We beat them....

Dont know about the black but it sure was blue :-D

This was ma hubbs FB status post Indias win against Paki... Good enuf for a post na???????

Edited To Add another one of Prav-isms during the match: "Add an A and Afridi becomes Afraidi. We are too you know :)" ~~ Chuckle!

Owners Pride ~~ Neighbors Envy!!

Remember this old tag line of Onidas??

Well this perfectly describes the state ma hubbs is in now! U c hes been hooked onto the Indi-Pak match from morn(what else!) but whats been taking the fizz out for him is the loud cheeer that emanates from the next door seconds b4 a chakka is hit or a wicket is gone which means the channel hes watching is lagging behind by a few micro seconds atleast!!

So all hes been doing for sometime now is scratching his head and channel-hopping hoping to find the numero uno :-D Ha a classic case of "Curiosity kills the cat"!!

Myraid Are the colors of L;ife......

Did u go aaaw looking at the pic! Then go ahead give me a biggg round of applause!

Ladies n gentleman, presenting to you "Through The Looking Glass" ~~ A project 365 PhotoBlog ~~ Do hop in lemme know how u liked it!

N here is anoter quip from the same hands tht clicked those pics....

Value of Life

Gone are the days when people respected life
Now all they do is live on the edge of a knife
How different was it before when people fought
Now its taking away life without even a thought
Young people assuming everything can be done by force
Displaying absolutely no sign of remorse
What exactly is going wrong here
Why is everything thrown out of gear
The answer to that is sadly lost
A life taken is the final cost

Now before u go ahead n gimme yet another round of applause, lemme bow n hand the full credit to ma hubbs dearest! Na na me not among one of those ladies who pass on all credit to their husbands.. These u c are his creations with zero % contribution from me :-D! So why the first round of applause to me u asked... Cause well I believe tht I inspired(!!!! ok nagged) him to kick off his farmville~~ Mafia wars n take up something more creative(Nope nope ~~ Nobody taught me anything called humility)

Linking this up to ColorDeckors! Why u said when theres nothing weekend(y) abt this?????? Well cause everything beautiful finds a place there rt :-).

The story of Men, Parrots N the Moon!

Imagine a group of men all in their late 40s or early 50s ~~  Typically middle class ~~ possibly govt employees ~~ Possibly with families n tons of problems on their heads!!! Now what would you typically expect them to do on a weekend morn??? Possibly lecture their children on blah-blah-blah or sit with the morn newspaper-tea worrying abt the increasing rates or go shopping for veggies or possibly scan the matrimonial ads in newspapers:-D)

Now will u believe if I tell ya that instead they spend their morns feeding the parrots in cubbon park ~~ They come armed with grains, packets to fill feeding holes with water n then jus sitting back n gawking at the flock of parrots that come! Imagine the sight for a sec will ya ~~ A flock of parrots that u can gaze at to ur hearts content :)

But sadly when I went visiting a group of photographers(ma hubbs included) scared those poor pollys away .....what withe their scary cams n lenses! (Seriously they remind me of canons!)

In another news did ya get a chance to watch the sooper-Moon! Heres a glance of it~~

Yo yo! The pic is courtesy hubbs!!

But ofcourse all the weekend bonanzas gets linked to Color Deckors :)

Musical Sunday --4!

What Betta song to mark Holi :)!

Haaa n let records state that the hubbs dearest chaanofied the entire chikpet market for Bhaang-Ki-Golis! But fat chances he had of catching them with his attire of shorts n a cam hung around his neck!!!

But welll the loss is mine ~~  Since the last I heard of his escapades post Bhaang I couldnt wait to gulp it down!!

As hubbs FB msg says 'Happy HOLIday' everybody!!

I was....

I was cooking your favorite pasta when I felt the tremors...
I was going through our wedding album when I heard the grumble outside...
I was on the bed reliving our last vacation by the beautiful beaches at Thailand when I felt water by my feet...
I was washing your favorite shirt feeling your mesmerizing scent when I slipped...
I was crying about your harsh words from the fight we had in the morning when I heard the neighbors cry...
I was driving to the shopping center to buy you a gift for your birthday when I lost control of the steering...
I was baking your favorite walnut cookie to celebrate our first anniversary when I heard the dogs howl.

