Wheres ur spine?.

Did you read this article on TOI - Bangalore edition? This was the culmination(or is it the beginning) of the Spine poetry group I spoke of here.....

A weekend thts full of books, food, Friends ought to be fun! But wht took the enjoyment to all together another level(for me) was this event saw so many people living their dreams(or atleast getting a step closer) ......

From a friend who went a step closer in realizing her dream of owning a book-shop someday (Volunteering for the event involved arranging n re-arranging the books) - The sigh of satisfaction on her face was priceless!

.....To a friend who took the first concrete step in setting up her own baking business one day - all the oohs n aahs the cakes-cutlets enthused is all the encouragement she needed(or so I think :-))

....To hubs, who gets a kick out of feeding people n having them relish it!

....To husbands who surprisingly rallied around to understand their wife's aspirations

N most of all to dearest Sabs who almost single-handedly conceptualized n implemented this entire event!!! N i truly hope that this event is jus the first of many she will go onto do in future...

Maybe my spine lies not in these poems, not in this job - but maybe in these people n books who see you thru this messy business of life :-)

PS: I hv been trying to write this post now for a few days with no Luck! It was sabs who once again came to my rescue with her idea of bringing in the "friends n dreams" angle to this post :-)

Story of a Bud.....

... is the story of Tomorrow,
The story yet to be told,
the story thts yet to be scripted....

......will the bud bloom into a beautiful flower spreading the joy of beauty all around or will the bud jus shrivel n fall off before it even blossoms??

Only time will tell.....

The first of the series(hopefully!) where I intend to post one random click(usually by hubbs)!

Valentine day.....

.... Should be symbolic of the true loves of our life! Now who says that its only ur "Special somebody" who can be the "Love of your life". It could be anybody from your niece to your pet dog to your best friend rt.....

So imagine the high that hubbs is in on this special day for he is been gifted with what can only be called as one of his many "true loves in life" -  by his SIL on the valentines day eve!

So without any further ado let me introduce this "special something" that has hubbs positively glowing ..... A pair of "pluggers" :-D (Jus a fancy term for funky sandals - the kind that you would wear on beach)

All of u allowed to roll ur eyes at this juncture for how can  a pair of sandals can give a man in his 30s a high(beats me too!)! But  plz remember its ma hubbs we talking of who is truly in love with his shoes-sandals n the fact that there is a ongoing curfew at our house on buying more shoes-sandals. The curfew is simply cause he already has 30+ pairs of shoes-sandals(!!!!).

Here is a pic frohttp://capturedalive.wordpress.com/m his blog, to commentate this day.......

PS: This post originated post a conversation on FB with Mridula

Magic of 'Books'!

'Chocolat' is a book I recently finished - yea the book behind the famous 'Chocolat' movie. I picked this with dreams of getting lost in a world of chocolates,  but errr I dint half enjoy it as much as I expected to!

A point that has to be mentioned at this juncture is that I read this book on Kindle - I now wonder if the experience of reading books of this genre would have been exalted if it was read on a "book" instead of Kindle! U c there's something abt the book cover, of the yellowed pages, of the smell - that tends to let u get lost into the plot of the book. I can almost image sighing in pleasure as I turn a page that describes the endless flavors of chocs dished out by the main character of 'Chocolat'!

A case in point - Look at this bookcover. Aint there something abt this pic that conjures up images of a house in a European countryside, of wine in all its flavours, of a kitchen filled with sooth, of a simple life,........  the pleasures of imagination that seems to elude me whn i read a e-copy of anything... wonder why!

BTW the older the books, more the magic it seems to weave!

No wonder my latest hangout seems to be the famous Blossom book store(The haven for second hand books in B'lore)! Imagine getting lost in rows n rows n rows of endless rows of books :-D


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Book Review: Toto Chan - The Little Girl at the Window

In school, White Uniform was synonymous with sports. Come every sat each of us would come attired in immaculate white and the day would kick off with a  round of "exercises".

Pic courtesy Wiki!
Come to think of it thou - playing any "Sport" will involve certain amount of getting your hands dirty(literally!). So err - aint white the most illogical choice of color simply cause it gets dirty easily! Wouldn't Khaki or maybe a uniform made of "jeans" be a more appropriate choice? Makes sense rt

This let me acknowledge is no brainwave of mine - this was a principle adopted by a school in Japan somewhere as early as 1940s. The children in the school were encouraged to come in NOT-Sunday-bests to school cause the principal believed that the last thing a child should worry about is getting their clothes dirty as they go about the business of learning - playing! This is jus one small snippet in the book "Toto Chan - The Little Girl at the Window" - A book compiled by a student passed out from this school.

It makes a v interesting read - A book I v firmly believe should be read by every teacher, every parent...

PS:  if I hapen to read a book this year based on jus your reco and I happen to LOVE it - then u entitled for gift of some kind from yours truly! This one was again a reco by sabs- N she definitely got gifted for this :). So go on recommend a book that you think I will enjoy 

Book Review: The White Tiger.

"White Tiger" by Arvind Adiga  is been on bestseller list for sometime now ~~ so yea hv oft head of it but never happ to pick it up. But when Sabs dropped a copy at home the other day, I decided to gve it a shot.

The book is abt a driver turned murderer turned a enterprising business man. The man starts his life from one of the many "darkest"(in all senses) villages in India where his enthusiasm to study is nipped in the bud and his chances to succeed in life are next to nil! But thanks to some street-smartness n luck, he ends up in Delhi as a driver. Soon poverty, "city-life" converts this simpleton of a man to to a murderer and then a business man.

Now thou I hv spent almost all my life in India, the socio - economic in Indian villages was truly a shocker to me.

The story in itself doe snot have too many twists and turns.The beauty of the book lies in its detailing ~~ But errr the painful detail with which certain scenes were described literally made me feel like puking(Imagine a whole two-three lines describing the car owners farting habits  - yikes!).

There are people I know who have loved it but nee not yours truly!

Hotel Genres!

Jus like there is a 'Genre' that you love in fashion, in books, in food, holidays - there ought to be a genre that you love in hotels!

After a few trips, I realize my genre isnt "hotels" - Am more of a "Homestay" kinda person! A small cosy quaint homestay tucked in lap of nature - maybe its the "personalized" attention, maybe its the crowd that typically frequent these places, maybe its the promise of a future u could hv for yourself :-)

Definetely in Lap of Nature!

My Fav dining seating. Nothing like putting ur feet up after a long day of site-seeing!

Did u like them? Tell me whats ur Fav hol genre??