To my Little Sis...

... ok ok dont bawl I know u not little anymore... But please stop acting like u my big sis... grrrrr!!!

Now Now before I completely degress the subject, this post is to mark your end to god damn exams.... see see me so good to you! I write abt u despite promising that you wouldnt be written of till u promise to agree to you know what :-P!

Isnt the ways of life ironic.... U were the laziest of the lot to study n look what happens! U got to study the most :-D! I know I know it wasn't easy.... classes every other sunday for few years is no joke! But well look at the other side... U hv a masters from a cool college.... something I cant claim to hv :(.

I remeber the day u got into Wipro... U claim that 'inky-pinky-ponky' got u in... I agree to a point that in no way is it ur brains that got u in (:-D) ... But sweetheart u a gem of a person (U can treat me for this!) and doesnt God always look out for spl people :).N remember the day of ur induction co-incided with my engagemnt n so u walked in almost at the fag end of the cermony.... grrrrr n then threw a tantrum at how ur friends werent treated well... LOL! U n ur friends!!! As mummy says "U n ur friends are like a honeycomb" :-D! 

Finish of ur project n then sweetie pie u a free bird with a degree in hand ready to fly places(yea yea u right... Me talking of our fav subject here :-D)!! Love u Manu!!

Many Many are the Harry Potter Copy-Cats......

...... Ha was surprised to find a big world of 'Make-Believe' based books outta there... But not so surprised when they dint really match upto the expectataions!

Now while each is a 'Good-Enuf' in its own stride, its no match to the qunique n the original Harry Potter!! WHether be it the Magician Guild Series or even the v famous 'Twilight' ... sorry ANjie Babe!!!!! Come On guys buck up or we gotta call J.K.Rowling out of retirement :)

To Good Times.....

Well if there is one thing that isnt been painted so very rosy n colorful then that should be my work!!! Now Now I would be lying if I at all I say I love my work... Cause well dont we all know the truth better :) N when I made a jump from Satyam to this new place the change was overwhelming...... new work place, new work culture, New work(!!!!!) and above all learning to manage people.... first few months I kicked myself for jumping from one hell (a known one at least) to a unknown devil!!! But well perseverance n a few same mangers saw me thru... N of course the fact that am a quick learner that I am (:-D ... It took me a year n am still clueless)!!!

Ha now for the team...... I agree there was a phase when I was less-than-fond of them:-P. But well people tend to grow on you... n u slowly but surely tend to love them and today I am happy to be a part of them!(Yeah yeah! About time u say) n the great time that I had over the weekend on trip Mudhumulai was a testimonial for it!! N of course with ma fav mgr accompanying it can just be a topping on the cake (I cant hv fav among mgrs u say - well well this is my personal space so scoot off). Indded If You Really Desire Something from your heart and soul the entire world conspires in helping you achieve that! Thank You :)

The weather was more than co-operative... Imagine while its been raining cats n dogs the last few days there wasnt a drop of rain those two days n if tht wasnt enuf there was no sun beating us down Either... it was just picture perfect!!! Guess that happens when u hv a person in midst of u who isnt taken a break for 6 years n people are truly hoping for the person to have a good time(:-D)! But well its not the weather neither the place that makes these trips memorable... its the people, its the silly jokes, the stupid antics that u end u doing when u are sloshed (me too :-P n not to forget some dearest people trying to slap in some sense then... I enjoyed the latter part too :)), The sad n happy stories that u blurt out, the harmless teasing, people riding horses n chasing squirrels when drunk, dancing to ringa-ringa-roses .... all making u let out a happy sigh now!!!

Ha but today as I recollect the trip - its these few things that stand out - my team, my fav manger, the drunken blizzard!! But the one that truly captured the spirit is the 15 mins that I spent swinging slowly lost in the soul of a beautiful song sung by a even more 'beautiful' hunk(:-D) as you have a cool breeze caressing ur face and a full moon lighting up the area for u!!!!! At peace with everything I was for tht moment :)

                                         Love u guys! Here is to more trips n more fun!!!

Ma Fav:)

PS: A grrrrrrrr the worst punishment that was meted out for getting sloshed!!!! N thnx Mr.Akay I owe u more than this for making the trip happen(U know the operative words there)… I know I know I owe u A levis whatever for it!

N am Back.....

... thou not on popular demand this time (Not a single soul missed my posts :( )... But well now this is so much a part of me that staying away makes me feel lets say incomplete :)

So hooowzzzz the last few days been??? I'll summarize it saying..... Its been a complete circle! On one end u reach heights of happinesss.... u are awarded things tht u think wouldnt hv happened but on the other end a few precious things are snatched away from u with no prior warning!!! But as they say "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened!" Ha the ways of life.....

Well well the good things deserves more than a few lines .... a post coming up soon!!!!

The holiday that was!

Ha the trip for which I made some hue n cry is done with! A much needed 3 day (only) break!

