Weekend Wrap up!

Now Now how many of u even realized tht I was away from this space :(

Yeaaaaaaaaaaa I was away on a HOLIDAY :-D!

Now to write abt it in a single post will do no justice to it... So as i threaten to encompass this space with posts n posts on ma holiday... This one is just a 'hello there' post to say mee back :-D

Heres a quick glance of one of the many pics that marked this hol!

From Mountains to............

Beaches to......

Forests to.....  
River Rafting!
Ma Fav Nook!
Did I wet ur appetite :-D Ha the main course will follow sooon...... LOL!

So the reason for this hide-n-seek post?? Well other than the Hi-Hello routine - This week is the the last weekend wrapup of the year - Ha this one seems to be soon turning out to be ma favourtest feature in blog world (grin grin)... So I cant afford to miss it, Can I??

Heres wishing all u ColorDeckor readers a v happy Merry X-Mas n a gr8 year Ahead!

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  1. If the appetisers can do this to me, wonder what the maincourse would :( :(