Highway On My Plate!

is what I was watching on "NDTV Good Times".

Ha realized that the foodie I am N the regularity with which I hit the highways (The Credit goes to the driving freaks of a hubbs that I hv!) its a surprise this space hardly featured any of these yum yum food centers that dot our highways.......

From the kutti tea stalls bang in the middle of nowhere.... Sipping tea from those glasses even as the rain is pouring down has a v distinctive charm of its own!

Ever sampled a 'Omlette', 'dosa-Chutney', 'Mutta-dosai' n washed it all down with a cup of hot coffee on a way side shack! I did on ma way back to B'lore from Kerala... N trust me they can give darshinis run for money anytime of the day!

N the fav of all... The dhabas! Yum yum dhababs :). Yum yum to the eyes tooo... seen those bright colors tht they always decked up in! From the ones modelled after your regular darshinis to the 'Garden Dhabas' where in each group is assigned a separate 'hut' (you get the kind am talking of?) to my fav ones - where in for the seating you hv the 'Katiyas' (C the pic)!

N ma food recommendation :-D. The You-will-never-go-wrong 'Dal-Roti' n possibly a tandoori chicken n wash it down with a lassi.... Thou I would suggest that the driver skips the 'Lassi' part .... well we dont want the driver to doze off on the road... do we? But having said that I had tasted the best ever 'Prawn' dry roast in a dhaba on the outskirts of goa... yum it was!!

So until the next time I hit a highway ... If all goes well it should be next week...A road trip from B'lore to hyd... yipppeeeee!!! Well my dear Mgr, plz approve ma leave :)

PS: Dint hv the paience... so all pics are courtesy google!

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