What is Your word?

From ma fav-book-of-the-moment- (Eat, Pray, Love)! 

Ha what this basically means is every city, every family, every person has a word that describes it! Doesnt Make sense? Lemme give u a few examples straight from the book - The word for New York is "Achieve", Vatican is "Power" (Did ya think its Prayer?), Rome is "Sex"(I Loved that! :-D)

Isnt that an interesting concept??? N as u may hv guessed - it caught ma fancy like nothing else did :). So a good part of ma recent conv be wit with hubbs or friends revolved in finding THE WORD!

Ofcourse I could attribute a word easily enuf to every person I know........Ma friends Ranged from 'Full of Life' to 'warm' to 'Morose'! H n even for cities ....From 'Culture' for Hyderabad  to 'Mindless Joy' to Goa to 'Orthodox' for 'Chennai'! Ha did I tell you that all of them agreed that the word for ma hubbs is 'Happy-Go-Lucky' ('Joie De Vivre' as he himself describes it... Somebody teach him modest plz!)

Now now comes the diff word.... A word for me!!!!!  Why aint I not surprised that I couldnt come up with ine!.... So off I went on a quest to find the word!

Na na don let any images of 'finding-yourself' cloud up ur imagination... Thts so not me :-D! I did the simplest thingy... asked the hubbs n people who I think know me betta! N am was I surprised with the answer ....... The words ranged from 'Spontaneious' to 'hyper' to 'Cheeky'... Phew!

So whats your word?

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