Well after ages I hv had a trip to guruvayoor with no "To-Do" list - the past few were literally a race against time! So this was a breather in more ways than one!

So did I make a nostalgic trip down the memory lane? Not really - The home in kerala now is more of a modern palatial house fitted with all modern\western amenities! Frankly I donno if I would now survive in my good old summer home now - The bathroom there is situated a good 200-300 mts away from the home.... ROFL!! But as I was telling somebody the other day "Visiting this home is more like dropping in at any other house anywhere in India... its in midst of a ever growing concrete jungle....It just doesn’t capture the charm of my good old summer home"...... Nostalgic, dreamy but non-practical :) Ha but again the charm of relationships, the unconditional love that u know u can turn to any time of ur life just drives u there!!!

So what did I do there other than soaking in some good time with my little niece - hogged n hogged on Fish :-D! Well practically that is all I did - all the other items in my list including site-seeing(Blame it on rain!), Temple hopping(Whom do I blame? Myself????) all went for a dash! Also kinda opened my mind to the charm of small towns - how what would be non-descript hotel down a street in Bangalore is famous there, how a tailor shop which nobody would give a seconf look here is a 'landmark' there, how what would be described as a 'run-down' theater in Bangalore is classified as a "Luxury" theater there....... Ha a relief from the non-lit-artificial Bangalore!
So well until the next vacation......!!!!

Zipping away on the highway as ur destination beckons you.....

Is what am gonna set forth in exactly next 30 mins :). Wish me a happy journey and a good time!! I deserve a vacation n am so v waiting for it!!!!

A 'Cold-War' Rant!!!

A big rant post this!!!!

Is it fair even remotely fair for people to play with your sentiments to teach u a lesson n teach u a lesson! N teach u a lesson for what??? For some silly n feeble thing that you did!!! Fair enuf that they get angry for it... But when u (despite knwing that u arent at mistake) walk up (Cause well tht person means something to u!) swallowing all ur sense of 'self-worth' and ask for few mins of their time to explain why u did n what u did n they royally ignore ur requests for well they are 'seething with anger' and let u stew in your sense of 'guilt n anger'!!!! 'Cold-War' is indeed worst than being given an earful!!

Be this ur own mom(she is an expert in this) or soembody dear to you... well its people who know that u love them who can afford to play these silly mind games with u!!!!! But remember every 'dog has its day'!!!

PS: This was a post which was in my drafts a few days back... didnt dare publish it then!!! But today having post made up with the person... u end up feeling more guilty for u realize that the reason for  'cold-war' was not the silly reason u had attributed it to but well its some words that u spoke out in anger which hurt the person more than U realized n intended it to!! Ha but well as they say 'Allzzz is well tht ends well' and what can be more 'well' then knowing that you are truly loved!

The Rise Of Phoneix...... Yea Yea Yea!!!!

Well as it goes with many other 'Firsts' in our life.... Ma first company holds a v v special place in ma heart! N sadly I had to bid farewell to it when it wasnt at its peak... Kinda like giving it a 'Dhoka'.... So well the guilty conscience ensures that my loyalities are still firmly with good Old Satyam computers!!! Not east to shrug off a 5 year old bond u c....

Just the other day as I was returning with ma hubbs a bill board on the road caught my attention.... It was the ad of FIFA world cup!! Now now by no strecth of imagination am I a Football Fan... so well my hubbs had more than quizzical expression on his face untill I revelaed the source of my gyaan! For a period of time in 2008 before the Satyam Fiasco emerged, Satyam was to be the official IT partner for FIFA world cup... N well for a mid-sector company thats a Big catch.... So all our official 'Signatures' was this collage of FIFA N Satyam Logo! N I couldnt help but wonder aloud as to who is providing the IT Services now!

This happened on sunday n the very next day, the below article in newspaper catches my attention!!

(Pic n article courtesy: DNA Banaglore; Click on pic for a zoomed view)
Indeed The raise of Phoneix!!!! I from the depth of my heart hope that they pull the event thru with no hitches n my dear company soon raises to its old glory! Indeed am still proud to be a Satyamite(Ex)

How do you Feel....

When on a sunday morning you are forced to endure hours of boredom as your husband test drives vehicle after vehicle..... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rt!!!!! This when he got me out of the house under the lure of a massage....... Double grrrrrrrrrr to him!!! So dear  friends this is what I had to pur up today morning...... Talks after talks of BHP, FIAT Engine, Mileage... yeha yeha went above my head too!!!! N as if all tht wasnt enuf he was xtra excited abt some stupid blueototh feature in the car..... whats with men n vehicle!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

N at the end of all thtis do I atleast get a sexy vehicle to flaunt... doesnt look like it!!!!! He gives me long baashans on EMIs(yeah yeah u heard it right... Looks like Mr. Peter Pan is growing up after alll)!

Ha ocourse I made sure that I got my value for time too... dragged him for a bit of shopping and then a yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm massage!!! :-D