Happy New Year!!!

1 day to the new year eve and 2 days to a brand new year!! The countdown to a new year begins...........

But before the spark works begin its time to get into a contemplate mode. A quick review of 2008!

2008 has been so to say a 'landmark' year....A new job, bought our first 'home' together n of course the big fat Goa Vacation! Hmm so shouldnt the year go right up there in 'good years of my life'.........but but (isn’t there a But always!!) there is this thing tht still pricks me n until that is done(a headstart has been made but) all these so called achievements just fade away! Now Now this a too personal thingy to be discussed here or else where. So sorry no questions entertained)!! But what the heck.....There are still 2 days left and may be it'll be done by then(yeah right!!!).So please join in wishing me a dose of good luck next year.........

N to top this mood of melancholy was the New Year horoscope.....ok now an interesting snippet here! My b'day falls on April 22nd n for the first 24years I was a happy taurean until i met my dearest hubbs who is true blood Leo! So whats the problem u say?? Supposedly Taurus - Leo are the worst possible combo....ho ho!! But Do I accept defeat so soon? (If u thinking what crap…. I can be illogical like that) Not me!! So my mind n heart go into a overdrive and come up with a workaround......"I am a Cusp".....A cusp of Taurus n Aries!! A very amicable solution to the heart n mind.....Mind cause 22nd is ideally a cusp(Now dont ask me if this mind of mine was sleeping for all the 25 years) n heart cause supposedly Aries-Leo is the best possible combo  N post this Daily horoscope is something I stopped reading for obvious reasons.....Aries n Taurus most probably than not would hv conflicting versions. So based on my frame of mind I hon a Aries or Turus cap for the day :)

N now to our yearly prediction..... This weekend the jobless me was going thru thye yearly predictions....N for Taurus it said "Extreme Caution required in first 15 days......You can land up in some trouble and a theft, visit to hospital or even a court are all a possibility"!! Well butterflies started fluttering but wait till you her Leos Prediction "Caution required in first 15 days! Chance of you borrowing money or facing money crunch is high"...sob sob! Now butterflies are doing a somersault!!! While I hope all this is crap do wish me a dose of good luck in sailing thru this 15 days!!

The hubbs of mine thinks this is one big joke!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

N with this post I sign off for this year!! But before that (The below section is been copied from a Forward but suits what I wanna say so well tht I hv used it here) ……….

I am taking this opportunity to thank everyone , I mean EVERYONE , who made 2009 a fabulous year.........Hoping 2010 will be even better.

• For all those I've made promises to and never kept - it was not deliberate but I will "improve" in 2010.

• Those that I owe lunches, movies, night out , etc..., I'll fix that as well, I'll make time . For sure.

• For those that have supported me and made me smile through all my hardships...I salute you! halaala.

• For those I've disagreed with, argued with and just never got along with......well, I'm Sorry!!!!!!! Let's try again next year.

• Those that I've hurt.....unintentionally/intentionally....I've already apologized "I'm Sorry" again...

• For those that stuck a knife in my back the past is all forgotten.... forgiveness is the best revenge MAYBE!!!

• For those that have let me down.....oh well.... I should have known better

• All the true friends that I have: you ROCK!!..Awesome! N this holds true for all my Blogger friends too….

Congratulations to all the new mommies & fathers, newly weds etc..., no funerals please guys

But all in all, you guys have made 2009 a great year; I wish you and your loved ones prosperity, good health, wealth, happiness, greener pastures, abundant blessings,

• And Oh!! a wonderful festive season.

May 2010 be the year you achieve wonderful things in God's guidance and strength.


Goa: Untouched

Waana Sample a piece of Goa untouchedv by all touristy things?? Waana sample the good old Goan village style? How abt visiting a few archeologically protected Hindu temples??

Then  head striaght to Divar Islands. N how do you get onto Divar Island?? Hop onto a ferry from Old Goa...N the Ferry here is more than a touristy thing...it is the only means of transport for the islanders......n so it ferries not just u n me n loads of fsih but also ur bike, cycle car or lets say a lorry! N once there you are magicallly taken transported to another world....far away from all the maddening tourist crowd! N what a place it is...filled with old Portugese home(most of them deserted) and life moving in its own idylic pace....Life in its purest form! Make sure u visit the old church there...n the caretaker there will let u explore the entire place all the way upto the clock tower...n all u hv for company upthere are the Bats!!

Dont miss the vehicles on the ferry

The church at Divar Island

An Old Portugese - Goan Home

Khelo Khoodo - Goa Isshtyle!

