Graham Bell never Invented Telephone!!!

Yosh! U heard it right..

Go look up these links to see what they say ~~ Here n here! Some news that huh.. Had ma jaw literally dropping when I heard this......

What led me into this google search in middle of weekday is a conversation that brewed over lunch @ work. Here's to some great conversations over umpteen lunch n tea breaks... One of the things that makes office bearable :-D

Lifes Surprises!

I had always thot that I inherited the love of reading from my dad, seeing him devour books as we grew up! Possibly am right, but things over last few weeks makes me wonder ~~ is it jus from my dad that I inherited this love for books???

Today my mom~~ who is ridden off quite a few of her responsibilities(read marrying off her daughters) in life has at-last some 'Me Time'. N surprise, surprise!! She seems to be devouring books(Thou they all are these spiritual books!) at a pace that surprises me. Her excitement when she lays her hands on the latest edition of her fav book is as palpable as a 7 year old when he gets hold of his fav comics book....

N not jus books, she is suddenly this kool-mom who seems to be enjoy looking up cook-books and now has her definite list of 'To-see' programs in TV. Now if you are somebody who knows my mom, you will know that she was somebody who believed in cooking-for-survival(at least once we grew up!) and who thot that TVs are meant for jobless people in the world!!!!!!!

Life can still surprise you huh!

Wood Fired Pizzas!

Wood Fired Pizza @ Bier Club, B'lore

One item that I see flying off the shelf at quite a few lounges is the "Wood fired Pizza". Yea, we hv had it too .... N if u ask me it definitely tastes betta than ur regular pizza.  Of course goes without saying that you pay a premium for it cause well they are "wood roasted"!

But come to think of it, isnt it how the food was always cooked at least until a few years back in villages across India! Heres a click, clicked at a roadside eatery somewhere on the Kerala-B'lore Highway... "Wood Fired Dosa" anybody :-D

Funny huh, that we end up paying "premium" for what was(is) still jus a regular way of life! Signs of changing times??

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Wish You well...

Of course we do, always do!
Pic Courtesy - Google!
But that’s beyond the point. This post is abt the book "Wish You well" courtesy David Baldacii ~~ Yea the same old suspense thriller junkie. This book is unlike any of his other usual suspects ~~you see, I definitely enjoy these suspense thrillers but they just dont figure in my collectibles list.

It’s the story of two children ~~ a litt girl who hero-workships her writer-father and her warm but cowardly little brother ~~ who one fine day are packed off to live with their great grandmother in a remote mountainous area far far away from the civilization after they lose their father to a accident and mother is now in coma. There is no big plot in the book so to speak ~~ its beauty lies in its tantalizing description of the rigorous life in mountains (which u will strangely fall in love with!), of simple people who live their life to fullest, of the inherent beauty in the relationships that the litt girl in the book traverses thru(from making peace with her mother, to finding her best friends) ! Most importantly the book leaves you with a warmth that makes you want to embrace life all over again!

A definite collectible if you ask me!

Did you know that "Amazon"...

Literally means "(Women) Without Breast"! Yeap u read tht right.. N supposedly the reason behind is that cutting off the right breast (or left depending on if u r a right\left hander)  helps the woman position the "bow"(As in Bow and arrow) better which makes her a betta "Archer". Remember we talking of Amazon tribe here who are well known warriors!

Now before the feminist in yous starts crying "fowl", lemme add that there has been no indication that this practise was eva followed ~~ neither in any text nor in any paintings of that era! Must be a legend. There is also another theory that the word "Amazon" is in itself a play of words which must have been used to indicate a woman "(Not) without breast" ~~ in effect a large busted women(which is more in keeping with their large physical stature)

I came across the above snippet in the "Millennium" series by late Stieg Larsson . This was one book, I had heard rave reviews abt it. Refused to pick it up even when ma hubbs when gaga abt it.. for no particular reason I thot the plot revolved around vampires(you can roll your eyes). But when ma hubbs loaded all his fav books into Kindle(n none of my fav figured in there) this book seemed the safest best! Yes it does get a "Thumbs Up" from me ~~~ Each character has been beautifully sketched n the plot is gripping(at least for a fiction-only reader ala me)! Jus wish the author hadn't bid good bye to his worldly sojourn so soon!

Via. Google

Nothing Makes ur Day....

... Like being able to fit perfectly into a dress that has been lying discarded for months now as you were unable to squeeze yourself in :-D


PS: But the needle in the weighing machine still seems to be moving in clock-wise direction...  Something definitely wrong with it I say :)

Unusual Friendships!

No, no don get the heading wrong!

Our typical weekend night(or even a odd weekday ala yest) would for sure include catching up with frnds over some pot-luck lunch\inner, downing a couple of drinks n loads of conversation with typically the same set of frnds! Now now the 'special' friendship that deserves a mention here is the one that ma hubb shares with his partner-in-crime on these nights ~~ They are more often than not seen exchanging cooking notes, rustling up some yum foods together, pouring each other endless glasses of the-drink-of-the-day and then either going all philosophical n quipping some lines from English literature!

A pic of the spkl-frnds from the archive!

Sounds fun for sure rt? Now lemme add in the twist here ~~ His 'Hang-out-Partner' is a 'Am ONLY 70 years young' young-at-heart gentleman. Jus to put things in perspective, this makes the gentleman a couple of years ne make it decades older than the hubbs.

What also deserves mention here, is the rigour with which this gentleman ensures that a portion anything 'special' thats cooked in his kitchen is kept apart for hubbs!  Jus so tht u drool a litt more - Pork n fish pickle are his speciality.... yummmmmmmm!

No you tell me, if this doesn't qualify for 'Unusual Friendships' than what does!

As the dear gentleman wishes to remain anonymous, all I wil say is he has made a entry int his space before ~~ hop in to this post. Yes yes, he is my frnd Sabs dad ~~ Like Father, Like daughter!

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