The giant with a golden heart!

Now how how many of you have ever heard of somebody feeding rat... ok no rat - what abt a mouse?? U wringing ur nose at me n giving me a "what nonsense" look! Well well  dont blame me... I didnt do the honors!

But but just for a moment imagine this scene - A man - well a six-pack six-footer man, bending down n almost squeezing his head into the dutbin holding out a teeny-weeny biscuit patiently as a small mouse nibbles at it... Isnt it a awwwww moment :) N it doesnt stop there.... When I with all my loud-mouth almost shreik at the scene scaring the (poor!!!!!) mouse off our hero here decides to stuff all the nooks n corner of my desk(yea yea this scene is happening at ma workplace) with the biscuit so that the poor mouse doesnt starve!!!!!!!! (Now now am I to be blamed for not being able to work for a moment post that)!

Ha! But as I recollect it now hours later I cant help smiling,,,,, ever heard of a giant with a golden heart :)

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  1. made me smile. :)
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