The Coin....

As Monish stepped into the church yard, his eyes fell on the water fountain at the center. He had no idea how the memory came unbidden and he silently flipped a one pound coin into the fountain.

Ahh, those Sunday afternoons by the Hooghly river - as his 'gang' frolicked under the railway bridge, strategically poised to dive and collect the 25 and 50 paise coins that the train passengers dropped into the holy river as the express trains zoomed past. the very thought of those puchkas and kala khata golas that they relished later with the collected 'bounty' made his mouth water

So lost was Monish in these thoughts that he didn't  see the church cleaner walking up. The next moment a five dollar fine receipt was thrust in front of his face for vandalising the premises!

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Happiness is....

... seeing my little nephew have my husband wrapped tightly around his little fingers! The delight on hubbs face when that little fella slobbers all over his face is hilarious :-D. This from somebody who I haven't seen being v comfortable with infants :)

Tell me whats happiness for you?

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The Wonders Of Childhood!

Man on Stilts“People come from far-and-wide to see my father! You won’t believe how they queue up to take photos with him” boasted little Raju who was just back from Mumbai.

So what if his dad worked as the “Man-on-Stilts” at a neighborhood-mall, for Raju  he was nothing less than a super-man.

The wonders of childhood :)

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Book Review: Anne of Green Gables

I have been on a reading spree for few weeks now! Am glad I crossed my target of reading 40 books a year with a good 3 months still to go . Gawk at my goodreads reading challenge badge :-D

But if I were to pick one and only one book out of this lot to review, my choice would be "Anne of Green Gables"

A book about a lovely, impish, full-of-life orphan girl who embraces life to its fullest! As you flip through the pages, you'll unknowingly get drawn into the magic of looking at life through Anne's eyes! Trust me, you'll soon look at the hustling bustling streets that you view with disdain from your living room balcony, suddenly in a new light and the world will seem a better place to live in!

A simple, easy-to-read, light-hearted yet meaningful book this is! A definite reco ....

Have you read this book? Do you have any other recommendations for me?

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