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"As a token of my gratitude for mentioning me in ur's a gift" ~~ Sabina Zacharias
Thnx Sabi yet again!

An Engaging Affair....

I and my hubbs...ok ok lemme take the complete credit here ...are a sucker for celebrations!!! At the drop a hat I need a gift n a party....well our almost empty bank accounts speaks for itself!!

Hmmm so the latest excuse for a party was the 2nd anniv of our engagement...hee hee hee!!! As you'll agree this occasion befits a candle-lit dinner n a gift to make my day! Now the candle lit dinner is the easy part - after all my hubbs is partner-in-crime as far as eating out is concerned! But the 'gifting' part is where the twist comes........ buying or rather remembering to buy gifts just doesnt fit into my hubb's scheme of things!! So a week in advance he should be cajoled and reminded and given more than subtle hints to ensure tht I get my gift!!

Ha even before u start empathizing on the amount of work I gotta do, lemme tell you its just the start!! The entire day is spent in researching the 'chosen place' for dinner..... no mean task considering it should be done under the glaring eyes of my boss...Thank You Microsoft for the 'Alt' + 'Tab'! (For the computer illiterates, this shortcut is used to shift between windows)

After a thorough study the 'chosen one' for the night out was hotel 'Umerkot' .........'Umerkot' take a bow for this privilege :-p. N ho yeah yeah after the dinner I take a bow for a work well done.....Umerkot lives up to its name (This place deserves a post in all u foodies out there watch out this space!).
The only hiccup at Umerkot was that they had no provision for candle lit dinner....Not that I had noticed it...U C I was so engrossed with the food :-p. N then comes my fav dessert time......N this time a a 'Candle Lit' dessert!!!!!! N before u go bwondering what it is....lemme enlighten u!! Our desserts "Angoori Kufli" n "Rabdi" came with a candle in between!!! For a sec I thot the steward was acting funny........he had this goofy smile when I had ordered them n now he brings it along with a candle!!!! (BTW the service there is impeccable...always at your service but never intruding into your privacy.)
Ha only later did I know the real story! Ma ever resourceful hubbs had made up for the 'candle lit' dinner with a 'Candle Lit' dessert!! howwzzaaatttt?? N to imagine that he had arranged for all this beforehand including the dessert selection of "Angoori Kufli" n "Rabdi"....It was just a co-incidence that my picks were same.....n this also explains the goofy smile the steward had!! What makes this extra special is the fact that my hubbs is not this mushy mushy kinds n to imagine that he took the effort to arrange all this means a lot to me :)

N now coming to the other significant event of the day - the gifts!! Phew after all the hungama......I didnt pick up any for my hubbs :(. I swear I had made a sincere effort there but nothing matched my expectations :) My hubbs did better than that...He gifted me with these cute butterfly earings ...of course he missed all the subtle hints on the gift that I was expecting!!! Ha but no worries Valetines day isnt far away!! But the best of them all was this collage Sabi (No prizes for guessing who she is) had gifted......... Nice one hey!!!

PS: I did get my hubbs a turtle neck T-shirt a full week later. N another twist is tht the Satyam fiasco happened on this very day......all in all I am sure you all agree tht the 'Engagement Day' was indeed an engaging affair!!!!!

Ye blog sab(h)i padhe......

Last week was a long one...lots happening at the work place .........the Satyam Fiasco, the job insecurity, anxious calls from near n dear ones, the fast approaching project deadline, last minute confusions on whether to to go outstation, job hunt.....Ho yeah it was indeed a week with too much on the platter! So much so that by Friday evening all I was famished n all I to was grab something quick to eat n hit the sack!!

But surprise surprise.....the dinner menu had some yummy home made kerala fish curry, fish fry n 'morr curry' (roughly translated to curd Curry)...all my favourites!! N hey wait the surprise doesn't end here...after this I was treated to a bottle of 'Canberry' fav flavour!!! N ho now with a full stomach a light hangover(ho yeah even a glass of wine gives me a kick......) all I had to do was hit the bed!! But hey my royal treatment doesn't end so soon..... Am treated to a bed time story of 'Rumpeltilskin' n a 'lori' of 'Stopping by woods on a snowy evening ~~ Robert Frost' (The lori singer seems a big a English literate lover hey!'')!!! Pure heaven I tell you.....

Ha I know many of u would be having your 'J' cells ...after all how many of u at the ripe age of 26 have the luxury of being lulled to sleep after a tiring week!! BTW Wondering who this archangel is??? Ladies and gentleman lemme take the privilege of Introducing to you my best friend, my nanny(:-p), the best cook ever..........please put your hands together for "Sabina Zacharias" ...Yeah yeah the 'better Half' of Sabi-Binoy who once again- as usual pop into my blogs!!)

Sabi dedicating this to you!! Thank u for being what u r...sweet, stupidly generous 'n' unselfish, caring n all the other blah blah blah! Ho yeah one of the best to have happened last must be getting to know you!! Ok now enuf of all the senti stuuf........Sabi go n amke sense of the title courtesy Pravin :) n stop picking up the grammatical mistakes int his post!! I am no EFL student of urs........

PS: This weekend again saw a repeat performance of this show!!!!

The Satyam Spirit....Proud to be a Satyamite!!

Ho yeah am employed with the now (in)famous satyam Computers. But no this blog isn't to discuss abt the Satyam fiasco.....Will leave that to media! Thou I think its time somebody pulls up media for painting what is at times a completely wrong picture....

Wondering whats left in Satyam to be still proud of it?well am still proud of being a proud of the Satyam spirit!!The spirit that is holding the employees together! Do not go by what media says...yeah most of us have a fear of insecurity in us but the most overwhelming of the feelings is the spirit of unity...The spirit among employees to still hold the Satyam flag high!! Trust me when I say that there are guys who are busy working day in day out on their projects and haven't even thot of posting their resumes yet! N no we do not keep hanging around the pantry and discussing the exit options as media wants you to believe!
Think this emotional attachment to a company is foolish?? Well our loyalty is not to a individual but to a company....cause we believe Satyam is bigger than any individual! N as to what Mr.Raju did, I agree it was unfortunate but please do not forget that he had provided livelihood to more than 50 k families including me and I personally believe he did try his best to pull out the company from this crisis but a few wrong calculations landed him and all of us in this soup!! No, I am not trying to defend him...but yeah my heart goes out to him!!!

One of my colleagues Hemanth ( ) in a email to me says "I agree he did a mistake bt we have survive the company ....its our own company nt Raju family's.... I cnt even think of some one splitting this org in to parts and distribute.... I am still providing 24/7 support to the project.... Just sleeping 3-4 hrs since last two days cause any small slippage at this point would be attributed to this fiasco.......i am ready to wrk without salry bt at onsite i will ask thm to give half sal becoz we cant survive here without money."

N no Hemanth is not a one off case....The turn out of Satyamites for the 'Spirit of Satyam' Campaign two days after the fiasco talks in itself!!! Ho yeah its this spirits among Satyamites that makes me say "Proud to be a Satyamite"!!!!

Bye Bye 2008....Hey 2009!!

Bidding bye bye to 2008 and leaving u all with a collage of 2008!!! 2009, Here we come!!!
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