When Routine sounds Yum!

Now Now how many of u would believe me when I say that post a weeks vacation at home(bliss), I actually looked fwd to coming back to work?

How many would believe that I embraced a brain whacking training-Exam Last week!

Naa ! I hear u say n I see myself almost gawking at the the lines n wondering "Omigosh! How can it be true!"

Well each of the above line is indeed true....But  Of course there is more to the story :-D

N the simple truth is this...... When U hv a prospect of a thing u literally abhor your routine sounds yum! Who in their right senses wouldn't waana trade a visit to a gynec or a dentist to an extra day at work!!!! Who wouldnt put themselves thru the  grind of exam-training when the alternative prospect is a facing a person-situation u literally abhor!!! Doesnt thr routine sounds so enticing on those days.... Well well grass is always greener on the other side :)

N BTW the brain whacking training-Exam Last week is what kept me away from the scene last week! N plz wish me luck... the result is gonna be out soon!

The Magic of words!

This a post thts been in ma mind for sometime ..... A 'Post-it' from the meaningless nora roberts noevl :). I gotta admit for all their honey-coated, foolish romance these book at times leave u with lessons for life as this one did.....

The lesson is 'The magic of words'... Now now think it over.... Lets say the man-in-your-life offers you money-jewellery-fanciest of holidays- Basically all the fancy works ..... Now now lemme be little more indulgent n add onto it a 'Dose of Love' tooo... The perfect combo u say! But lemme take a moment n explain the variety this 'Dose of Love' is... Its the silent, unspoken, Non-demonstrative kinds!  Now now dont brush this off saying its the stupid romantic in me speaking... after all who has the time to sing eons of love in between the monotony of daily life! But tell me which women doesnt like to told she beautiful n sexy n is loved........Is it the possible reason why the courting days are so fun? When the boy-girl have all time in world to write those e-mails, catch up on IMs n not-to-forget the Good-Morning N Goo-nIGHT n I-Luv-U SMS??

Ha only-if, only-if all men learnt it(dear hubs u reading this :-D) .......... A declaration of 'I-Love-you' or 'You-Looking-Pretty'(to be told b4 u start fishing for compliments) can make ur day like nothing else.....

Now I would be foolish to say tht the silent kinds is not enuf... Well as somebody taught me thts the way some people are n u just gotta accept that!!! Possibly as one matures(!!!!) with age this truth does dawn but when one is young n Frivolous its this 'Magic of words' that one craves for..... as I said  only if Men learn this truth!

Edited To Add: Thou had published the post yest, there was just abt something tht I thot was missing in the post..... A feeling tht I could not put thru what I really wanted to say! Lemme try N use the story base in the book to drive the point home.....

The book is set in fairy land tale of Ireland... with its mountains, rivers, flowers n life is well just 'romatic'! The hero is a much-travelled, most-eligible n the local pub owner while the heroine is a divorced, physcologist, a aspiring writer n basically doesnt believe in any fairy-tale romances!

N as u guessed they fall head-over-heels in love - Now for the hero this is a given fact - No dilly dallying for him n he jumps the gun n proposes marriage! Hmmm sensible u say? Now lets for a sec look at it from the heroines perspective... shall we? She is burnt-her-fingers once n is more than dazed when he pops the word of 'Marriage'... is it lust or is it just a matter of convenience (I waana marry n now who is the most eligible girl around) ?? So now will u blame her for beating around the bush b4 agreeing? Well as this is just a 'Romatic Book' our hero sees sense soon n realizes the 'Magic Of Words'.... The power of words that satisfies his soon-rto-be-bride that his intentions are true n love is indeed the binding factor!

Hmmm Now did I put me point thru??

Now as I write this, I realize that arent all our arranged marriages just a matter of 'Conveience'??

The Dhaba story!

Me back from home  :(!

Now to write abt the trip, ma home, Mom n ma sis dearest (N ofcourse her friends... Yea! While I hate to agree I know they make life easier esp her lot) would be a exercise with no head n tail..... Me not even attempting it!

Instead lemme show off the 'Dhaba' Pics  - But ofcourse My fav part of the Road trips :-D U can Hop here for the complete Dhaba Story......

Dont miss the colorful flag tht dot the enytrance... A dash of color bang on highway for sure draws attention of the weary traveller!

Family Room :-D

Seen this colorful water container?

