The year that was....

Well as I look back ~~ I hardly hv any concrete achievements to write on... But but there are so many daily-life moments that made this year so very meaningful n a happy-to-look-back one... Unlike last year where there were quite a few of concrete ones(New House, New Job......) but a feeling of restlessness n unrest had crept in which fizzled it all off!

N the first half or rather more than that was so marked by the same feeling... A BIG unrest! Well nothing specific that I can put ma finger on ~~ But a general discontent, on-n-off kich-kich with ma hubbs (ha! tht fella has patience in abundance)...... But as they say every dark cloud has a silver lining!

N it was this silver lining that was the landmark of the year :)...... I donno the word to describe her... a friend, a sister, a guide, a mentor... well each of it is true but each word falls short... she is all of it n much more for me! N I so very owe all my simple happy pleasures of life that I appreciate today jus to her... from ma home to reinventing the relationship with ma sis n hubbs...... Thank U! U r really spl to me ......** Anti jinx**

This year saw me making an attempt to make ma house into a home .... n a home that today am truly happy to go back to n am happy to host you (c'mon take this as an invitation n drop in)! Ha thts saying something... Cause till a few months back I would cringe as soon as I hear the word 'Guests'... Thots of endless mopping, cleaning, cooking would give me nightmares! But today??? Ha am waiting to welcome each of u home :). I hv surprised myself! ** Anti jinx**

Hubbs dearest - The relationship saw the biggest low(Mr. Hubbs - did u atleast know this?) followed by the biggest high! Well blame it on the same unrest ~~ But today well I sigh in peace n happiness :).... Muah! I love u!! ** Anti jinx**

N the biggest surprise of the year ... N possibly the happiest of all tooo was this! Ha!! Miracles of Life is what I call them :). N yeah am taking of the same guardian angel I refereed above n who is made on-off appearance in ma space... Ha this year is been so entwined with her..... Well Lucky me :) ** Anti jinx**

N well can I complete the space without handing out the due thank-You notes to all ma blog Friends...... To the sweetest of all Swaram ~~ U are a true inspiration sweetheart ~~ The way u take pleasure in simple moments of life is truly worth learning! N Color Decor....... Wow! Is the word to desc u n the blog... Showed me how an simple effort to decorate a home can bring in loads of cheer n joy... N if somebody as utilitarian as me can be inspired... Well tht in itself speaks volumes :) N ofcourse to all of u who read ma blog (Plzzz comment on it tooo :-D)

Frnds at work (U make those days bearable!) n ma sweetest neighbor... Sabi(yea yea u can keep getting me more gifts n casseroles... :D). Ha n well if I don make a customary reference to ma sis she is gonna scream mad at me :-P. So here is to you sweetie pie.... Here is to a year which saw u passing off ur masters degree from THE college with flying colors... U made me proud(abt time I say :-D)... Now go get married fast !!!

BTW shouldnt a thank u note be sent to FB tooo which manages to get all the family n frnds closer n plays a major role in spicing up daily life :-D

The only meek concrete achievement that dares to raise its head is - We booked our new car(So wht if its not delivered? SO wht if its booked with borrowed money :-P. I know am hopeless) BTW does a new role in job count (Wink)

So tht was the year in summation ~~ 'Settled' I guess is the word to describe it N yea I jus hv one person to thank for all this!


  1. OMG! U really said that abt me. U r so sweet to say that. Nt sure if I deserve it though :)

    A BIGGG ANTI-JINX and am def. dropping in next time :) :) :)

  2. Hello Meena... I saw this post yesterday.... and was a bit nervous to say the least... Im not sure the blog is worth the praise you've given it...

    But truly its people like you who make this blogging worth it.. Thank you so so much!!

    Happy new Year to you.. once again and hope you have a rocking year ahead!! Bless!!