Deceptive Appearances....

grinned when I saw Manasvi squirm as she glanced through my essay. Did she think she'd get away with insulting my grandmother...

I remember it like it was yesterday - it was Manasv's birthday. There she was the picture-perfect Indian girl - in a sari, braided waist-length hair falling at the feet of elders! That was until she silently sidestepped my grandmother - simply cause our bank balance wasn't fat enough to awe her!

The sadistic-pleasure I had in penning this essay on "Appearances are deceptive"  manifolded as I saw Manasvi turn red as my classmates ripped apart this "anonymous-cousin" of mine.

I’m linking this post to Write Tribe’s 100 Words on Saturday prompt – choosing one of the writing quotes in the post and using that as a prompt.

                   If you can’t annoy somebody, there is little point in writing.
                                                                                            ― Kingsley Amis
PS: Now to get this anonymous-cousin of mine to read the post! Sadly, this is a true-life incident.