My first Valentine:-)

My first ever Valentine's Card :-D. Now that deserves a place right at the top rt

Imagine celebrating your first valentine after more than twenty four years of existence! Doesn't speak much of my fan following ...does it:) Well all my previous valentines were spent day dreaming about 'smart hunks' - they just happened to get a new identity every year :-).

This year saw my dream turning into a reality(albeit a virtual one as we are in two different cities!)... So for the first time yours-truly has a valentine. Ha, the pleasures of doing  mushy things with no trace of guilt(well the pic should give u ideas) ;)  Now only if my daddy was around it would have been just pic perfect:(

Now let your imagination go Wild :-D. Pic Courtesy Google!

Of course am not ending this post without showing off the Swarowski crystal pendant he got around to gifting me :-D. Here is hoping for a lifetime of happy, blissful Valentines with him....

Pic courtesy - Swarowski Website