Eight Fears!

Yikes! Not something I look forward to writing... Anyways here we go:

  1. Of Losing near n dear ones to death! Tht for sure is the biggest of my biggest fears ~~ So the moment somebody seems off my radar, my brain does a Topsy turvy n will jump to the worst conclusions! Sheesh!
  2. Of staying put alone! Mornings I manage with no sweat, but come night I will manage to hear all strange noises n sounds, see shadows lurking... Basically all the horror movie works!
  3. Of Losing control! This I think is the reason why I don enjoy\am scared of the roller coaster rides, of swimming...
  4. While am not scared of heights, actions like jumping(eve if its a dismissal 5ft) or climbing up\down a uneven surface can make me n people around go bonkers!
  5. Of numbers, finance, tax... Esp the last one! N so extends to excel, macro, spreadsheets....
  6. Of Gynecs :-/ All the poking they do gives me creeps!
  7. Of goofing up at work but mind you not of failures ! Na na doesn in anyway translate to perfection.. Am so v blissfully far from it!
  8. Of creepy creatures - Which literally translates to rats\snakes and well not-so-literally to humans!

Ha! This wasnt as bad as I was presuming it to be!

Nine Loves.....

'Nine Luves' courtesy The 10 day challenge tag! So here goes the list in no specific order......

  1. 'My Love, My Life' ~~ Kitsch thou it sounds, will let hubbs top the list
  2. 'Its All About Loving Ur Family' ~~ True aint it! Love them or hate them ~~ U know its somebody u will turn to at the end of the day! 
  3. My 'Soul-Sisters' ~~ Makes my life complete by holding it all together! Not taking the names here - thou they been written on-n-ff in ma blog - for well they know who they are! 
  4. Books! For the most simple n intoxicating world of imagination tht it lets u into!
  5. The lure of Travel, of vacations to 'roads'(to be read as places) less taken! Ha the pleasure of a hol well spent....
  6. Writing ~~ I know I don rock at it! But a well written article gives me a high!
  7. Food! Period. No explanation needed.
  8. Kids! The innocence and the open heartedness with which they can love u, the ease with which they can get the most cold hearted people to warm up, the charm with which they creep into ur lives n bring a smile at the end of the most damned day!
  9. Me :-D. But obvious aint it! 
So for eight fears tomo.. :-/ Not something I look fwd to!

10 Day You Challenge | Ten Secrets

This is a tag tht I saw here....

Recently more than one friend happened to comment on the fact that my blog rate has slowed down(Now what followed it was a sigh of loss or relief :-/)  n so heres jus for their benefit(:-D) 10 days of non stop commentary!

Day 1 ~~ 10 secrets! Hmm letta c what I can conjure up.. Here I go...

  1. I can hv the most sadist\inappropriate thots that can barge in with no notice and lurk around for sometime!
  2. "Looking beyond Peoples imperfection and accepting them for what they are" - A principle that many of us subconsciously follow at least as far as concerned. But something I had to consciously put in a effort to learn the other day.
  3. "Moderation" is not a word I relate to when it comes to eating out!  Yea yea, U r rt am almost proud of it!
  4. I cant just window - shop. My principle as far as shopping is concerned is - Pick N exit ! I know, I know am missing out on the biggest joy of life! Sigh!
  5. For all the books i read and review, for life of me I cant read a non - fiction (Level of intellect u say ~~ Well whateva!)
  6. I can be bad host especially if u r my friend! But well to my benefit, I expect my friends to feel "At Home" and well then there is no question of "Playing a host"... correct?
  7. I hv my set of color-stions. Black(or even speck of it) is strict no-no.  Blue-Green are ma lucky colors!
  8. A pro at delegation be it at work or personal :-D.
  9. A diplomacy-Personified (some read it as uncouth) until I know you or decide to keep away from u! But can be a pest if I decide to luv... Trouble either ways u c :)
  10. A child like curiosity in expoloring something new especially when it has an elemnt of risk involved!
The last 3 were coutesy ma frnd ~~ Sabina Zacharias! Did yea jus say tht they don classify to be secret anymore.... Well well to my credit there is hardly a handul who can vouch to  knowing each of this trait of mine ....

So now for nine loves tomo... I think I will luv tht one :-D

Happy Bday Dearie......

