Me too went to Hard Rock Cafe!

Wht u said to the title...... 'big deal'! Not done I say... Its a big deal atleast to hubbs dear it is!

So wht did I like abt the place.. well as usual the 'ambience'... I loved the building which hosts it... huge, grand stone structure... has a royal feel abt it! N the interiors is definitely a first for me(atleast in this part of the world)..... Move over all interios.... we hv the original stuff here! Lemme give u a decko of what me trying to say... The walls are almost covered end to end with collectibles... N what collectibles man! We talking of original stuff here... The actual jackets, guitars, pipes, drums used by the musicians in the world..... A sight to catch!

Now U got wht I said?

A closer look at the wall - I

A closer look at the wall - II

Now Now have u ever read a book tht makes u waana curl up with a beer :-D (yeah yeah thts a first... signs of bevidiness?)... well am reading one which so very makes me waana just do tht.... Yea yea a book in ma current series of no-brains romantic novels...... but this one I say takes the cake... Hills, mountains, lakes, flowers, magic, fairies, Ireland, pubs, beers is wht the book is centered on....... N as against ma usual break-neck speed of reaching the last page this is one am savouring at a sloowww pace... one page at a time :)

"Jewels Of sun" by Nora Roberts


  1. Wow! Nice decor :)
    The book sounds really interesting :)

  2. looks lovely.. I like the huge stone building as well.. The interiors of hardrock are more or less similar anywhere in the world I suppose!! I've been to a few.. and they all look the same.!