The Fables of Life!

Hmmm I donno what better title would suit this post - read on n u can possibly suggest a betta one!

If u had read this space on-n-off u would hv realized that homemaking-cooking are not terms I associate much with(Now Now few of u outaa there - I Know am not supposed to be proud of it!) ~~ But it jus stuck me a few days back that theres been a slow but a steady change thats been happening ~~ Cleaning up home now takes up a good significant part of ma time n horrors-of-horrors I seem to not to mind it ......N Mind u this is not the pushing-under-the-bed kinda cleaning (just as guests are about to knock in) that I used to specialize in!!!

Phew! U said... Now now don swoon but but but for last weeks I hv been dedicatedly packing lunch for ma huubs n self... SWOON! Man! I dont believe this as I type it out...... Ok, Ok! a Big thnx to hubs is I know called for (Atleast for the unwavering compliments I get for the 'hatke' food that I manage to pack in every other day ... Anybody for Cabbage fry with tamarind juice added to it!!!)

Na na its not the end of it...... Other thing thts taken a beating is our 'Eating Out' ritual(Now now once a fortnight or even a week is still a big thumbs down for somebody like me! No u cant snicker lady!!) Now now the major reason for it is the 'dole'.... God!! I dono how thi damn thing always manages to sneak off without ma knowledge.... grrrrrrrr!!!!!!! So the last few months is been the regular next-door eateries... Doesnt coast-coast, kubays come under that ... N no FANCY stuff!

So well imagine am surprise when I went out dining at a so-called-fancy place(well the bill that came along was FANCY indeed) n came out feeling suffocated!! Omigosh is it me talking!!! Now now B4 I panic , I should posibly give another of these places a shot ...... I am gona call this a one-off case n blame it on the restaurant (Khansama - UB City if u r interested to Know ~~ People -people everywhere, No ambiance to speak of ) ..... Else am gonna call SOS!!!

So what do I term this transformation that am going thru.... Sob sob sob! Settling down somebody called it... Yikes!!!!

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