The Modak Story....

So come chaturthi this time, I or rather we were all geared up to dish out modaks! .Was reading up a few blogs here n there looking up for recipes(I know mommy is a call away... n well tht is what I would still end up doing but me a blogger na... so gotta do some justice to it too)......n the general feedback on kozkattai making seemed to be 'Tricky', 'can-go-wrong'.........Was surp when I read tht cause hv seen ma mommy making it with no fuss..... But well guess tht is why they are mommies hey!!

So with gr8 enthusiasm all raw materials were gathered n within no time do i get filling ready(Ok ok coconut scrapped by hubbs dear himself) n the outer covering too but tht ended up a little sticky (Blame it on ma hubbs thou not me).... n then with ubber confidence tried spreading it out n well there ends ma story... too soggy, wouldn't spread out, sticky... blah blah blah.....

N there comes ma saviour... ma hubbs dearest.....  N with all his airs manages to dish out the purrrrfect kozkattai... they were yum I swear! Lemme take a little more credit here... The steaming part... getting the idli cooker ready, loading it up all me did.... But again the green signal to take them out was given by him!!!

Now this ma friends is the story of each cooking episode at home... until its some roti-n-dal... welll hv been making it for soooo many times now tht it atleast is edible if not mouthwatering .... for everything else the story is the same.... me does the donkey work but the subtle difference in taste would need ma hubbs involvement... I tell ya this man's true calling in life must be cooking! Runs in his family I think.... the dishes ma MIL N her mother dishes out are truly yum yum :)! Yea Yea I know I am smart in choosing ma life partner.... oooooo!!!

All happy-dory? Now I hv a q? Does this mean tht my child(to be read as singular, masculine n future-tense) will clamour for 'papa-ka-haatha-ka-kaana' instead of 'maa-ki-haath-ka-kaana'... na na me not complaining... was just wondering aloud :-D

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  1. Reminds me of that line.....

    My wife dresses 2 kill...she cooks the same way too ! :p