Haa..... Life! Well the usual busy story aside.... This is the time for annual holidays... The one week of pure indulgence  to bring a year to an end! Post last years Goa Trip... I decided that we going abroad this time... well a holiday abroad sounded soooo Fab :-P

But well somebody up there decided am already too much of a show-off n so poof went the plan ~~ Last min Hubbs dearest decides his passport is abt to expire (N me being the nice faithful wifey cant dump him can I)! Ha biggie u say ~~ India is got too many betta options ~~ Well I wouldnt agree with u more! But well what do I tell ya - My abroad visit was to the nearest island country which would turned out to be much cheaper than even to the nearest hill station in India (Wink wink)! U c the operating word here is 'Money'....

'Money'... Hmm deserves a blog in itself! I always wonder how this damn thing manages to leak off ma wallet with no traces at alll....... Well last 2-3 years we been earning almost the same money - add or take a few K's - but sill every month v faithfully we end up swiping the credit card(cause debit card has Big zero in it) - Biggie u say again! But consider this - A few months b4 v dint hv any home loan - Now a few decent K's go into it But well ma balance is still toiling at that minus figure by end of the month! God save us!!

Ha so back to the actual topic  ~~ Ma vacation plan!  Now now my hubbs is the kind who religiously believes in  "Journey is betta than the destination" (I know I dint get the proverb fully rt) n so decides that its gonna be road trip again into a hill station (Roll ma eyes) ~~ So well it was decided to be a kodai - Vaalparai option... But somebody up there seems to hv other plans... Guess wht our FIL jus informed(hats off) .....Madhurai is kinda flooded(!) n so that plan is ruled out tooo,......... grrrr!!

So here am with a  weeks holiday starting next sat n am clueless... Any options are welcome!


  1. Oh I can't even be selfish of meeting u and say Hyd :P THis is home for u :)