Another weekend passes by....

So there comes to end another weekend........last few weekends seem to be falling under a completely different bracket! While the weekends till last year would start as early as friday afternoon......googling to find the next dest'n around B'lore to be explore, a 2nd show and hitting the road on saturday! A constant fix on our bed-side table during those days were 'Times Good Food Guide', '52 Weekend get-aways from Bangalore" :). So much so that the weekends would be more straining than the weekdays......while my friends at work would be fresh n full of energy (if not excited) on monday morn I would be ready to hit the bed!! My energy then had a different curve low on monday and slowly raising till it hits the peak on a friday...he he he!! N not to mention the liberal dose of vacations tht were thrown in once in 2-3 months!! Actually we would hv been the perfect ambasadors for 'Alto'..."Next is what"(which incidentally is wht we own) n the perfect reviewers for Good Food Guide', '52 Weekend get-aways from Bangalore" :)
But surprisingly the last few weekends were different.......caught up on a 2nd show last week after ages!!! Its more about catching upon some movie on TV over a glass of wine(n a whisky\beer for my hubbs) and of course spring cleaning the house....U C we hv no maid now (Yeah guys u heard it doing the household cleaning, sweeping all by myself...of course due credit given to my hubbs!!!) n the outing is limited to say a visit to shop to stock up groceries or at the max a visit to Brigade road!!! Yeap its relaxing in a way n am 'ready~ to~ go' on mondays!! N talking of 'Times Good Food Guide', '52 Weekend get-aways from Bangalore"...well gotta hunt for those books!

So whats happening? We getting matured n settling down or is it the wallet!! I hope not!! Me craving for one of those relaxing vacations where its just both of us far away from here.........

I know another of my 'Life is not so rosy Blogs' :(

The Last few weeks.....

Hey all me back after a long hiatus....did anybody miss me? well I seriously doubt that....but yeah I did miss my quota of creative juice outflow (he he !!) here comes a roll call of whats been up last few months!!!

A new job...Yeap guys I did manage to jump after 5 good years in good old Satyam...Yeah I know this is indeed an anti-climax after my loyalty blog...but well!! N yeap the added bonus was not just the extra money (not really big considering the peanuts I was being paid :( ) but was supposedly landing in my dream job !! So after 2 months do I still think its a dream job?? Well the grass is always greener on the other side :)

My B'day...sob sob am getting older :( :(. But yeap it meant a cosy dinner in a terrace top restaurant n my first set of Benneton pant n shirt!! N yeap the cutest surprise B'day night by Sabs-Bins!! N yeah the surprise included them dozing before its 12 n me pouncing upon them to wake up the lazy bones up for the cake cutting session :-D.

A visit by my little niece n my veliamma.....the memories tht she brings along makes me real nostalgic! The good old childhood days....the long summer vacations, the big circle of cousins circling around ammama as she cuts a jackfruit, the taste of jelebi where you are given a bigger share at the expense of other cousins cause you love jelebis and they love u !! Well now-a-days the pay packs r so high tht the concept of sharing is kinda fading away!! At times makes me feel that as we grow rich we loose out on the small joys of life!!

N the biggest of all....we zeroed in a house to buy!! Yeap guys after one year of futile search all it took is a matter of minutes for us to decide the house after we see it.....surprising considering it doesnt match up to the big list we had drawn up!! Hopefully the next few months will fly off in doing up our home :)

Well well so doesn't this sound like a exciting phase in life...with things brimming over??? Not really...there is something lurking at the back of my mind! N as with other things looks like its gonna be a long fight before I lay this demon to rest...sob sob again :(

I know this blog sounds so different from my usual life is a big party post !! But don't u worry am soon gonna be back with my Life-is-a-bed of-roses post!!