Now I see you crying at my photo from your wallet. I am trying to wipe of the hot and buring tears that is trickling down your cheek that always belonged to my lips. Oh dear!
How much I want to touch you, how much I want to hug you, how much I want to cry with you for I know I will only remain in your thoughts from now on...

To the love that was taken away by the worst natural disaster in the recent past.

Now now b4 u go aaaww! Lemme be ma modest self n pass on the kudos to this amazing writer!!! N did ya jus wonder if hes some unknown poet in mufti or something... welll u couldnt hv been wronger! This person holds a high funda job in one of the top-notch comapnies!

Weight(y) issues!

Well what do I say?? If u even know me minuscusely, u know I n Food go hand-in-hand! 'Foodie' is a title tht I look up with reverence......

So dieting n weight were issues tht I wasnt hugely worried about... Also as ma frnd says my height ensures tht all the extra weight spreads equally across the full 5'6 inches of me n so it aint  a eye-sore! Bottomline ~~ I jus couldnt be bothered more ~~ Life is all abt good food n happy times dearies !!  But but all good things gota come to an end one fine day don they!.....

On one of the (Now) routine visits to the Mr.No-Nonsense-doc he decided tht am 10 kg overweight n gives me an ultimatum tht I gota lose 2 kgs overnight... One month is overnight na??? Else u said?? Ha letta not go there......  So imagine ma life now..... No yum-yum food, no chocs, no sweets.. sob sob sob!!!!!  What fun is left in life I say!!!! N ho not to be missed was the Boy-Am-I-Pleased snicker on ma hubs face....... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

But jus to compensate the lack of these happy notes ~~ A dear frnd decided to gift me ma b'day gift in advance(A good 1.5 months b4... LOL!).... Isnt tht sweeeeeeeeeeet :-D Thnx Sweets :)

Pic Courtesy - Google

N I hv to tell u this..... Why do u think she picked this one? For one she knew tht am hooked onto these mushy-mushy M&B Kinds(Afterall she lends me thm every other week)..... But na thts not it! It seems the cover page  for some reason reminded her abt me... Now now thts a compliment aint it :-D

Linking this up to Color Deckors weekend wrapup.......

Musical Sunday - 3

For some weird reason this song symbolizes freedom of women ~~ The freedom to'fly" n chase our dreams! So 'Masakli" it is.......

Of course inspired by the womens day!

One Month of Blogging!

Is what am done with today... Yipppee!!!

Am always surprised with the surge of activity that I immerse myself with when am faced with any kinda fear\sorrow\disspaointment which is not in ma control... This space itself started during the saddest phase of ma life n the NaBloPoMo during a emergency which luckily faded off!

Strange is the working of mind n heart... Huh!

The 7 Year Itch.....

Begins today :-D

N ofcourse to all the women in my life (real n virtual)~~ Thank U for jus being what u r ~~ U rock!

Christmas came late(or early)!

All it means is it was time for some 'gifting' business.... yoo we(or at least the hubbs) hit the jackpot! One thing thats been there in his wish list for a long time  is a DSLR n thts what he gifted himself over the weekend!

Pic courtesy Google!
Remains to see how soon ma boy outgrows his fascination :-D. For since yest hes literally been eating-drinking-sleeping the cam .....Imagine the booklet accompanied him to Loo today(!), I wake up to the sounds of photo click-click!!

Imagoine a shopping spree, yum yum food(read fishy fishy :)) with a few of my fav peoples... The perfect weekend bonanza formuale!

But of course this links upto the Colordeckors weekend wrapup... No betta feature than weekend wrapup huh.. after all don all good things happen on a weekend ......I got married on a fri tooo... LOL!

Lyrical Sunday - 2!

Ha dono if I ever mentioned this in ma blog here... while u may hv on n off seen the tag of 'guruvayoor' in ma posts... The place I actually hail from is 'Mammiyoor' which is a few meters fom guruvayoor temple! Now if u from anywhere in God's own country you would know that Mammiyoor is known for Shiva Temple!

Now now I come from a family which firmly believes that their day is incomplete till they pay a visit to the temples around... So goes without saying that a good part of ma vacations hv been spent in these temple grounds.... Two visits a day(morn n eve) was the doctrine then!  The eve part was at least a bit more 'Pleasurable'... the air is much cooler(Imagine walking a good one km bare footed in the hot sultry summer sun in kerala) n there was the evening 'Aarti' to look fwd to(Not tht I remember looking fwd to it ever)!