...... today as v celebrate ur 100th day, heres hoping that you continue to be ur colorful, happy self spreading  the joy n content in you in all those who behold u.... N ofcourse this post cant be complete till we say a special thank u to ur papa (after all Fathers day jus passed by) cause  he is undoubtedly the one who dedicated his time, attention, efforts in ensuring that you moved from strength to strength even as he endured late nights to early mornings... N come to think of it am yet to find anything(am almost J of u) tht has kept ur papa hooked for so long(Ofcourse am the mama!)

N u dear papa, heres hoping tht you will nourish ur 'real-life' baby like u did this one.... With lotta time, care, dedication  :-D ... I can then rest in peace :-D

Haa tell me, tell me did I get ur imagination to run wild :-D. Well sorry dearies, all am referring to is this ~~ Ofcourse its ma hubbs baby n today is the 100th day(100th post ~~ 1 post per day courtesy Project 365) ~~ So hop on there n join me in wishing the proud papa n his creation a Happpy Bday :-D

Linking this upto Color Deckors weekend wrap up ~~ I know this dint happen over any weekend! But well aint this site a sure shot source of colors ~~ So but ofcourse anything of beauty - Joy links up there rt?

100 Years Of 'THINK'ing....

... Is what ma comp celebrated Today .... Lemme do this simple yet elegant Video do all the talking!

Pic Courtesy TOI

Indeed to a great extent I would say am proud to be an IBMer but well pride doesn fill ur wallet does it! Hmm tht apart am sure every other person working there would agree tht its the place to be in.... But again cribbing as the BIG BLUE celebrates its big day does seem to be doing it justice after all the flexibility, the career opportunities it has given me and thousands of others especially the womenfolk    - so lemme reword my earlier statement to read

'Happy To Be An IBMer'

Women in my life....

Hmm while a lotta book reviews - hotel reviews - Shops reviews - Holiday reviews hv been taking up this space(Albeit the last two posts), I realize tht the 'Personal' touch of pople who make my life hv taken a back seat ... So here is the snippets of  whats been truly paying havoc(k havoc is a exaggeration... but yea comes close) with my mind - heart:

*** Of a gal who decides to go fall in love with a boy (n a gem of person at tht) from a dff caste, state. Now while all her dear-n-near ones are ready to make peace with tht fact, there came  a bigger bomb namely  the 'Horoscope' which predicts a big calamity(read: death) if this marriage materializes. Now while many of us may poo-poo those believing horoscope even at this age(well I still do), who will convince her parents ... N can one truly blame them? Will they be eva able to live in peace, always scared as to when the Damocles sword will hit their gal?? :-/

***  Of a lady, whos going thru well the worst phase in her professional n personal space (Thankfully the personal life is showing some signs of revival... Anti Jinx \ TouchWood) and well ma equation with her suddenly changed from one of rock solid to a rocking see-saw! Ha let this damn phase go away soon and may I find the strength to be ma former self with her again (My bad!)

** Of a lady, whose v thot brings a smile to my face ~~ Afterall shes my evening tea partner every other day ~~ Thts like a whiff of fresh air after even the murkiest day at work! So this 'Passionate'(yes tht describes her to the 'T') lady decides that the work place ( BTW 'teaching' is no work for he... Its her calling.. A calling to which she will give her entire heart-n-soul) is doing no justice to her(Thou I hat agreeing with her.. I know tht its true) n has quit the place n is now in a maha - job hunt! Heres wishing her luck as I hope she spoon finds a place that gives the satisfaction not jus monetarily but will do justice to her passion to teach, to give back to the society!

Funny huh the ones tht I love n hate passionately always ends up to be a women ... Ofcourse there are these few obvious exceptions :)


A cousin who stayed a few streets away for a good 10 years and we saw  each other (grow) thru school-college-work, silly crushes(:-D), long girls-only nights, The never ending walks thru the colony streets,Mr. Groom hunt and the one tht will always make it the the most special....She  hugged me to sleep the day my daddy bid us goodbye....

Hmm n then marriage - career - studies came calling taking us countries-n-continents away, The priorities changed, the mails n calls became once-in-blue-moon affair n as I write this it strikes me that we hv not met for more than 4 years now(!)

But well arent some connections always there as if they never ceased to exist... So when this dearest gal has the first glimose of he yet-to-be-born baby (muah!), your truly saw a flutter of call on her mobile :-D.

A perfect start to a weekend huh :). Makes ma heart go mmmmmm.....

PS: A few work-factors seem to be almost on verge of upsetting this mmm factor! So c'mon wish me al the luck.. I know I wil need it :(

Treasures Of My Life......

Though these words of my
Shall surely fall shy
Of doing justice
To the love that I
Have for you,
But still, I shall try.

