There's Giving someone space......

There's Giving someone space and then there's giVing them so much space they end up thinking u dont care....

A line so v true in each of our lives isnt it... Well I for one know its true in mine... Mr.Hubbs U listening :) How many of us in an attempt to not to breath-down have ended up doing the latter? Or possibly the problem is with our own definitions of what classifies under 'Care' N 'Dont-Care'.... A tricky question in itself!

Now Now b4 u start applauding ma words of wisdom... Lemme be ma modest self(Yea Rt!) and give credit where its due........ This line is a lift from ma most recent read .... 'The HornBeam Tree' by Susam lewis.... Now this one is no booker prize winner or a great literary read! But well it does justice to ma fav topic ~~ 'People N Relationships' ~~ So much like the original owner of this book :-D


  1. I lovvved the book cover too :)
    Thanks for letting me know abt this one :)

  2. Na babes as I said not a book to write home abt... But 4 sure a nice easy breezy read :)