Yet ANother Weekend!

Ha looks like this space is v soon becoming a 'weekend-only-posts' space... didnt I tell ya addiction is a bad thing :-D

Ha this weekend saw me n hubbs driving down to chennai... well not a fun trip ... Ma father-in-law wasnt well (or rather isnt) n so the visit! Now truly speaking I had butterflies in ma stomach ...Cause I was as-usual dreading the much favoured 'Good-News' topic! But ha I grant it to them... Not once was the topic bought up..... I sooo much respect them for giving us this space(Now will somebody teach ma mom this :-D)

Well Now I was abt to write the relationship I share with them... But well the words arent just coming out n my eyyes are almost drooping... SO I'll suffice to say that - Touchwood! Am Lucky :)

The one thing that I love the most at home there is the collection of figurines from across the world - from Africa to Thailand to China to Japan to Kerala to if I were to try n put up the entire collection here welll I wouldnt do justice at alll!! So for now I will let u drool over the impressive collections at home straight from Africa!

Anything Defines Africa Betta?

The Water-Bearers

On the River Nile (????)

N I know they read this space... So here its straight from horse mouth~~ Probably the first time am accepting it so publicly..... Yea, I so much await the good news as each of you are :) (Thou I still donno if am awaiting it for ma self or for all of u?)... So plzzz wish me luck!

N ofcours ethe reason for the hurried post ... ha the same addiction I spoke of in LiNe 1 :)


  1. Wishing u the very best and gr8 to know u all share a lovely bond.
    Do treat us with a world tour once :D
    Hope ur FIL feels better soon :)

  2. Your posts bring a smile to my face.. so please.. continue this addiction.. I wait for your posts.. I so expect you to be a part of my Mondays.. :-)

    Hope your father in law feels better soon...

    And I hope and pray that there is Good News soon as well... Its always fab... Wish you the best... And dont forget to email me.. as soon as you know.. coz now I'm anxious.. and I'll start behaving like your mom (sorry.. no patience in this matter).. *wink*

  3. Thnx Swaram babes! Will do the world tour in comaprtments.. so watch out :)

  4. Thnx Patrica... its so sweeet on ur part to say tht :). Keeping my fingers crossed :-D U sure would know it as Soon as I hear of it.... Thank U :)