months am part of Write Tribe(WT), an amazing writing group which has among its ranks  few very talented writers. Honestly my piece seems very amateurish(not being modest!) in comparison with others featured there  all the more reason you will see me bragging about it ;)

So ahead, download here and read this wonderful collection - am sure you will definitely enjoy it!

Yours Truly is on Page 33! While at it you may want to take a quick glance at page 46 too!

Thank you Cory, Vidya and Thaadi-Kaaran(Beard-man in Mal) for this gift I will always treasure :)