The Dhaba story!

Me back from home  :(!

Now to write abt the trip, ma home, Mom n ma sis dearest (N ofcourse her friends... Yea! While I hate to agree I know they make life easier esp her lot) would be a exercise with no head n tail..... Me not even attempting it!

Instead lemme show off the 'Dhaba' Pics  - But ofcourse My fav part of the Road trips :-D U can Hop here for the complete Dhaba Story......

Dont miss the colorful flag tht dot the enytrance... A dash of color bang on highway for sure draws attention of the weary traveller!

Family Room :-D

Seen this colorful water container?

The safest N yummiest of the options on the highways - Punjabi Dhabas!

My Fav seating arrangment of all!

Some Dish called 'sev Bhaaji'.... First time I got to sample it!

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