Life, Thoosi gr8 ho!

Have you wonder how many a time, life brings along circumstances where u hv no option but to accept(nee make it embrace) the very situations ( n people) that you have always dreaded n would hv loved to avoid!

Life, Thoosi gr8 ho!

@ Beach...

.... in Fort Kochi, this is common sight taht will greet you ~~ Chinese fishnets!

Click courtesy Hubbs!

You can read about what n whys of Chinese fishnets here...... Take my words for it, its indeed a sight to watch them in action!

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A is for....

 ....Ammu my little niece! A is for Aunt! N 'A'  the herald(er) of alphabets is in a way symbolic of New beginnings

So will kickstart posting this year with a pic that captures the little Ammu  with her not-so-litt-anymore-aunt(:-p). The smile that u see in these face is courtesy the the new beginnings.... A new year, A new facet of life.......

N speaking of Ammu, here ARE new names that we hv christened ourselves with ~~ Bagunda(BAda GUnda** ~~ yoursTruly) and ChoGunda(CHOta GUNda** ~~ Ammu)! U see one area that peop cant blame us abt is lack of self realization.... he he he!

** Gunda - A hindi word that means Brat; Bada - Hindi word for Big; chota - Hindi word for small; So in effect our chose names are "Big Brat" and "Small brat" :-D

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2012 - Here we come!

5 days into the new year n thou I have this itch to blog, for some reason no post is getting materialized. So will leave you with the pic thats my current desktop background

Pic courtesy hubbs ofcourse. In his own words "I wanted to try out an “out of bound” post processing technique where an ordinary Yellow flower photo could b transformed into a 3D kind of effect and hence the result that you see above. My aim was to create an effect of the flower coming out of the frame."

Here is hoping that ala this flower which seems to be sprouting out of nothing you hv a gr8 year filled with pleasant surprises n good times :) So 2012 here we come...