Happy B'day Lion!!

Dearest Pravinaa,

Many Many happy returns of the day! What better time than now to tell you how special you indeed are.....

The best thing I love about you is the independence you give me.....The freedom to be what I want to be with no strings attached! Be it the freedom to cut my hair .... yeah tht means somethinggg BIG for me to picking me up from oddest of places to oddest of times (which translates to driving 15 KM to pick me up to go back to the place from where he started), to n but of course the yummiest of yummiest food u make :)

N not to forget your trademark one-liners n the 'Peter-Pan' in you...The kid in in you who refuses to grow up! (Sample this to relate to wht am speaking.....I happened to address him as "Man of the house"...yeah yeah must hv been to get some stupid thing done....n the instant reply he gives is "Ho no there is no man in this house"...Flabbergasted??? Well even I was n he replies in his typical goofy style "Am the BOY of the house not the man"!!!!). N of course the 'peter Pan' u hv in ur face when u lie or hv goofed up on something....

N yeap this year is all the more special considering we are starting a new phase in our lives as we enter our new home....... Here is hoping that this year holds many pleasant surprises n happiness for us!!!


PS: For the uninitiated Pravinaaa is my hubbs.....N the name Lion is inferred but of course from his sun-sign. N the lines within bracket is for the you reader's benefit!!