Is there really a place called "Timbuktu"?

This Q hit me first a few years back back when I was the v v v excited just-engaged n soon-to-bride! N as with any other girl, the thot creating havoc in ma life was ma Honey-Moon destination :-P! Jaipur is hot, Kerala is home town n so no fun ..... u get the flow rt???

So the exasperated hubbs comes up with what I then thot was a very Exotic Place "Timbaktu"... Yea Yea U can do a ROFL at ma knowledge of English! Well the bubble burst the very next day  two wen a well-meaning cousin decided to enlighten me.... N grrrrrrrrr I went with ma Then-Fiance Now Hubs Only to have him laugh it off in full glory!

But But as they say "Every Dog Has its Day" n so over the weekend as we were driving down from blore to hyd.... Guess the name of a tiny village tht we hit upon almost on andhra -Karnataka Border! Ye Yes U guessed it - "Timbaktu"! Dont believe me? Hop on here or still better look at these Pics

The signboard to Timbaktu!

The collective spoken of in the link above

Ha! One occasion where I had the last laugh :-D

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