The week thts Been!

Hmm been quite a week - atleast at the work front (translate to no personal time ~~ Hmpf!)

The gr8 news first ~~ Yeaa!! I cleared my examination!!!! Yippie Yippie Yip Yip!

The New facet Of Life News - Well if u remember the post, I went with the sexy mistress option :-P (Well shouldnt it read sexy mister ~~ Me straight U c .. Lol!) Well the option was kinda made simple for me bursting ma bubble..... The upper realm decide me no good for Option A... Yea I know its staid-n-Boring(Case of sour grapes... He He He)!

So here I am kick starting the new facet... Well a few hrs I hv spent there has already left me wondering what am I upto here! Me shit scared....  Yeah yeah sexy mister take a bow! Plzz wish me luck!!! I havent yet bid good-bye to ma wonderful team (v soon to be ex-team)... While it means a few more days of happy-faces (The new place seem to be full of serious morons!) it also translates to 10 hrs of work everyday for a month (Howl!)

N yeaaaa I hv ma little niece (hopefully ma sis too) visting me for the long weekend! Yippppeeee... Now I gotta get ma manager approve ma leave for tommo!

So incase I dont catch u guys b4 weekend here is wishing u a happy, colorful, Joyful Diwali!


  1. Congratulations and thanks a lot for the wishes :)
    Hope u hv a fab weekend and wishing all of u a happy Diwali :)