My Teacher!

From the time I remember as a student, one of the biggest banes of life was my 'Handwriting'. It was the subject of many a ridicule and pulling-up by my teacher and fellow class-mates. As I reached the dreaded class 10, many predicted that this handwriting will be the reason of my downfall! But things soon changed, my then class-teacher decided to take it as a challenge and change it for good!

So everyday for next month or so, she would literally hold my hands and painstakingly make me trace the alphabets in the "4 line copy" book. Well miracles of miracle , slowly but surely my handwriting changed for good ~~ it at least is no more a eye-sore! Come to think of it, she wasn't being paid a penny more for this extra one hour ~~ she could have chosen to spend this time at home tutoring her own sons who were in class 12th and 10th then . But she instead willingly chose to spend that time with me and all other students who needs that 'Extra help'!

This is just one of the many instances where she has permanently changed a students Life for good. Speaks tons for the kinda person she is.

Today when I met her after more than a decade, the tears that welled up in her eyes(and mine) touched me
like nothing else has in near future!Of course the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.

Indeed more teachers who will go beyond their call of duty with a heart to love is all the doctor has prescribed for India . Thank you for being there to be one of the biggest influences in my life

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Spine Poetry....

.....seems to be the latest rage on FB! For those of u who hv been hiding under a rock, its basically "books arranged in  clusters so the spines(read book title) could be read like a sentence\poem". Here hv a glimpse of the pic n u will know what am talking of.....

This one is courtesy Sabs ~~ A classical example of "Spine Poetry"

The White Tiger
eats,shoots & leaves
in search of a distant voice.

N here is another - This one is courtesy hubbs. Need I say its one of ma favs too :-P

Yea yea its courtesy these two tht I for once wasn't caught napping under the rock :). Would you ike to join in too - If so you may choose to jump onto this FB group - "Where's Your Spine Poetry?" Imagine poring over the books in ur collection, arranging-rearranging them till the 'play of titles' fall in place... sounds definetely like fun rt :)

Happy Diwali....

A diya lit on a Diwali eve is supposed to abolish the darkness of Amavasya Night. May this Diwali banish all the evil n miseries in ur life! Hapy Diwali ....

The litt pleasures......

Isnt she a doll!
Sometime early last year I wrote this post on my cousin who was expecting her baby soon. What I dint mention then was that she was the first(and to date - the only) cousin\sibling of my age circle(as against your elder cousins) to become a mother.

So yesterday when I first had a glimpse of her daughter, almost a year after she was born - my heart literally went out to the little imp! Tht naughty glint in her eyes will have you gush with warmth n love. What I wanted  to really give her was a big-tight hug! But the danger of having her scream murder, ensured that all all of us followed her mandate of "Keep distance - Min 10 ft" v meekly! Love u sweetheart, muah! Cant wait to see you again.......

This along with the fact that my maid who was AWOL for more than 10 days has finally shown up today and the promise of some retail therapy with ma sis post lunch today, promises to make this a happppie weekend!

Before And After....

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A pic of artists in their full costume ready for a performance of Yakshagana - a folk dance from coastal Karnataka. This was clicked @ The Bengali durga puja Pandal this dusssera and the story being told thru this dance form is of Maa Kali and the Demon Raktabija.
This was the first time am seeing a live performance of Yakshagana. The accompnying song in Kannada was beyond my cpmprehension - but I guess the beauty of the dance is that you really don need any words to capture their essence.