PotLuck AaHo!

Does the pic look straight out from a Foodie blog! N no no no dont swoon I didnt cook up all of this!

This a part-collage from the pot luck we had @ work the other day.... Yummmmm isnt it! N this as I said is part of the big picture ~~ The best part ~~ The dessert I mean is missing! From pulao to Mattar-panner to Poori-Aloo to chicken to parthas to kuzhi paniyaram to rasgulla-jamun-payasam it was an amazing spread :)

Trust me nothing bonds people as much as food (N Booze :-P)!

Do I hear u saying whats my contribution here... right most pic in top row! N b4 u ask the question tht I know will know ~~ Yea the cooking story did follow the usual routine!

Hmpf! As I write this I realize if things go as planned on the career front I may v soon hv to bid good bye to this wonderful team... Well lemme not jump the gun n park the good bye post for now :)

N this is ma entry for Color Deckor's Weekend WrapUp!


  1. thats so true.. nothing bonds people as much as food.. I am so pleased you did not make all this.. I some how simply cannot cook.. Im horrible in the kitchen..

    You've got a fab team!! Thanks for joining in the Weekend madness

  2. Woww! U hv been hvng amazing weekends :)