When we met Jeffery archer ....

... It was a laugh riot. Indeed he is the grand old man of fiction. You could read abt it Here.
While all he said n did that day is captured in the article, what impressed me most is that he is so down to earth despite all the fame ! How many Indian writers of current gen can claim to be that
He had the audience - from a grumpy teenager to a a grandmother - lapping up his words. The pic should do more talking ....
BTW can u find me n hubbs in the pic ;)
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Pic as published in Hindu!


.. is what my "mood" emoticon should read :-). But err can u blame me when my resident-chef is on a cooking spree... Hv a decko on what was on menu over last few days......

A  cheesy frittata with the works for the appetizer?

A Beef steak medium well-done with pepper sauce and Mashed potatoes!

A Tiramisu experiment with mascapone cheese, Kahlua, Coffee powder and dark Chocolate!

 Pics n ofcourse all the cooking is courtesy Hubbs :-D

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All I want is....

.......A day where am contended to be in today, without wondering what tomorrow will bring, Without worrying about the time ticking by....

Pic courtesy Hubs!
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Women in my Life......

Pic Courtesy Hubs!
I know the pic is cheesy, but ain't this pic so representative of women! Each of us different ~~ physically, emotionally, mentally - but each a beauty, each brings a diff color to our life n together they are the strength that holds together many lives, many families :-).

Here is wishing all women I know(even the tweeny-weeny ones too) ~~ In real life to virtually(yea u!) ~~ a happy women's day! Many a smiles, many a tears, many a gossip thts been shared over the years- months. Each of you have been a inspiration, a strength to me ~~ Thank you for being there!

Today also happens to be the day I enter the tenth year of my career... A career that thou ain't exactly going "great guns" am pretty happy with! Will this day be the beacon of all other good times in my life... Only time will tell!

Needed, Needed!!

Needed, Needed - A child under 7 for an hour everyday for 10 days! Simply cause I hv been re-reading "Charlie n Chocolate Factory" n now hv an irresistible urge to act it out :-D Imagine how much it should appeal to a child if a very-much-sensible 30 years old can get this excited!

I started off with "English Patient" n ended up reading this one! Says something abt my reading tastes huh!!

Picture of the week....

pic courtesy Hubbs!
.... A sparrow! Recently somebody told me that they are on verge of extinction (at least in cities) n to think tht there were so many milling around the colony I used to live in as a child!! I hope a day doesnt come when I will hv to look out for them in Zoo parks :-/

We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.

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