Where should I start?
It’s a task but hard.
Begin, perhaps, I should
By saying that I could
Not possibly tell you
How beautiful you are
On the outside,
And on the inside
Till the greatest depths
Of fathomable existence.

I thank you for your kindness
For your care, and concern,
And those few brief moments
When you have been stern -

When I am in the dark -
As I often am -
With nothing in sight
I have seen you there
As my guiding light;
I need you there
To wipe the tears
From my face
And keep at bay
All my fears
With your grace.

In the end I just pray
That you always be there
For me
As you always have been.
As I can't take care
Of me
By myself, on my own.
Without you
I shall feel alone
And empty.

N incase u wondering these pearls of words were drafteed not by me (Me n poems..... Please! I am not in the elite realm who appreciates poems) ... This is what my sister-of-the-heart had to say.....

Hotel Review: UpBeat!

Hmmm jus realized tht while there seems to be a overload of book reviews in last few weeks... The one topic tht seems to hv really taken backseat is food ~~ Ha the injustice of it! So heres a review of a small cozy place where ma frnd hosted her farewell party....

Hmm eva wondered how at times a evening tends to take on the v aura of the person hosting it even with no conscious efforts on anybodys part ~~ Elegant, Old- world charm, Gr8 Music(70s- 80s Goan\Country Music), Yumm Drinks, Gr8 Food, Lotta dancing n all this seemingly pulled off with no effort!

These words are the exact ones used to describe ma frnd by those who know her n co-incidence! The ones I would use to describe this small cosy place ~~ Upbeat @ Banaswadi - Bangalore! N while no word theres a huge exaggeration here are a few dampeners ~~ The starters - Prawns in Red Wine was jus perfect ~~ Cooked jus rt so tht the prawns oozes its natural flavour! But the main course ~~ Ma Fav ~~ Rice N Fsh Curry jus dint reach there! Ha thts the only grouse ~~ Otherwise the music, the ambiance (Jus a peppering of dim lights actually) and a dance floor(with no teengaers\men vying to show off their moves) lets u sit back n relax! N hey did I tell yea tht they supposedly host the ball dance few weekends....

Nope I do hv any pics to show off... But do drop in if u in tht part of the town... U wouldnt be disappointed!  N if u do, chk out their 'The Lady In Red' Cocktail ... I loved it!

A parting thot, how can a food post (A hotel review is a food post na) be complete without something to salivate on... so heres a click by ma hubbs (the creator .. N yea jus to get the point in I cut all those damn onions n tomatoes) of his Sunday morn breakfast!

Book Review: The Feast Of Roses

Part  2 of the triology series by Indu Sundaresan...

Now now is this something u hv experienced b4.... Letta say theres this book of XYZ author tht u reading for the first time n fall head over heels in love with it and cannot wait to finish the next book only to be disappointed.. You know the bane of high expectations...

Well even this one I was so abt to write it off as yet another victim of my 'expectations'.. But but for once I was proved wrong :). Post the first few pages, Indu Sundaesan weaves her magic seamlessly!

Th story of a lady much ahead of her times who dint bow to convention or opinion (Eva wondered how life never comes easy for them... Be it a few centuries bac or even today!) , who ruled over the empire (at a time when women were supposed to be Jus heard n not seen!)  ..... so much so that many a people thot the king was wooed by her beauty n is now a slave to her whims n fancy! For a min hv yea thot in how many context do we hear this line being quoted! This book for one gave a food for thot to this line of thot.... The difference between love(to be read as mutual trust n love n belief) n lust is one that only the giver-recipient can differentiate while the entire world can chose to ake their own perspective!

As I said before, loved the way a character from our history books is bought back to life ~~  In a way that not only do we empathize wth her, we slowly but surely will begin to Like-respect them! I for one know that whenever I hv a glimpse of Taj, am gonna hv a few names n stories drifting in ma mind! Indeed A gr8 read!

Jus a grouse thou: The Family Tree at the start of the book kinda gives off the plot of the story doesnt it... I guess the reason for not hiding it maybe cause of the assumption that the readers outa there know their history well... Sheepishly thou lemme acknowledge tht it may not be the case n for them the family tree can indeed be a big let away of the plot!

Haa cant wait to get ma hands on Shadow princess now!

Edited to add:  A underlying lesson from this book..... Not every man (be it now or generation back) can be man enuf to accept tht his wife having a upper hand(in career, life) in no way undermines his 'Man(li)Hood"... You need to be man enuf to let the lady of ur life be herself!