The Magic of words!

This a post thts been in ma mind for sometime ..... A 'Post-it' from the meaningless nora roberts noevl :). I gotta admit for all their honey-coated, foolish romance these book at times leave u with lessons for life as this one did.....

The lesson is 'The magic of words'... Now now think it over.... Lets say the man-in-your-life offers you money-jewellery-fanciest of holidays- Basically all the fancy works ..... Now now lemme be little more indulgent n add onto it a 'Dose of Love' tooo... The perfect combo u say! But lemme take a moment n explain the variety this 'Dose of Love' is... Its the silent, unspoken, Non-demonstrative kinds!  Now now dont brush this off saying its the stupid romantic in me speaking... after all who has the time to sing eons of love in between the monotony of daily life! But tell me which women doesnt like to told she beautiful n sexy n is loved........Is it the possible reason why the courting days are so fun? When the boy-girl have all time in world to write those e-mails, catch up on IMs n not-to-forget the Good-Morning N Goo-nIGHT n I-Luv-U SMS??

Ha only-if, only-if all men learnt it(dear hubs u reading this :-D) .......... A declaration of 'I-Love-you' or 'You-Looking-Pretty'(to be told b4 u start fishing for compliments) can make ur day like nothing else.....

Now I would be foolish to say tht the silent kinds is not enuf... Well as somebody taught me thts the way some people are n u just gotta accept that!!! Possibly as one matures(!!!!) with age this truth does dawn but when one is young n Frivolous its this 'Magic of words' that one craves for..... as I said  only if Men learn this truth!

Edited To Add: Thou had published the post yest, there was just abt something tht I thot was missing in the post..... A feeling tht I could not put thru what I really wanted to say! Lemme try N use the story base in the book to drive the point home.....

The book is set in fairy land tale of Ireland... with its mountains, rivers, flowers n life is well just 'romatic'! The hero is a much-travelled, most-eligible n the local pub owner while the heroine is a divorced, physcologist, a aspiring writer n basically doesnt believe in any fairy-tale romances!

N as u guessed they fall head-over-heels in love - Now for the hero this is a given fact - No dilly dallying for him n he jumps the gun n proposes marriage! Hmmm sensible u say? Now lets for a sec look at it from the heroines perspective... shall we? She is burnt-her-fingers once n is more than dazed when he pops the word of 'Marriage'... is it lust or is it just a matter of convenience (I waana marry n now who is the most eligible girl around) ?? So now will u blame her for beating around the bush b4 agreeing? Well as this is just a 'Romatic Book' our hero sees sense soon n realizes the 'Magic Of Words'.... The power of words that satisfies his soon-rto-be-bride that his intentions are true n love is indeed the binding factor!

Hmmm Now did I put me point thru??

Now as I write this, I realize that arent all our arranged marriages just a matter of 'Conveience'??

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