Work Hard n Party Harder!

If theres been a title thts misleading its this!

No No dont snicker...  I swear former (WORK WORK WORK)  is all I been doing..... Soooooooob! N I swear theres no ma usual exxageration involved... My weekdays hv been a pain thnx to trying to shuffle too many roles at one go... Ooph!! Ha need prrof?? Look at the amount of time I been away from this place...

But thankfully the weekends hv been a breather...... One saw me making a quick detour to a sleepy town on outskirts of Blore while the other had ma little sis dropping in... Ha! Bliss!!!

My status on FB post weekend1 read "Stretches of Land ~~ Untouched by 'Development', Discarded Mines, Ruins of homes, Mountains with tiny villages n streams tucked in, Non-Descript temples on Hillocks ~~ What More can u ask to make a day?? Well How abt adding a dose of good Times with Gr8 friends, Yummm home cooked food, Meeting up simple folks who make ...u re-think priorities of Life ~~ Ha! A perfect sunday after ages :)" . Lemme do the pics do more talking here...

I love zipping on these expressway!

Do I need to say More??
Sleepiness is the landmark here! The Lone Homes...

The Non-Descript Temples
The Open Fields...
The Hillocks....

Even The Sky......

Ha tht was one amazing trip!!! A power-break from the daily grind! Loved every bit of it!!!!

N the status post last weekend said "When somebodys definition of a gr8 time is well.... spending hours n hours with u... nothing more - nothing less.... Then well u know to thank ur lucky stars :)."... Ha how the distance makes heart go fonder :)

N the reason I did this post even as the clock ticked past weekend is ~~ I so wanted to make it to the Weekend WrapUp's... I am hooked to it!!


  1. aaaawww.. the last line is the cutest.. Thank you!! :-) Now I'll have a huge smile all day long..

    And those images are gorgeous.. isnt it amazing when you find untouched land.. Oh.. I love those skies.. Wish I could come on that drive with you... huuummm... thats for another day!! Hope you are having a fabulous week..

    PS - I know what you mean by work.. work.. and work.. I've been on that mode lately.. not knowing whats happening at home.. not being on top of things.. yuck feeling!! :-( But I'll recover soon!!

  2. Wow! Gorgeous gorgeous weekend. Where did u go?
    Liked ur description of it :)