Food For The Soul!

Rajiya rued the day she fell for lure of free food. All she wanted when she enrolled her children for “Food for the soul”** program was to ensure that they get one square meal- education was just an added bonus. For, Rajiya had four young mouths to feed and it was a struggle to make ends meet with her paltry daily wages!

What she hadn’t anticipated was the respected “masterji” of the village serving school children sub-standard food to make some quick money! Rajiya had to pay the price for his dishonesty – she lost her precious children to food poisoning…

This was written in response to 100 word Saturday prompt of  "Food For Soul" on WT... Err this prompt is courtesy yours truly :)

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 ** “Food for the Soul” is the term I coined for the “Mid Day Meal” scheme, signifying “food” not just for the hungry body but for the mind as well(education).  This post is a fictional take on the recent food poisoning tragedy in Bihar.

The Cardinal Sin!

A true ascetic priest, he rued his lack of self control that made him indulge in”cardinal sin” right at the altar! He couldn’t deny himself the pleasures that filled his body as it made its way down caressing his senses. Until one day, he was caught with his hands in the….

… the cookie-jar ;)

My first attempt at a 55 word Fiction. Linking this to 55 word fiction at Write Tribe hosted by Vidya Sury

Write Tribe Whispers – Chapter 5 - The Crime Unveils!

We all know about this game called Chinese Whispers in which one person whispers a message to another, which is passed through a line of people until the last player announces the message to the entire group. We at Write Tribe are doing just that but with stories on our blog. One person tells a short story on his/her blog, the next Blogger will continue the story, till it finishes on Blogger no 9..

This is part 5 of the story series. You could read the beginnings here ..... Part1 at Akhils,  Part2 at Pins, Part3 by Laxmi, Part4 by Leo.......


“Sorry sir! We have not had much luck with getting any leads on this case” reported Vishal Jain in a dejected voice. “The only people who even know of Qashif’s existence seem to be his housekeeper and the book dealer. The housekeeper maintains that he had retired to his outhouse early in the evening and had rushed in when he heard cries coming from the bungalow's living room. He has helped in developing a rough sketch of the murderer. But otherwise we haven’t been able to trace out any family, friends or enemies of Qashif”. Jamal hung up the phone in dismay.

The only lead Jamal's team has had after a month long investigation is the absurd report he had received a few days back from Dr.Paul's office. The report stated that the scimitar used to murder Qashif was supposedly made from meteorite iron and forged at least a century ago! This had flabbergasted Jamal so much that he didn’t even know how to pursue this lead…..

At his wits end, Jamal went into the storeroom and once again reviewed all the artifacts collected from the crime site hoping to see some clue he had missed earlier. Impulsively, his eyes fell on the scimitar. He had always thought that this was such an uncommon choice of weapon to use for murder. As he turned it around, his gaze fell on what looked like an inscription on the rear side of its handle! Jamal brought out his magnifying glass and carefully studied the inscription. He clicked photos from all possible angles.

But not wanting to leave any loose ends, Jamal went in search of Shastri, their in-house language and history expert. Shastri’s eyes popped out in surprise as soon as he laid his eyes on the photograph and he stuttered “Where did you find this?? This inscription is in the ancient language of Egyptian hieroglyphs which is now extinct! ”. Jamal quickly bought him up to speed on this crime and pulled out the manuscript and other photos of crime site from his suitcase.

As Jamal drove back home that night, his mind kept going back to the case – was he going on a wild goose chase after this scimitar! But why was an odd scimitar engraved with ancient Egyptian characters used?  His scientific mind failed to draw any connection between the murder of an author based out of Bangalore and Egypt. Was it simply a co-incidence or was there more to it than a simple crime? 

Next day as soon as Jamal entered the office, he saw Shastri waiting for him with a big fat file. Without any preamble, Shastri  said  “The tattoo on Qashif Ayhils tailbone I saw in one of the pics, isn’t simply a meaningless modern art but is the emblem that every male descendant of the royal family of Rouls of Egypt carries”. As Jamal struggled to come to terms with this information Shastri added “Now before you go running to Egyptian embassy, let me tell you this royal family and its descendants had mysteriously disappeared from the face of the Earth a long time ago. It beats me how one of them turned up in Bangalore of all places! ”. And almost nonchalantly Shastri adds “The manuscript your deceased author has written doesn’t seem to be a piece of sci-fi to me. Well at least the characters of Triton, Aiyana, Kruson belonged to the Kingdom of Roul. Of course am assuming the names of “Singh” and few others were used to protect character identities”!

As a gaping Jamal struggled to come to terms with this stranger than fiction story, Shastri drops the big fat file titled “Story of Triton – Last of the Rouls in Egypt” and marches away……

To be contd.... Over to Kalpana's Space for the next part.......