Happy Marriages...

A invite I was flipping thru had these lines....

"It all started when i was just 6 yrs old :D ,yeahhh..... i proposed my angel when we were in 2nd class :) Getting my love and my first ever crush as my life partner is indeed a great achievement :) and i am happy, ecstatic , overjoyed for getting such a sweet heart and the best girl for my 25 year old eyes and heart has ever seen...... as my fiancee. Soon we are getting married and share the beautiful moments of our lives together."

Aaaaw isnt it! Pouring ur hear out for the entire world to see... Some may call it immature but I will say its being 'Blindly In Love'! 

Well thou I would hv liked to say nice-n-rosy things abt the couple... Well the truth is they arent any of ma best friends or come to think of it even a so-called-friend! She was my Friends's Sis.......

So why this invite here u say? Lemme confess I happened to chance on the invite during one of those lurking sessions on FB! bUT  Well this refreshing n straight-from-heart tugged ma silly heartstrings(God to know that they in place) so much that even thou its ages I hv read this, they kept looping in ma mind n soI decided this is a post that has to be recorded under 'Life-Is-Good' section!

So here is to happy marriages n happier couples :)


  1. oh my gosh!! thats so so awesome!! Wish you the best.. always!! I truly cant beleive that!

  2. Thank U :). Will pass the msg to the lucky boy