A trip to Goa with no water sports - unimaginable!!! It was a dose of these watrer sports that was the biggest lure for the hubbs of mine........ N the nightmare for me!! Me n all the topsy turvy rides just dont go together!! But being the Indian wife silently accompnied my hubbs :-D

The only thing tht i was ready to bet on was a Paragliding n man was I glad I did that!!! Oosh you go up in the air above the waters with feet dangling n u are almost flying up there.................... but but if its gotta 'us' in the story then there gonna be a twist!! The hubbs of mine had generously tippred the boatman to take us all the way and then dip us to right into the water!! N all this without realizing that moi is in my trademark specs..yeah yeah the intelligent me decided to go in with specs...hello how do you expect me to enjoy the view minus specs!!! N then as you must have guessed to the debris of Goan Beach is added my poor colorful specs!! Which mean the rest of the trip was minus my specs...OMG!! On a brighter side, the lazy me was forced to hon my lens n tht meant bette rpics with my goggles :-D...Isnth there a silver lining after all!!

Ofcourse there are other rides...Jet skiing, Banana rides n all which my hubbs was hopping on n off like a kiddo...n your truly has better sense than to try all of these!!

Imagine jumping up above the waves in a scooter...Yeah right!!!

N now for some interesting Observations:

  1. Only Indian tourist seem to be trying their hands at these water sports(for obvious reasons??)
  2. The facilities at Baga Beach seem not-very-indian complete with booze n food served in deck beds, sun-bathing tourists etc while Calangute has hardly any of these facilities......its more like your other indian beach with shore side peppered with peannut sellers n oglers and ! But the rates at Calangute are way cheaper than Baga!!

Quill(a) time in Goa!!!

Title coutesy mu hubs!! N its meant to  translate to Forts(Qilla ~~ Fort in Hindi) in Goa

Goa N forts!! Now Now if u hv this sardonic expression on ur face imaging that its one of the many run down forts that every city in India...lemme give u this piece of info that may just catch your interest!! Remember the scene below from Dil Chatha he??Yeah yeah am talking of the same fort here.....The chapora fort. Ok now to be fair the fort owes its fame to the movie....the scene from there if not breathtaking is still beautiful!

To the left is the scene from DCH N to thew right is my hubbs...proof tht we been there n done that :-D

But something tht is more wort the time will be a visit to Fort Tiracol! Accessible again by jumping into a ferry....but but may I suggest a more laid back n a beautiful way to approach this place! Ditch the ferry n hire a boat across the river and if you are lucky you'll get a boatman who'll entertain with a fishing expedition n some interesting snippets - and grabbing by Russian Mafia in Goa!!!! N u'll believe it once u see the number of sign boards in goa in Russian; And ofcourse a dose of gyann about how Indian women should break free of inhibitions n fears......N when it comes from a seasoned fisherman it hits you hard :). N after the delightful ride acroos you reach the Tiracol fort which is now converted into a super uber luxury hotel! But itsnt this place that impresses you as much as the sunset view from the barren lands alongside this hotel........n topping on cake its deserted n you enjoy the most romantic sunset :-p.

Sunset from Tiracol

The crimson Sky

Yet another Traveller on this Lonely Planet

Eat, Drink N Make Merry - The Goan Style!

Now now this space seems to be being flooded with posts on Goa....But writing one big travelogue and getting with it is just not me....so please bear with me and read on....
This post is dedicated to one topic that very often graces this space - Food and hotel reviews!! Yeah yeah my fav of all :)
Goan food and what pops up in mind is endless booze n sea food....... here are a a few hangouts that I found in the short 5 days I was there...

Start ur day with a dip in the almost deserted Anjuna Beach(the beaches almost look deserted early in the morn)! After a strenuous workout in the beach (translates to sitting on the beach and baby-watching the tintin of my hubbs) stomach grumbles for a hearty breakfast?? Then head straight to Martha's breakfast. N what a spread they hv ...a full 172 items on menu(n they are open only for breakfast)......complete with waffles, crepes, bacons.......

N after this filling breakfast head straight to Baga Beach...... Catch up on the different water sports there.....Para Gliding, jet Skiing, Banana Boat ride or hop on for a dolphin ride(the best time to view dolphins is early in the morning).......N after all this ur hearty breakfast is washed off n ur stomach is roaring for hearty meals again?? Head straight to the famous Bistros right on the beach side.... Get a deck bed with a umbrella above, lay back relax, sip on beer, order in Prawn Vindallo from Bistros even as you get a tattoo done! The one on left is moi's n the other is the hubb's...yeah yeah they are temp tatoos...so no worries there!

