Similie Time!

Ha this was a 'to-be-mulled-on' chats had with a friend during Office hours :). Ha chatting @ work has a taste of its own! Now to be further mulled on were a few of these interesting similes he came up with..... to-be-chewed-on kinds.,.... Read n tell me if u enjoyed it:

While describing a mutual friend, he compared her to a "Lamp" ~~ Now the first thot that comes to mind is somebody who is 'lamp-of-the-life' ~~ A person who is trouble-shooter, a saviour kinda person. But well there was more to it.... "she will burn herself out to light ur life but u will burn ur finger if u touch" were the exact words he used to explain ... Good one isnt it??? N tht describes the person to a 'T' cause while everybody's problems are hers, u try going a millimeter near n intruding into her personal space n u won know wht hit u :-D

Another pearl of wisdom which again in his own words "when u learning to ride a bicycle..... when sombody holds the cycle for you, you get comfortable n start cycling, without noticing that u are on ur own, the moment u pause to look back n find nobody is holding u fail n fail " ~~ This was in context of when I was talking of a friend who suddenly seemed clingy when we were moving to diff office locations..... N if it still dint make sense to you here is what he was saying......we at times sub-consciously rely on Friends n when faced with a prospect of their moving out react v adversely......

A good set of similes????

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