Why the Caged Bird Sings...

"We are privileged to have the great danseuse Sarka Bai in our midst today. Even today at the grand old age of eighty, she is relentlessly training the younger generation in the dance form of Kathak. Indeed her “Kathak For You" program has demystified this complex dance form for common people like you and me”. As the entire podium full of my students and friends rose up to give me a standing ovation, I felt a wave of sadness course through me.

The next day during a session of “Kathak for you” at my studio, I couldn’t help the same sadness coursing through me - These students just didn’t understand even the basic nuances of dance. I couldn’t help flinching - Until few years my students were world class danseuse and today…….

But with a bed ridden husband and an alcoholic son I now know “Why the Caged Bird Sings”

This piece of fiction(Inspired by a friend's life) is in response to WT prompt of  "Choose your favorite Maya Angelou quote on writing. Use it as your prompt to write a post.".

"Why The Caged Bird Sings" is Maya Angelous's autobiography about her early years. This is been on "To Read" list for sometime now.......

Bingo Reading Challenge

Have you seen this Reading Bingo Challenge that's been doing rounds?  I personally feel this is a fun challenge.. would you join me?

Considering a good five months have flown away, this is how I  have fared so far this year - Almost 50% there... not bad huh :-D
  1. More than 500 Pages: 
  2. Forgotten Classic:
  3. Became a Movie: Hitch: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Hitchhiker's Guide, #1)
  4. Published This Year:
  5. Number in the Title:  
  6. Written By Someone Under 30:  
  7. Non-Human Characters: Her Fearful Symmetry by
  8. Funny Book:  I've Got Your Number by
  9. Female Author:  The Girl You Left Behind by
  10. Book With Mystery: The Cuckoo's Calling by
  11. One-Word Title: Chef by
  12. Book of Short Stories:  
  13. Free Square: 
  14. Set on a Different Continent: Brick Lane by
  15. Book of Non-Fiction:  Bong Mom's Cookbook by
  16. 1st Book by Favorite Author:
  17. Book Heard about Online: The Guardian Angels by
  18. Best-Selling Book:
  19. Based on a True Story: I Am Malala by
  20. Bottom of TBR PIle:
  21. Book Your Friend Loves:  
  22. Book That Scares You: Kafka on the Shore by
  23. Book More Than 10 Years Old: Train to Pakistan by
  24. 2nd Book in a Series:
  25. Blue Cover:   


I just finished making my Chinnus favorite cham-cham**! Poor boy, he’s been moping since he came from that darned birthday-party.

I wonder why these ladies cannot understand boys will be boys - the only way Chinnu knows to show affection is by falling all over you! Those dirty brains were telling me that he was trying to pin down a little girl!! Only if they understood he was just was aping his favorite “Emraan Hashmi”** - @#%$$#$#!%$!^!&!(*

But today fifteen years later, I wish I knew then what I know now – maybe then Chinnu wouldn’t have turned into a porn-addict…. 

** Cham Cham - A Benagli Sweet
** Emraan Hashm - A Bollywood actor known for his "Kissing" scenes. "Serial Kisser" is what he is been nicknamed

PS: Cory Thank You for (not so gently) kicking out the writing-block :-D

Zenith of Happiness..

... For any book-lover would be a birthday bounty that looks something like this :-D. It doesn't surprise me anymore that half of these came from my blogger friends :)

Off late, the books I have been reading were failing to get me hooked! None of them transported me wholly into the land of Punjab or London where the books were set!

So I was glad, when I landed upon "More Than Just Biryani" - it took me on a delightful journey to Muslim kitchens (comparatively unknown for me) set in vellore, Bangalore and then Hong Kong! The book revolved around food and is full of lovely anecdotes!The story of a husband besotted by his wife's Shammi Kabab, to a new bride being accepted heartfully by her in-laws family only after she is able to dish out the delectous doodhi halwa, stories of how the matriarch doesn't share her secret ingredient(Glucose biscuit) which makes the most perfect 'Ande Ka Halwa', to how flipping rotis is the first step a young widow takes as she limps back to normal life, to the story of the protagonist for whom food is the only she knows to express her love and how the humble 'Biryani' opens up an all world of opportunities for her!

"More Than Just Biryani" is a book I finished in straight four hours and thoroughly enjoyed! The story crept in so much into my heart that I dreamt of it yesterday night and now I know I'll have to treat myself to a biryani Soon :-D. Its a book I will recommend to every food lover!

Thank You Mr.Museum piece, for taking the effort to read thru tons of reviews and zeroing on this book for me! I am indeed delighted :)

Linking this to AtoZ challenge - Z  is for Zenith Of Happiness :).

An Yummilicious Birthday :)

The one word that describes this Birthday must be - "Yummilicious"! From having my first taste of a custard cake to trying out Japanese cuisine  - we indeed had a gala time!

The custard fresh fruit  cake, came from a bakery next door, who went out of their way to accommodate a cake that was not even on their menu! Of course the choice of cake was spelled out clearly to 'Chocoholic' Pheno:-D

Dinner that day was a Japanese affair - another first! While I obviously cannot vouch for its authenticity, I absolutely enjoyed the experience @ Teppan. Pheno has reviewed it in details here. My abs fav were the Tuna Salad and Sushi- Indeed I have waited for a long time to taste them and they truly dint disappoint me :)

Japanese Cuisine is synonymous with Sushi for me!
For True Fish Lovers - The Tuna salad must be mana!

Linking this to Linking this to AtoZ challenge - Y  is for Yummilicious :). Another post coming up soon on best part abt birthday - gifts, what else :-D