Work Hard n Party Harder!

If theres been a title thts misleading its this!

No No dont snicker...  I swear former (WORK WORK WORK)  is all I been doing..... Soooooooob! N I swear theres no ma usual exxageration involved... My weekdays hv been a pain thnx to trying to shuffle too many roles at one go... Ooph!! Ha need prrof?? Look at the amount of time I been away from this place...

But thankfully the weekends hv been a breather...... One saw me making a quick detour to a sleepy town on outskirts of Blore while the other had ma little sis dropping in... Ha! Bliss!!!

My status on FB post weekend1 read "Stretches of Land ~~ Untouched by 'Development', Discarded Mines, Ruins of homes, Mountains with tiny villages n streams tucked in, Non-Descript temples on Hillocks ~~ What More can u ask to make a day?? Well How abt adding a dose of good Times with Gr8 friends, Yummm home cooked food, Meeting up simple folks who make ...u re-think priorities of Life ~~ Ha! A perfect sunday after ages :)" . Lemme do the pics do more talking here...

I love zipping on these expressway!

Do I need to say More??
Sleepiness is the landmark here! The Lone Homes...

The Non-Descript Temples
The Open Fields...
The Hillocks....

Even The Sky......

Ha tht was one amazing trip!!! A power-break from the daily grind! Loved every bit of it!!!!

N the status post last weekend said "When somebodys definition of a gr8 time is well.... spending hours n hours with u... nothing more - nothing less.... Then well u know to thank ur lucky stars :)."... Ha how the distance makes heart go fonder :)

N the reason I did this post even as the clock ticked past weekend is ~~ I so wanted to make it to the Weekend WrapUp's... I am hooked to it!!

Happy Marriages...

A invite I was flipping thru had these lines....

"It all started when i was just 6 yrs old :D ,yeahhh..... i proposed my angel when we were in 2nd class :) Getting my love and my first ever crush as my life partner is indeed a great achievement :) and i am happy, ecstatic , overjoyed for getting such a sweet heart and the best girl for my 25 year old eyes and heart has ever seen...... as my fiancee. Soon we are getting married and share the beautiful moments of our lives together."

Aaaaw isnt it! Pouring ur hear out for the entire world to see... Some may call it immature but I will say its being 'Blindly In Love'! 

Well thou I would hv liked to say nice-n-rosy things abt the couple... Well the truth is they arent any of ma best friends or come to think of it even a so-called-friend! She was my Friends's Sis.......

So why this invite here u say? Lemme confess I happened to chance on the invite during one of those lurking sessions on FB! bUT  Well this refreshing n straight-from-heart tugged ma silly heartstrings(God to know that they in place) so much that even thou its ages I hv read this, they kept looping in ma mind n soI decided this is a post that has to be recorded under 'Life-Is-Good' section!

So here is to happy marriages n happier couples :)

There's Giving someone space......

There's Giving someone space and then there's giVing them so much space they end up thinking u dont care....

A line so v true in each of our lives isnt it... Well I for one know its true in mine... Mr.Hubbs U listening :) How many of us in an attempt to not to breath-down have ended up doing the latter? Or possibly the problem is with our own definitions of what classifies under 'Care' N 'Dont-Care'.... A tricky question in itself!

Now Now b4 u start applauding ma words of wisdom... Lemme be ma modest self(Yea Rt!) and give credit where its due........ This line is a lift from ma most recent read .... 'The HornBeam Tree' by Susam lewis.... Now this one is no booker prize winner or a great literary read! But well it does justice to ma fav topic ~~ 'People N Relationships' ~~ So much like the original owner of this book :-D

Happies The Diwalis!!!

.... So would hv read a typical diwali greeting from ma hubbs :)

Here is a pictorial walk thru of mine... N just in case u dint know its ma space.. so u r supposed to be only oooh n aahing!  N C'mon its ma first attempt at something like this... so be a sport :)

Ma Drawing Room
Couldnt Decide which pic is betta :)
Supposed to be B&W version of above
Ma Fav Table!
May God SPread Light in your life in all directions!
Ma shoe Case :-D
Like Like?
Ma or rather ma-cousin-ma Niece Joint effort at our first ever hands-On Rangoli!

Liked it? Plz say yes :-D N am so looking fwd to seeing ur pretty pics.. Makes ma day like nothing else does!

Tagging this to getting-v.Addictive Color Deckor's Weekend Wrap up.... N thank U ... Ur blog is surely an inspiration to make ma home beautiful :)

The week thts Been!

Hmm been quite a week - atleast at the work front (translate to no personal time ~~ Hmpf!)

The gr8 news first ~~ Yeaa!! I cleared my examination!!!! Yippie Yippie Yip Yip!

The New facet Of Life News - Well if u remember the post, I went with the sexy mistress option :-P (Well shouldnt it read sexy mister ~~ Me straight U c .. Lol!) Well the option was kinda made simple for me bursting ma bubble..... The upper realm decide me no good for Option A... Yea I know its staid-n-Boring(Case of sour grapes... He He He)!

So here I am kick starting the new facet... Well a few hrs I hv spent there has already left me wondering what am I upto here! Me shit scared....  Yeah yeah sexy mister take a bow! Plzz wish me luck!!! I havent yet bid good-bye to ma wonderful team (v soon to be ex-team)... While it means a few more days of happy-faces (The new place seem to be full of serious morons!) it also translates to 10 hrs of work everyday for a month (Howl!)

N yeaaaa I hv ma little niece (hopefully ma sis too) visting me for the long weekend! Yippppeeee... Now I gotta get ma manager approve ma leave for tommo!

So incase I dont catch u guys b4 weekend here is wishing u a happy, colorful, Joyful Diwali!

PotLuck AaHo!

Does the pic look straight out from a Foodie blog! N no no no dont swoon I didnt cook up all of this!

This a part-collage from the pot luck we had @ work the other day.... Yummmmm isnt it! N this as I said is part of the big picture ~~ The best part ~~ The dessert I mean is missing! From pulao to Mattar-panner to Poori-Aloo to chicken to parthas to kuzhi paniyaram to rasgulla-jamun-payasam it was an amazing spread :)

Trust me nothing bonds people as much as food (N Booze :-P)!

Do I hear u saying whats my contribution here... right most pic in top row! N b4 u ask the question tht I know will know ~~ Yea the cooking story did follow the usual routine!

Hmpf! As I write this I realize if things go as planned on the career front I may v soon hv to bid good bye to this wonderful team... Well lemme not jump the gun n park the good bye post for now :)

N this is ma entry for Color Deckor's Weekend WrapUp!