Matthew Reilly - My new Fav author!

My new fav author.....Matthew Reilly!

My hubbs has this big n ever growing collection of books of every kind...Comics, Fiction, Philosphy! Thou not all of them are my kinds I owe Harry Potter n now Mathew Railley to him....

In the first glance his novels appears like one of those fast racing mindless thrillers which are just not my cup of tea!! But after reading a few pages u realize that each of novel is a well researched work with a proper mix of action n emotion!

The first book of this that I read is "Contest" which also happens to be the first bok that he wrote! This book revolves around a simple man pitted against all poweful extra terresial creatures!! Sounds like one of those boring science fictions...huh?? But the book is anything but that...It captures beautifully the essence of human goodness, love n the father-daughter relationship (without being too melodramatic about it)!! The other books of his "Seven Ancient Wonders", "Six Sacred Stones", "Temple" have a complete different story line.....they all revolve around ancient civilizations, their hidden tresures and the big treasure hunt between good n evil to capture them! But what makes this different from other adventure novels is the perfect balance between emotion n action which seamlessly blend along!! The attention to small details, narration style n the reasearch that should have been put to write each of these novels is mind blowing!

N ofcourse after looking up his pic on google I have fallen head over heels (for his novels) and would surely recommend that you grab one soon!! Trust me they are real page turners!

Happy reading....