The safest N yummiest of the options on the highways - Punjabi Dhabas!

My Fav seating arrangment of all!

Some Dish called 'sev Bhaaji'.... First time I got to sample it!

Is there really a place called "Timbuktu"?

This Q hit me first a few years back back when I was the v v v excited just-engaged n soon-to-bride! N as with any other girl, the thot creating havoc in ma life was ma Honey-Moon destination :-P! Jaipur is hot, Kerala is home town n so no fun ..... u get the flow rt???

So the exasperated hubbs comes up with what I then thot was a very Exotic Place "Timbaktu"... Yea Yea U can do a ROFL at ma knowledge of English! Well the bubble burst the very next day  two wen a well-meaning cousin decided to enlighten me.... N grrrrrrrrr I went with ma Then-Fiance Now Hubs Only to have him laugh it off in full glory!

But But as they say "Every Dog Has its Day" n so over the weekend as we were driving down from blore to hyd.... Guess the name of a tiny village tht we hit upon almost on andhra -Karnataka Border! Ye Yes U guessed it - "Timbaktu"! Dont believe me? Hop on here or still better look at these Pics

The signboard to Timbaktu!

The collective spoken of in the link above

Ha! One occasion where I had the last laugh :-D

N am Home :)

Yeeeeeaaaahhhhh I am @ ma  Home :)

Now now b4 u scratch n wonder which vacation did I creep out for(N if u from ma yesteryear's work place... n wondering if I went onsite) n still seem excited to be back home then sorry lovies u got it all wrong :-D.... Me back at ma good old mothers home(LOL at the word ... 'Mothers Home'... Sounds straight from  a traditional bahus mouth some decades ago)!

Haaaa the memories n solace home brings..... Just stepping in here n u so automatically rewind to the girl-lady u were 3 years back... Back to the luxury of 'bed Tea' (Blisss!!!), of not bothering what to cook(dont u dare snicker) but still have yum dishes just b4 ur stomach starts to grumble , of raiding your sisters wardrobe (How I wish madam puts on some weight - Then I could so conveniently flicky away half the stuff; Until then gotta do with the chunnis n her 'loose' kurthis... grrrrrrrrrrrrr) n not to miss the contrast of the 'Fight-like-Dogs' to 'Dripping-sweet sisters' that we seem to skip between so effortlessly (Or should be honest n give her the full credit for the latter part) ! The fun of shopping @ all small nooks of the city that you know like the back of ur hand(Ha!) ~~ Anybody for Genral Bazar, AMeerpet, Charminar??

N after 3 years of packing for holidays I can vouch for this... Its easiest to pack for coming home! Open ur wardrobe - randomly pick up a few clothes n stuff it all in your bag... No worries on accessorizing, styling or 'dress-up-for-occasions'... after all u r home n if u dont put up ur feet here where else will u!

How can I end up the post b4 talking of the drive down here ... yea yea we did a road from B'lore - hyd! N well it was a mixed cup.... Thnx to a punctured n ripped tyre we got delayed for a good 3 hrs... But minus the hitch it was a nice drive.Try picturing this.... On a smooth highway zipping away at 100 KMPH With cool breeze blowing on your face(Thnx to AC) N   u flip the pages from latest Nora Roberts :-D But But theres a catch there... The novel so very revolves around a daddy-daughter relationship n what worst time for the book to go mull over it than just when we hit the Hyd border... Hmpf!

As a parting shot,  FB status of ma hubbs post our pit-stop at a dhaba for lunch said "U know u have reached Andhra when u c the salad..red chilly powder on onions and tomatoes!"

The giant with a golden heart!

Now how how many of you have ever heard of somebody feeding rat... ok no rat - what abt a mouse?? U wringing ur nose at me n giving me a "what nonsense" look! Well well  dont blame me... I didnt do the honors!

But but just for a moment imagine this scene - A man - well a six-pack six-footer man, bending down n almost squeezing his head into the dutbin holding out a teeny-weeny biscuit patiently as a small mouse nibbles at it... Isnt it a awwwww moment :) N it doesnt stop there.... When I with all my loud-mouth almost shreik at the scene scaring the (poor!!!!!) mouse off our hero here decides to stuff all the nooks n corner of my desk(yea yea this scene is happening at ma workplace) with the biscuit so that the poor mouse doesnt starve!!!!!!!! (Now now am I to be blamed for not being able to work for a moment post that)!

