Oye Santa Hoye Banta

This weekend saw us having a gala Christmas night...yeah a full week early; u c we believe in starting early......remember "The early bird catches the worm"....But this funda applies only when having fun :)

This Christmas was kinda my first! Now b4 u go bonkers wondering what I was doing till the ripe old age of 26 lemme clarify.....this was the first of its kind that I celebrated in its true style...complete with our own SantaClaus, Christmas Tree, Home brewed wine n home baked caked .........cool hey!!
The story goes like this.... The only 'couple Friends' who we have...yeah the same old Sabi-Binoy who keep popping in into every other blog of mine invited us over for a Christmas Night.The confusion over the venue - Our Place vs their place was on till last minute....But when Pappy decided that he is not budging out anywhere the venue was auto selected to 'their place' !!

We (i.e me n my hubbs) make our usual last minute entry loaded with gifts for all....N of course half of them weren't even gift wrapped....so much for our guest-o-sense!! N who else but santa (actually binoy in a Corny santa mask) arrives to open the door and what a entry it was!! Beautiful carols playing in background n a fully decked up christmas tree!! (which has been duly hijacked to my place after the party :-p)

The party started over glass of rum(U c the home brewed wine was a super duper flop....but well Rum comes close) n Bacradi Breezer (No rum for me)!Then came the most exciting part.....Opening of gifts! But hey wait, where is the Santa to distribute the gifts........so over a round of 'Chits' Binoy is the chosen one to play Santa!!! N what a 'Santa' he made......The Santa Cap was a white 'chunni' made into a turban, The red white coat was a red Chikan Work Salwar kameez....ha ha ha we had a perfect 'Desi Santa'(Name courtesy Pravin :) ) N not to forget the pillow stuffed over his tummy which made him look '9 months pregnant'...ho ho ho!!!!N the came the gift distribution (much awaited by me).......n what a gift galore it was!! Personalized coffee mug, Personalized candle stand (Inspired by me :) ), cutest Santa caps, CDs, Jeanie pants........

Then came a dancing session n what a performance it was.... Mummy N pappy, Me n Pappy, Me N Sabi, Pappy N Pravin, Pappy N Binoy n of course the best of ll Sabi....Just went onto prove that there are more left leggers to gimme company !
The party ended with the drunken group wailing out 'Carols' (yeah 'wailing is the word) ......actually English poems (rolling of eyes)...u c we have 'English literate' group out here.......Thnx Sabi-Binoy 4 everything n making it a memmorable day 4 me!!!!

Not to forget another imp milestone of the day......I got my first bouquet from my hubbs ....yeah after 2 good years of meeting!!!! The last I got was a plastic flower (I know,,,, even I was like aa plastic flower huh ..... @#$#$%$%^ ) ....but then in his usual amicable style he comes up with a one liner..... "My love for u will last till this flower fades away"!

Ha on this happy note I sign off and bade good bye to 2008!! Happy X-Mas and a gr8 New year to all of u!!!