N in Mammiyoor the evening Deepaaradhana(aarti) is bought in with a prayer-song 'Samba Sadha Shiva....'.  Imagine  a group of ladies(with a few boys n an odd ben) singing this in chorus(Ma cousin used to lead this in her hey days)........... While during my school days I truly couldnt wait for it to get over n get out, today this very song brings along nostalgia n a lot of precious memories :). Here's the abridged version of the same....

Maha-Shivratri is the only reason I can think of for this devotional-nostalgic burst

What is the worst abuse in a marriage.....

Physical abuse or mental abuse?

Well I know each is bad n each to be condemned! But today I hit over a new perspective...

Physical abuse is something that jus about any 3rd person can see , will generally involve a lotta hue-n-cry n so many educated, so-called upper middle class husbands of today will refrain from doing! But look at the Mental abuse esp the subtle ones.. You know the ones tht if pointed out looks silly but jus makes the daily life difficult and is bound to  make the persons life miserable(if not hell) n look at the catch! Nobody will out rightly point  a finger at the culprit, the victim over a period of time learns accepts it as one of the 'Peeves' n learns to live with it!

So while in physical abuses the culprit is sooner or later pulled up, in mental abuse the victim most possibly than not doesnt even realize that he\she is being subjected to it!

No no no don let any alarm bells ring! All is welll... Must be all the reading n talking thts put this idea into ma mind!

Baby of the House :-D

Aaaaww... Isnt he the cutest baby around :-D.

Anybody waana guess who this cutie pie of a baby is?? :-D. The title should be the biggest hint.

Linking this up to the Friday Faces ... Interesting concept aint it... Putting up any random pic for the theme 'People' ...  may be a child on the street who smiles back at me… a singer who fascinates me, an artist who impressed me which her art, a street vendor who sold things to me with a biggest smile and happiness, sometimes a face that Ojas made that amused me, pretty looking sister or cute looking mom and so on….

Truly there cant be a betta theme than people for any photographer(Not tht I claim to be one) ...... The pleotra of emotions, expressions, colors......

Thursday Challenge - 4

Wondering what an ordinary car like this is doing any justice to the theme..... Haa read on...

This dear car was our first car.. Well truly hubbs owned this few years before marriage! So goes without saying that we hv a lotta pleasant memories associated with this one... The first date, the first drive, the many hols, the first home, A stolen kiss(:-P)........ N not to forget the 'Hide-N-Seek' stories that hubbs played in dodging the police(Thnx to the out of state registration).  Thou as a dark cloud remains a reminder which I hope we bid goodbye to soon....

N this weekend this dearest Rampyaari(title courtesy hubbs frnds) of ours atlast bids good-bye to us :(. Here is hoping that it brings its new owners a lotta pleasant-happy memories!

Wordless Wednesday - 3

Pooja Thali

A closeup!

R.I.P Uncle Pai!

This piece of news took me back to a few what I call 'Tinkle Memmories'... Now now if u were a child in 80s ur intro to world of books would be more often than not via Tinkle! N then there ofcourse was the famous Amar Chitra Kathas....

Come summer vacations we would be packed off to good old guruvayoor... which meant a daunting 24 hrs journey in train... Now truly Daunting isnt the word to be used... Thou it was the regular 2nd class sleeper n tht too in scorching hot summers, train journeys were always 'Fun times'......Haa the joy of eating those regular cup-cakes n Payam-pooris @ Palaghat(something like  ripe banana bajjis!! Ok we are digressing, so back to the topic.....

Pic Courtesy Google!
 The regular accompaniment in those train journey would be the good old tinkle(Tinkle Digest anybody??) :-D. N we (ma sis included) couldnt wait for the train to start to flip the pages...........Now why should the train start to read a book?? Well well u wouldnt understand those nuances :) Haa memories :) The stories of Hoodja, Supandi, shikari shamboo can still take me back to those good old days! This was one ritual that continued even when I outgrowed(supposedly!) the Tinkle days... Cause well thts the only book ma sis used to read (Continues to read...)

Another memory that continues to stand out is of one odd summer that I spent at home(instead of Gvr) n for the entire duration of those months ma daddy would bring home a copy of amar-chitra katha(courtesy a lending library) :).

RIP Uncle Pai... Thank you for brightening up our days... come to think of it the illustrations a good 20-25 years back can still given a run-for-money to any of the modern day illustrators!