.. is the act of collecting Biere Mats! N yea I start my act of 'Tegestology' with this very Biere Mat!

This pic is clicked @ Biere Club, Bangalore which happens to be one of the first places in Blore to brew their own beer.

In pic here you see a array of diff flavours of beer brewed here! N yea this place does get a Thumbs Up from ma hubbs who is indeed a connoisseur of all good things :)

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A bottle of Ittar! Imge courtesy Google

One thing I abs luv abt monsoons is the smell tht emantes outa earth when its first hit by rain! Now do you know that there is a ittar(perfume in urdu) thats sold in bylanes of Charminar(n even in Delhi am told) that captures this smell.. Its Christened 'Mitti'(which means mud in Hindi). But makes me wonder if peop would want to walk around smelling like a wet earth :-D  ... should ask ma hubbs abt this, he is one of those who always has this ittar bottle in his dressing room!

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R is for Resourceful!

N this pic is the epitome of it.... Lemme explain

The steel vessel u c in the pic, is the one that we use to draw water out from our matka. Well it so happened that one fine day the long handle went kaput n I was **this** close to discarding it(my policy of collecting zero junk u c). Thats when my frnd(Sabs) father set his eyes on it n then lo-n-behold ....

The old handle was discarded, a hollow bamboo shoot was then inserted into the nook and then fully cello-taped to hold it all in its place! But not happy with its "Cosmetic' value, disappears into his house and comes out with that black button u c at the end(in case u interested to know what it is ~~ Its the end of one of sabs hair clips..lol)

So there my almost-thrown-away vessel gets a new lease of life and is now drawing out glasses n glasses of water everyday :-D

If this aint resourceful then what is!

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Q is for Quarell!

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N jus so tht its recorded here, 9th May Twenty-Twelve is a "Red Letter" day in my life.. Details to folow......

The Bday Dhamaka!

Haaa am announcing it a wee bit late... But I happened to celebrate my 3 decades on earth a good days back(Don even get me started on how old I feel.. A post on it later).

Now what was spl abt this bday was the day in itself..... I don hv my bday date on FB. So that meant almost no-action on the 'Social Media' but what that does translate to is that the people who took the effort to remember the day are the ones who mean something to me (another way of saying that my real close ones can well be counted on the fingers... doesnt sound impressive huh). Bottles of Champagne n beer, Yummy cake, 'Communal-cooking'(Loads of cooking), Pot luck is what the day was~~ Nothing fancy abt them  but the keyword of the day I guess was "Warm"!

Jus before u think that I hv turned all wise n philosophical as I turn 30, Lemme break the bubble n admit that a part of me was still looking for the 'birthday Gift(s)' (Time I grew up huh :-D). Looking back, I guess it was one b'day where each gift I received was picked up so thoughtfully(Not jus-yet-another-random-gift). Lemme proudly announce what all I was bestowed with on the D-Day:

  • Goggles with power lens(courtesy hubbs) - My constant grouse abt wearing specs is that I cant sport a goggles over it which made me 'V.Uncool' (you can roll ur eyes) n so this gift! Now before u can pat ma hubbs, I got this(good 2 day later) post clear-instructrions given a month back to him (So much for being Mr.Thotful!)
  • Ma ever thotful sis roams around in the hot harsh sun trying to get me the 'Perfect Gift'(and getting horribly tanned in the process) and 'Perfect Gift' she did find! A swanky new mobile ~~ My old one was almost in pieces you see!
  • The 'Tongue-In-cheek' BIL(Soon-to-be) gets me a big huge ripe Jack fruit(yea u read it rt) cause thts ma fav fruit! But the sweetest SIL taht I am, I made him cut it open and remove it slice-by-slice :-D(If u eva cut a jack fruit, you will know what am talking of!)
  • The eva-resourceful sabs picks up this beauty of a dress for me in 'Happy Colors' jus cause thts so me :)
Now lemme admit, all these peop mentioned above would hv anyways been(:-P) in the 'Default Gifting List',  but the one that was really a pleasant surp was a 'kindle' that a frnd sent me all the way from abroad jus cause he knows I enjoy reading(Speak of Thotful peop!)

N ho yea there are few more peop who figure in the 'default Gifting' list but hvnt shown up yet.. But yea don yea worry, Am open to 'B'day gifts' for a few more days :-D

Before I sign off, You can look at the yum yum yum 'mocha Cake'

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