After all this head back to your base camp(Anjuna beach in our case)and go straight upto Avalon Sunset -Supposedly the word 'Avalon' means 'Heavenly' and this is the place to catch a gr8 sunset view on the Anjuna beach (Now now I was never there for the sunset)! But this place earns all its brownie points for its quaint decor...... nothing elaborate but imagine this............. A neatly (actually not so very neat) spread out ground level seating .....Translates to a very thin mattress with bolsters on both sides! N now as you lie down puffing out on hookah with your head resting on the bolster wht do you get to see but a wonderful view of the sea!! A treat to my city-tired eyes......

Have more time in your hands?? Go north upto Arambol Beach........ N u c the entire beach stretch filled with candle lit tables...Ho yeah imagine luxury of having a candle light dinner, by the beach side with sand between your legs and the sound of waves hitting the shore...Bliss hey!!! Sip on fenny, munch on Goan sausages or Prawn masala, have Rice with Prawn curry........

N if the shack you choose is government shack then the nearer your are to the beach......hmmm looks like our govt is getting smart too!

Check out the innumerable sea side shacks littering the beach…. Good food at throw away prices n to get a slice of the Goa of the bygone hippie days head curlies…a shack by the Anjuna beach!

Also do check the Goan sweets - Bibica(in the pic) is my fav! Head to Mr. Bakers in Panjim for a slice of it. N do stock upon Goan stuffed sausages from Aggasim village....

N ofcourse in a tourist swamped places like Goa you have a lot of hotels offering you international cusines...do check them out!

While in Goa - Eat, Drink N make Merry!

Best things in life come in small packages....

....n its so very true about Goa! Now now am not raving abt the beaches or the night life.....But its abt the freedom to be! Wondering wht freedom we are referring to??

Well this may sound funny..... its the freedom to dress in the skimpiest of dresses n not have men ogle at you :-D. Didn’t I tell u its gonna be funny...But trust me it gives you a big liberal feeling...imagine lying down on a beach(mind u not a private beach) dressed in skimpiest of clothes n boozing away ala ur hubbs.....almost impossible to imagine it happening in India hey! U almost feel like a free bird again n tht heady feeling is hard to describe........

Indeed good things in life comes in small packages: Skimpiest clothes in the skimpiest state of India!

And we're Back....

.....from a holliday in Goa:).

After a long hiatus we're back in the holidaying circuit n what a come back it was......A road trip via B'lore - Gokarana - Goa - Hubli - B'lore spanning 1600 KM, 8 days, 3 hotels, endless bottles of beer(yeah yeah I hv graduated from Breezer),  sumptuous sea food ........

But as they say all things come back to an end and here I am back to the everyday grind....But then thats life...beautiful life....N isnt it the nitti griitties of everyday living that makes life the most beautiful!

Vachchuneta(good bye in konkani) till I get back with the tales of sun n sand........

Do ping in at 'Ping'!

If u were reading a blog atleast once a blue moon chnaces are u know tht me n hubbs are big time foodies! Afterall Whats life minus good food!! N eating out is a regular happening! Come any occasion n days before u'll find me looking out\reading up reviews for hotels to eat out(today almost loioked up a hotel review for newyear :-p). This one is a review about a cute small place in Koramngala...'Ping'\'Dessert Bay'!!

The word 'Ping' supposedly means 'the best\The highest standard' in Chinese...so doe sthe experience there match upto its name?? Read on and decide for urself....

Now I wouldnt say that the food is out of the world or something....but again as with all these 'Happening' places they know how to target the Single and DINK crowd (DINK - Double Income No Child Couple -- A Lingo I just heard)!

Now to be fair the variety of dimsums - spicy soya and Basil Dimsum, Prawn Tail Dimsum  - they serve there is mind boggling . But its the presentation and the service that takes the cake here! Look at this pic and you'll know whhat am talking........A steward walking up to you with all desserts of the day....mouth watering ha! Now now who wouldnt fall to this...I ofcourse did n our group ended up tasting most of them!

N now to the location - their indoor seating thou pleasing isnt anything to write home about but they have this cute seating arrangement 'Dessert Bay' outside with a small water body.....imagine a pleasent night licking neat your tiramissu with the pleasent air blowing in your face...Heaven I tell you!!

Check the collage for th outdoor seating pic and te clean-wiped plates talk for the food here :)

May be the next time I go there I can do a better review on the food...was too busy taking in the place that the foood just didnt sink in!

N talking of Tiramissu, to taste the best Tiramissu in B'lore head to this place called 'BLliss' - In forum Value Mall, Whitefield! Its more like a choco Pub and the Tiramissu there I tell u is real 'Bliss'....


                                                     Indeed life is yummm yummm!

For reviews on other places in B'lore drop in here!