Bingo Reading Challenge

Have you seen this Reading Bingo Challenge that's been doing rounds?  I personally feel this is a fun challenge.. would you join me?

Considering a good five months have flown away, this is how I  have fared so far this year - Almost 50% there... not bad huh :-D
  1. More than 500 Pages: 
  2. Forgotten Classic:
  3. Became a Movie: Hitch: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Hitchhiker's Guide, #1)
  4. Published This Year:
  5. Number in the Title:  
  6. Written By Someone Under 30:  
  7. Non-Human Characters: Her Fearful Symmetry by
  8. Funny Book:  I've Got Your Number by
  9. Female Author:  The Girl You Left Behind by
  10. Book With Mystery: The Cuckoo's Calling by
  11. One-Word Title: Chef by
  12. Book of Short Stories:  
  13. Free Square: 
  14. Set on a Different Continent: Brick Lane by
  15. Book of Non-Fiction:  Bong Mom's Cookbook by
  16. 1st Book by Favorite Author:
  17. Book Heard about Online: The Guardian Angels by
  18. Best-Selling Book:
  19. Based on a True Story: I Am Malala by
  20. Bottom of TBR PIle:
  21. Book Your Friend Loves:  
  22. Book That Scares You: Kafka on the Shore by
  23. Book More Than 10 Years Old: Train to Pakistan by
  24. 2nd Book in a Series:
  25. Blue Cover:   


I just finished making my Chinnus favorite cham-cham**! Poor boy, he’s been moping since he came from that darned birthday-party.

I wonder why these ladies cannot understand boys will be boys - the only way Chinnu knows to show affection is by falling all over you! Those dirty brains were telling me that he was trying to pin down a little girl!! Only if they understood he was just was aping his favorite “Emraan Hashmi”** - @#%$$#$#!%$!^!&!(*

But today fifteen years later, I wish I knew then what I know now – maybe then Chinnu wouldn’t have turned into a porn-addict…. 

** Cham Cham - A Benagli Sweet
** Emraan Hashm - A Bollywood actor known for his "Kissing" scenes. "Serial Kisser" is what he is been nicknamed

PS: Cory Thank You for (not so gently) kicking out the writing-block :-D