Retail Therapy!

Retail Therapy anybody :-D

Yea tht is all I did this weekend...... yippie yippie yip yipyip! Shopped at Fab India....N  if u a Fab India enthusiast like me but wriggle ur noses at their rates, heres a tip... Yea U can go ahead n thank me for it! Try their teenage section... L N XL fit me quite welll (So should fit most of u easily... atleast the not-yet-mother kinds) ... N its much lighter on pocket tooo! Imagine I picked 2 tops for 5oo bucks (Evil Smirk on face) :-D. Come come hv a look.....

Ha! Nothing spl u said abt the top? I have this cotton Bandhini Ghagra  bought  a few years back... But as luck would hv it, the top got v conveniently torn! So imagine ma happiness whn I found this... exactly wht I was looking for esp when I had given up on finding something this well co-ordinated!

Now whts this?? The white n green in the background is another top courtesy Fab India  n the reebok perfume is what Hubbs picked for me ...Yea yea! I was zappeed tooo!!!! (Possibly Nagging does help).... N if any of u thinking of some unsavory comment on the perfume brand... Grrrrr at u!

N look what else I found!! This cuttte Key-chain :-D...... Coutersy Chumbak @ Crossword (Forgive the less-than-favourable photo quality)

Imagine this quota of happy-shopping clubbed with yum food! Kappa-Meen curry N Puttu-kadala was on the menu (All keral delicaies... do a quick google serach n u'll know what am talking of).... Both of whhich far from authentic... But well at time sthe joy lies in conjuring up the dish than savouring it(Man ~~ I cant believe what I just wrote)!

Yummm of a weekend.... wouldnt u agreee :)

Ha now truth the reason for it is more yummm than the weekend...... Its just for this yummmm of a blog's Weekend  Wrap Up!


  1. love the keychain - super desi!
    Glad you had a good shopping weekend - those are always such fun : )

  2. oh Meena.. thats a lot of shopping.. I liked the key chain.. but am most excited about the kappa meen curry.. I totally love it.. :-)

    Hope you have a great weeken ahead of you!!

  3. Thankooos :)

    @pAT - Meen Curry was from authentic... but well the fun at times lies in conjuring up somethong with ur hubbs n relishing the follishness :-D

  4. Am glad u r hooked to this weekend wrap-up. Another amazing weekend there :)