@Kulgi Nature Camp

Imagine staying in a wooden cottage tucked in the forest outskirts relishing food of your choice as you listen to the forest chirping (a far far cry from the honks of city) all this without burning a hole in your pocket... Then don think twice, jus go onto Kulgi Nature camp, Dandeli!

Now lets get a few facts right... This is not one of your regular jungle lodges, there are no usual 'Jungle trappings' here (n well u pay less than half the jungle lodge rates), No booze 'officially' allowed......

To book accommodation here thou is wee bit of pain at the wrong place.. U need to go to Dandeli city-center, reach one of the forest dept offices and pay them via cash\DD... So well u better reach during their 'Working Hours'!

N yeap it’s no exaggeration when I said 'Food of your choice'... Cause u allowed to carry any non-veg of your choice and the cooks there will cook it for you... Give them a free-hand in cooking n you will get truly the best ever finger-licking good local food!

The cottages are GREAT (Expensive than the tent but worth it... Ofcourse I havent stayed in those tents, so maybe am jus biased!) and the staff more than helpful!

So if u wana come back n relax at Dandeli after a morning of trek n river-raft then this definitely a good bet!
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PS: This is something I had posted over at Tripadvisor a few months ago, but something I never got around to posting here. BTW Tripadvsior has been my fool-proof hol guide until date!

Two Weeks....

.... s at the home you bought up in  has this humbling effect on you rt... it kinda rips off all airs that you have around you and all that you are left with is a craving to go back to those good old days when being daddys gal was the sure shot solution for every malady in life! Haaaa.....

Probably cause this was the longest time I spent there in the last 5 years and 2 weeks is enuf time to look back and reflect on all those growing up days.  Indeed its this reflection that makes makes u realize that all is left of those days is memories and well things would never be the same again.

Esp when  ma litt sis is on threshold of taking a huge leap in her life, this trip bought back all those bitter sweet memories ~~ of the daily cat fights that would often boil over to physical fights but again at blink of eye we stand united on the face of a mom breathing down our necks, of the first crushes, of the teeny-weeny thing who would climb up the balcony grill to chat up with the neighbors, of the not-so-little b'day gal who gobbles up the entire box of chocs sharing it with jus her best frnds(ignoring he rest), of the most consistent winner of the 'Most talkative kid', of 'the tantrum queen', of the gal who would be walking off in the opp direction even as the   rest of the school kids would be walking in the direction of the school (and would then want us to believe that the school has declared a hol), who would sneak away the stick from her teachers desk every other day(!).

Indeed time flies....

A Jewish Synagogue in Kerala and her stories.....

Clicked @ the Jewish Synagogue in Fort Kochi. This synagogue was built in 5th or 6th century and is supposedly one of the oldest ones across the world! Isnt it interesting that in the heart of Kerala, there still resides a thriving Jewish community settled there for centures together! You could read more about the Synagogue here.

Now thriving is a exaggeration cause most of them have moved over to Israel and other greener patches ~~ So all thats left there today  is a handful of people(The count doesnt exceed 10). While googling up about this place ~~Here is a interesting snippet I came across about the ticket seller of the synagogue! She is the youngest of the lot there(and is almost hitting 40) and  her refusal to marry the only eligible Jewish bachelors in Kochi (who happen to be her cousins) will bring this community to extinction in few decades.

Makes me wonder, if I were in her place ~~ Would I agree to marry a Man-not-of-my-choice jus cause thts the only way to keep a 2000+ old tradition alive?

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Intricate Designs of Life!

Mehendi - Henna this intricate is for me synoymous with 'Good Times'... Marriage, Festival is bound to be around the corner :-)

Well the day is a long one n has still not got over :(.  But wanted to do a quick pop in as I dint wana break this ABC chain .....
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Happy Womens Day!

Each day is different;
You wake up hoping a few of the responsibilities would be less. But you face them, nevertheless.
You smile when you much rather wouldn’t and entertain when all you want is some quiet space.
You know what independence means to you and yet, love to rest that head on the shoulder of someone you love.
Today is going to be no different from any other day. And as the world ‘celebrates’ International Women’s Day, perhaps an odd rose, a few wishes and a party in the evening await you, you continue with your daily routine, grumbling occasionally, but rarely failing.

That’s what makes you special — today and every day. Happy Women’s Day.

(Lines copied from DNA After Hrs. Luved the lines and but ofcourse had to share them! )

Home is where our Heart is......

The scroll u c here was a gift from my friend when we moved into  our new home. Now lemme confess that at that point in time it was jus that ~~ yet another accessory in my home :).

These lines never had any special meaning for them ~~ I almost brushed them off as lines penned by one of those stars-in-my-eyes kinda writers!

But today, a good 2.5 years later I know that there is at least some ring of truth in them! Especially the lines.....

Every Corner of our home is beautifully decorated with special memories if days gone by and aspirations for good times to come.

A house becomes 'Our Home; when its four walla are made with love, care, concern and affection, with a firm ceiling of everlasting protection made strong with the bond between our family!

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Marital Torture!

Does threatening me with "Will u come over by yourself or do you want me to push you up there" count as Marital torture? N well well it doesn't stop at threatening me - V ably aided by my mom(yea thts right) am literally pushed n prodded (n almost dragged) until I complied :-/.

I know I know even the most educated of the men can stoop down to those levels! N how am I? Ha thanks for asking ~~ Well apart from the physcological breakdown am holding up jus fine!

Hmm if u wondering what made my usually v patient hubbs to lose his kool ~~ All I hv as a ans is "Weighty Issues". U C I hv been refusing to step onto the weighing machine(I tell ya ~~ there is no bigger bane than having a weighing machine in ur bedroom) fot the past few months for v obvious reasons(the culprit for it thou has to be my moms cooking). N this ensued the above-mentioned drama! And ofcourse one glance at the weight is the reason for the "mental trauma" today (All attempts to blame it on a faulty machine fell flat on ma face)!
Now u cant blame me for downing a couple of sweets n chocs jus to get over this mental trauma ... can u?

On A Beach-Side Stroll.....

Exercise I guess is the bane of ma life... I jus cant get myself (n hubbs) motivated enuf to drag myself for any kind of exercise on a daily basis. But funnily enuf the only time when I up early in the morn n raring to go is when am on a hol. N then the exercise would invariably involve a walk around... be it in a park or around the resort or the beach! Thou definitely a walk around any kinda water source should top the list....... possibly cause its such a refreshing break from my everyday!

This time on a morn stroll at the beach in pondi, this is a sight I came across:

A father teaching his kids to fly a kite! Now it dint need much of interaction to know that they definitely are from the 'poorer' strata of the society. But then to have these priceless moments, isnt that a treasure in itself!

A little down the beach was this sight. A young man has collected the boys from the neighborhood (possibly children of the nearby fisherman) and brings them over every weekend to the beach. On that particular day he was teaching those boys some kinda gymnastics. Now, thou I belive these children pick up all these gymnastic moves without any help from anybody, the very effort to channelize their energy is indeed a worthy deed.....

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