6th Sep 2010....

... wasnt just ma sis's b'day... But a day I know I will remember for a lifetime :)

The day when I actually realized tht prayers are indeed answered, tht beautiful things do knock on lives of Good People... The day when I truly realized what it means to be hit by a pleasant shock... so pleasant tht I couldnt stop grinning :) Wow I dont remember being this happy n content for a long time now! Thank U

Here is wishing the person lots n lots of happiness....... N well I think I can guess who the other person too is :)

Sorry if u think its cryptic, but well I havent got the permission to announce it to the world as yet... so bear with me plllllz n join me in wishing the person lottts n lotts of good luck! She deserves it more than anybody else... I love u :)

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