Ha! But as I recollect it now hours later I cant help smiling,,,,, ever heard of a giant with a golden heart :)

Highway On My Plate!

is what I was watching on "NDTV Good Times".

Ha realized that the foodie I am N the regularity with which I hit the highways (The Credit goes to the driving freaks of a hubbs that I hv!) its a surprise this space hardly featured any of these yum yum food centers that dot our highways.......

From the kutti tea stalls bang in the middle of nowhere.... Sipping tea from those glasses even as the rain is pouring down has a v distinctive charm of its own!

Ever sampled a 'Omlette', 'dosa-Chutney', 'Mutta-dosai' n washed it all down with a cup of hot coffee on a way side shack! I did on ma way back to B'lore from Kerala... N trust me they can give darshinis run for money anytime of the day!

N the fav of all... The dhabas! Yum yum dhababs :). Yum yum to the eyes tooo... seen those bright colors tht they always decked up in! From the ones modelled after your regular darshinis to the 'Garden Dhabas' where in each group is assigned a separate 'hut' (you get the kind am talking of?) to my fav ones - where in for the seating you hv the 'Katiyas' (C the pic)!

N ma food recommendation :-D. The You-will-never-go-wrong 'Dal-Roti' n possibly a tandoori chicken n wash it down with a lassi.... Thou I would suggest that the driver skips the 'Lassi' part .... well we dont want the driver to doze off on the road... do we? But having said that I had tasted the best ever 'Prawn' dry roast in a dhaba on the outskirts of goa... yum it was!!

So until the next time I hit a highway ... If all goes well it should be next week...A road trip from B'lore to hyd... yipppeeeee!!! Well my dear Mgr, plz approve ma leave :)

PS: Dint hv the paience... so all pics are courtesy google!

What is the curve in the mouth that sets things straight?

Ok now if you know the answer to the above question, you can cal me dumb ~~~ I graciously take a bow! N if u dont ~~ dont fret ~~ the answer is "Smile" ! Damn! simple isnt it!!

But well me ~~ am the dumber~~ N what better place to declare it to the world than on FB! Yea yea thts exactly wht I do ~~ Comment For the world to c on ma hubbs FB Status msg.... somebody kill me! N the smart bugger that he is, makes me google n find the answer....grrrrr! But me the poor modest self still liked his status msg....

I tried to sell my troubles away
And have a peaceful day
But then I realized troubles, however few
teaches you life's virtue
Finally when you are out of the gate
...You have a curve in your mouth that sets everything straight !! :-) 

Well written isnt it... I been telling him that he should get back to writing, but hmpf!                                       

A new Facet of Life!

Hmmmm am at a junction of ma career! A junction where I hv the option to choose....

Option A is the tried n tested that comes with the security blanket of 'Comfort Zone', the flexibility to work-from-home, to work amidst people I know(But well nobody tht I care for!)! But the only grouse? The working hours... well thou at times I think thts more a blessing in disguise! But again these luring factors makes it a non-exciting feature!

Option B is a complete cup of new tea which is what makes it exciting! I know its a start to a 'drem-role'.. a role tht i eyed from the very start of my career! But it doesnt hv any of the above mentioned 'comfort-zone' factors... No people i know of, will hv to work my ass off! N yea I hv been told that this is gonna boost up ma learning-curve, is a challenging role n give me 'exposure' (yea! yea! Try selling tht to somebody else not me) Yeah the working hours are the conventional 9 -6 but that means no office-cab pick up n drop N considering my driving disability it means I gotta fall back on public transport(shudders!)!

N considering the laid back kinda person I am, I would hv bet my ass that I will blindly chose option A considering a few other personal obligations too!!! But why why why am I so inclined(Truth be told... I hv already decided) to take up option B? Why is the sane, down-to-earth sensible me opting for the glittery mistress as compared to the sensible house wife back home (Heeeeeee..... I liked the comparision)!

Plz do wish me luck  N pray that the glittery mistress doesnt end up burning ma fingers! Hugs to mee! N grrrrrrrr why am I given options to choose from.... ooph!

PS: I am going thru this mind games as I hv almost taken this decision without really getting the 'green-signal' from the person who knows me better n would hv been the best judge at weighing the pros-n-corns for me! Sigh! How I miss it!!!