A petition for way of life!

This heading is a direct lift from a post of a blog tht I am a secret follower of! N the subject is something close to my heart.....

I hv a similar story with the twist being tht am at the receiving end.....ho yeah ladies n gentleman I work odd hours ~~ 12:30 pm to 9:30 pm which means leaving home at 11:30 in morn n reaching well after 10 in the night...sad dont u agree?? N this too is gonna look like luxury soon since my timings will change from 1:30 pm to 10:30 pm in the night which means I gonna reach home almost at midnight...sob sob sob! N does my misery end there.... no dear no! Thnx to my so called "lead" role...I would have to reach home n login for an hour at the minimum!!!

To be fair I know I shouldn't be complaining....I hv a job tht pays me well n thank my stars tht I need not work in night shifts or more odd hours! I console myself at times saying unlike a 9-6 time I dont hv rushed mornings........But I know at the bottom of my heart its just to console myself! N ofcourse the bigest lure of all..... the extra money tht u r paid for these odd hours (Should it have a happy or a sad ???)! But the things tht hits me the most...On most of the days u r too tired to think of even having s** (wondering why stars n why dont I spell out the word?? Just in interest of a few of my readers)

What wouldn't I give to get out of office when there is still light, reach home at sane hours n spend some quality time with my hubbs!!

So here I join Tharini in submitting a petition to God for thiss dream of mine to come true soon........N this requires nothing lesser than God to intervene considering am just months old in this role n organization! But again as with evrything els ein my life nithing has ever fallen into my lap directly whether be it my marraige, job...I crave for it n gotta submite multiple petitions to God before my prayers are answered! May be its his way to make me realize the worth of things in life :)


  1. May ur dream turn into reality soon!

    I know this is a situation most of us r in and weekends is all we can actually get time to spend with the better half :)

    Hs become a way of life nw isn't it?

  2. I am sure things will change soon! Smile...

  3. We .. you still stuck in second shifts.. :)

    Well there were times when the only sunlight i used to see was while driving to office.

    You knew how the days were. :)

    Here in Chicago with its 8 months of winter (for indians).. Peak winter days are of less than 7 hours of sunlight (some times from 8-9 in morning to 3-4 in evening).

    Winter blues is symptom to fobs who get dull feeling cause of living in dark for weeks.

    I love the working timings her.
    Start day 6-7.
    Reach office 7-8.
    Lunch 11:30-12:30
    (our cafeteria closes serving lunch by 1:15)
    Close work by 3-4.
    Home by 4-5.
    gym, tennis, volleyball etc till 7.
    movie ..

    Same routine over except on weekends 14 hr Zzzz... :P