N am Home :)

Yeeeeeaaaahhhhh I am @ ma  Home :)

Now now b4 u scratch n wonder which vacation did I creep out for(N if u from ma yesteryear's work place... n wondering if I went onsite) n still seem excited to be back home then sorry lovies u got it all wrong :-D.... Me back at ma good old mothers home(LOL at the word ... 'Mothers Home'... Sounds straight from  a traditional bahus mouth some decades ago)!

Haaaa the memories n solace home brings..... Just stepping in here n u so automatically rewind to the girl-lady u were 3 years back... Back to the luxury of 'bed Tea' (Blisss!!!), of not bothering what to cook(dont u dare snicker) but still have yum dishes just b4 ur stomach starts to grumble , of raiding your sisters wardrobe (How I wish madam puts on some weight - Then I could so conveniently flicky away half the stuff; Until then gotta do with the chunnis n her 'loose' kurthis... grrrrrrrrrrrrr) n not to miss the contrast of the 'Fight-like-Dogs' to 'Dripping-sweet sisters' that we seem to skip between so effortlessly (Or should be honest n give her the full credit for the latter part) ! The fun of shopping @ all small nooks of the city that you know like the back of ur hand(Ha!) ~~ Anybody for Genral Bazar, AMeerpet, Charminar??

N after 3 years of packing for holidays I can vouch for this... Its easiest to pack for coming home! Open ur wardrobe - randomly pick up a few clothes n stuff it all in your bag... No worries on accessorizing, styling or 'dress-up-for-occasions'... after all u r home n if u dont put up ur feet here where else will u!

How can I end up the post b4 talking of the drive down here ... yea yea we did a road from B'lore - hyd! N well it was a mixed cup.... Thnx to a punctured n ripped tyre we got delayed for a good 3 hrs... But minus the hitch it was a nice drive.Try picturing this.... On a smooth highway zipping away at 100 KMPH With cool breeze blowing on your face(Thnx to AC) N   u flip the pages from latest Nora Roberts :-D But But theres a catch there... The novel so very revolves around a daddy-daughter relationship n what worst time for the book to go mull over it than just when we hit the Hyd border... Hmpf!

As a parting shot,  FB status of ma hubbs post our pit-stop at a dhaba for lunch said "U know u have reached Andhra when u c the salad..red chilly powder on onions and tomatoes!"

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