Heart Wrenching.........


Exactly how u feel when u go make a hue n cry, call people names n hurl everything short of abuses at them for well u thot u arent imp enuf to them only to be proven wrong!! Man that hurts... N I don even for a sec waana imaine how it would hv been to be in other persons shoes......

For once thou it was exhilarating to know that am given much more imp than I asked for... It also left me with this cringy feeling of having done something wrong!

I am sorry. N yea I know I hv this habbit of saying sorry without meaning a word of it... But well I truly mean it this time n it leaves me with big huge void kinda feeling in ma heart ... Yea I know u must hv felt worst.......

Soory :(


  1. aaawww.. atleast you are saying Sorry.. thats a big thing on its own..

    Just remember the next time you get angry or upset.. is it really worth it?? Ask yourself quickly.. 'is it worth me shouting'? 'whats the worst that can happen'... You will quickly forget your anger.. and realise.. its not really worth it after all.. :-)

    Keep smiling.. I love to see your smily faces..

  2. Thank U :)

    I luv the way u dish out advises..... slow paced but action packed..... He He!

  3. Hugs and count ten when u r angry next time. U r too sweet too get angry actually ;)
    And ya, u r one nice person to say sorry and mean it too :) :)